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Case For 24 (or More) Hdd And Any Other Nas Suggestions

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wow, lots to take in here - thanks for all the excellent comments..

I had in mind to use these:


to cool the HDD and this converts 3.5 to 5.25" slots - these guys have all sorts of interesting cooling and noise reduction stuff, some of which I've bought recently for my HTPC (and update of which will come once I've installed it all!).

Thanks, will digest and get back to you...

The unit that trebild liked to might be a better option, simply because it will allow easier swapping of hard drives when they fail. The brackets that I suggested and that you've found will require cracking open the case, undoing screws, etc. Much easier just to pull out a tray and insert a new drive.

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So this is my latest "spec" for this NAS..

case: Lian Li PC2000A Plus II


this has at least 18 HDD bays (12 3.5 and 7 5.25) - lots of fans with this as well, but also those HDD coolers listed before

sata controller:


2 of these, these are 8 channel, what I'm really looking for though is a plain 16 port SATA non raid card, or 8 port, but just doesn seem to exist

HDD: 18 x cheapest 1TB available, right now this is:


Power: Corsair HX 620HX


mobo: Asus P5KR


not 100% on this, need something that will take 2 PCIe Sata controllers, or 1 if there's a 16 or 24 port, ideally has on board graphics so no other cards needed. If there's a mobo with 16 or more ports that'll do the trick..

cpu: Intel E6500

OS: unix variant as discussed.. (so mobo must be supported)

no RAID on this, as I plan on building 2 of the above and hope there's some s/w out there that will effectively RAID 0 the two machines, if not simple backups between will be OK and any HDD failure once fixed then restore will be a complete copy from the backup machine..

On these HDD's I'll only buy 4 at a time, 2 for each machine, probably every 6 to 8 weeks and each pair from 2 different stores/locations (possibly states) to stop issue of bad batches. Plus no point buing 36 of these now even at $350 odd, hopefully in a few months time when I still have half to get they'll have come down in price.

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Peedon, at work we run several 24 slot 5RU Chenbro cases with areca 24 port SATAII raid controllers. These were built

back when 500G disk where the biggest you could get. Other than one bad disk (which isn't too bad

when your running RAID 6 :-) we've had no problems, though I wouldn't want one near a living area!

We basically use the as NAS/SAN some Samba some ISCSI (IETD) and a dash of NFS.

The latest linux 2.6 kernels have driver support for the areca cards included, debian installs straight up.

With the advent of 750 and 1TB disk's we've recently bought a couple of 4RU 16 slot models which are running

equally well. They all take multiple power supplies and there a range of suitable motherboards,

If your cashed up, have a reasonable Linux/Unix skill set and an out of the way location

for the box, you could do worse.



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........... but if you're all so keen then I'm planning on loading all 3,500+ CDs I have and some of the 2,000+ DVDs...................

If you already have the DVD's and CD's, are you really going to gain that much by ripping them to HDD's ?

The vast majority of your HDD space does not need to be RAID, if you have a failure you can just re-load the DVD's / CD's.

You only need redundancy for the camera pictures ............................


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