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i called this topic 'impressions' as this is what i can give or a mini-review based on a few observations of the unit.

firstly my opinions are based on first hand experience and i'm comparing this to my AE700 as this is what i own.

helped a friend hook this up on the weekend and watched the fight on wed night as well as a few movie demos on foxtel and DVD

the unit is on a coffe table in front of seating area, all equipment is being fed into an ONKYO 703 receiver via component, PJ is also plugged into receiver in component out. screen is an unkown brand but it's a grey material pull down rated at 1.8 gain. not sure this is the right screen to use. the room is a work in progress and is being added to.

first impressions:

image thrown from such a low angle without lens shift ends up being quite high, some planning is required before attempting to install unit, i didn't research this model as much as i did with my unit.

unit seems very quiet in normal mode, is quick to display an image from start up and cooling off after turning unit off seems quicker than the pana between 15 - 30sec.

heat emminating from the unit seems to be quite high and fan pushes out a lot of it through the side vent

image quality after fixing his aspect ratio :blink: and properly connecting cables to loose the green tinge (one of the component cables was pulled out during install) was superb. unit has not been calibrated as yet and it's basically 'out of the box'. colours were great, picture is sharp and it seems to be very bright and displays excellent contrast even in normal mode. picture is 50% visible with all 6 downlights in the room on :P DLP's these days are so bright - i didn't expect this.

no signs of rainbows from anyone watching it, i was especially looking for them.

DLP in my eyes certainly gives a smoother image quality.

just a few quick first thoughts on this :P

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