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Antenna installer qualifications

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I am more than happy to answer these calls, don't get me wrong, its just that an installer or sparkie should really know how to do this, and we will teach them if they are willing, either in the free course or through the certified training, either way, if they are willing to learn, we will teach them.

I agree with your manufacturers perspective, but because this training is just provided by Hills and is NOT a Hills training course, we do not push our product, we are not allowed to. Obviously we use our products when doing the practicals, and we hope that the installer goes on to use our product, the course itself has nothing to do with sales, only education.

The price for the two days is $650, I though you knew that as you had been quoting $650 in your previous quotes, sorry about that.

Ah the good old screw and saddle, as I mentioned previously, I am opposed to selling the stuff, I have no customers who buy it anymore as I have educated them that it is just inviting headaches to use it. BUT, and there is always a but, there are plenty of onsellers out there that will go against our suggestions and continue to sell it. If that was the case and we had stock, we couldn't just refuse to sell it to them (oh but I wish we could). Beeblebrox, the reason you cant buy standard fuel anymore is that no one has stock of it anymore, and when they announced that you couldn't get standard anymore, it didn't just stop overnight.

As for function, I know that S&S should never be used, but the majority of Hobart can pick up digital tv with a wet piece of string and plenty of them have old band 1 & 2 broken antennas on their roof that happily pass digital through RG59 aircore, via a screw and saddle splitter to a s&s wallplate, through a chinese flylead and yet they still get perfect digital, go figure????



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