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Multiple 50mxe20 Purchase End Of Fy

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I have only seen the domestic Pioneer model in the flesh and was impressed.

The online images and reviews confirm this is a marked step up.

I have a viewing room that receives a lot of daylight with windows running perpendicular to the screen destination.

I spend most of my current time watching free to air TV but would increase my viewing with a large screen on the wall.

Should my viewing room glass and my current FTA requirements lead my down a different technological path to LCD ?



I would need a STB

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gee, someone's in a good mood!!!!

You been watching your 50MXE20 Lyle?

Count me in as a positive "Joecool" i have just found this fantastic forum while looking for a new pioneer, i am completely new to this, all i have is a large room and a power point and and aerial. would like to have a swivel mount , i live near Gosford on the Central Coast. So i will need a set top box and what else? Which speakers! which would recommend. I had better start cracking and read the 10,000 odd forum posts

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yeah, Chris is right.

Free delivery to metro areas, ISF calibration by Avical (will blow your socks off after you see this), choice of table top stand or wall mounting bracket, but alas, no installation, as it's a commercial panel.

Of course 5yr warranty applies! :blink:

'morning Chris!

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So, it has to be the 50inch? I see there is a 42inch in this range as well. Seating for us is less than 3 metres away and the area where the panel has to be situated is not large enough to place the other 50 inch model...I assume they are a similar size. I'm guessing no supplier would be keen on doing a price on an odd one tacked on!

Or an odd 2 tacked on :blink:. Please PM some more details Joe.

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