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BUDGET HD LCD TV's - post reviews

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models floating around

Magnavox 32"

- 8ms, 1000:1 contrast, Brightness: 500cd/m2 $1499 (kmart intro price) also 27"

Hiesense 32"

- 8ms, 600:1 contrast, 500cd/m2 ($1400)

Teac 32"

-8ms, PIP, 600cont, 500cd/m2 ($1600)

AWA 32" lcd tv

(bigw $1500)

Acer 32" LCD

-12ms,800 cont, 550 cd/m2 ($1500-1600)

heaps more but theres a few - whats the best and whats the latest prices people have heard of

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Just learned from hisense that there 37" lcd model is still in development for the Aussie market (even though it appears on the international website - along with a 42" version).

Also learned that the Hisense 32" lcd will be available in Australia (around June) through the Good Guys stores under the GVA brand name. At least it will cause price competition between this and the Hisense sold through Truscotts Hifi. My guess is that the Good Guys will probably offer the 37" version at a later date if the 32" does ok.

JNC are also apparently going to be offering a new model SSTSV32 soon, it was in a recent Hardly Normal catalog ($1699.00) with 3 year warranty, but I've been to 2 HN stores and it wasn't at either of them.

Benq are also going to be replacing the DV3250 with the DV3251 in the coming weeks. The main difference that I can tell is that the response time is going from 12ms to 8ms. I and the boss are giving serious consideration to one of these along with a few others like Hisense, Reality, Schaub Lorenz, and the JNC (depending on what we think when we get a chance to have a look at one).

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Reports are that 94cm/37" LCD panels are in oversupply in CHina and that the lower quality ones are being dumped at around $US 700. This should mean a flood of cheaper 37" "NONAME" LCD TVs here soon, but beware of quality issues.

However there is bound to be one that works well with some tweaking from the right feed.

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Contrast ratios are notoriously falsley quoted. You can compare brand X model A with Model B but not Brand X with Brand Y. They can be listed as much as 250% higher than actual test specs. So a quoted contrast ratio on a NONAME of 1000 may be 400 in reality. On the other hand, on rare occasions, some have actually been underquoted. All things being equal, which they never are, the higher the better. A bigger screen usually has a higher quoted ratio but the pic may look just the same to the eye.

The only way to sort this out is to read lab test reports from independent authorities.

Looking at them in the store is also meaningless as they are almost always poorly adjusted to flog the flavour of the month that has the best margin or the stock runout model. Failing that, they are using the wrong inputs from the wrong sources.

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