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Hey Guys

Just in case anyone is still keen on buying the old models (as it looks like they are about to become)

Dick Smith in Melbourne CBD has

40" x series $3739

46" x series $4504

as part of a 15% off lcd sale. A bit of haggling could make these very affordable.

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Wow. Guys, am I dreaming or what? The new SXRD will be here in Australia? The same one that will be released in US this fall? http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores...552921665156111

Could anyone please confirm? If that one (XBR5 SXRD) in US is the one the article is talking about, I will definately buy one! :) I'm so hyped up OMG

In the other SXRD threads we have no confirmation of that (if I'm reading correctly)

The XBR5 model looks un-necessarily expensive compared to the A3000 (or whatever it is) it's clearly better but not that much better.

3300$ US for a 60" A3000 or 5000$ US for a 60" XBR5, both LCoS displays, both with 120hz and 1080p60 over HDMI and component (apparently)

If i'm reading right....

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Had a look at the current model 52" X series today to see how it coped with SD DVD fed via component. It looked surprisingly good at 3m on SD DVD - however - the face tones seem to fluctuate between smooth & grainy. It's as if the upscaling engine is trying to even out the pixels and it's drifting in & out. I was looking for problems so the average Jo Blo probably would not even notice. Anyone else notice this phenomena? The panning was not smooth either which i think is a common complaint for this generation of screen (3:2 pull down?). Again the average person wouldn't notice. If the pricing was more competitive then it would be a goer.

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well bought a 46inch X series.. arrived yesterday and i love it!!

is there any options to fine tune the tv to get better quality??

Also is there any recommendation for dvd players?

Should i get a dvd player that upscales to full HD? or does the tv do that automatically?

Or wait till blueray dvd player come down in price?

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I've just tried hooking up my PC to my X series, and it mostly works, with one problem - the brightness and contrast settings seem to vary up or down depending on what I am doing on the computer. For example, if I am just at my desktop, or just playing a video, then the brightness and contrast are very low, but if I have another window open (like a properties window), the brightness and contrast are fine.

Is this likely to be a problem with the TV having wierd auto-detect settings, or an issue with the video card on the PC?

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Check your settings on the TV for the PC input; turn off all the video-related enhancements like Black Enhancer, Contrast Enhancer etc. And don't use either the "Standard" or "Vivid" settings, as in those modes the Bravia will auto-dim the backlight when little content is on the screen (this is the firmware cover-up for mura effect that was introduced with the firmware upgrade for the X2000 series).

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