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Waiting for LG 71" LCoS 1080p!

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Samsung are due to release one LED driven model in the US (55-56” I believe) late this year.

The major advantage of the LED back lighting is the elimination of the need for a colour wheel.

It remains to be seen how overall picture quality compares to a normal lamp version, and unless its better, I cant see much point in paying extra for the LED version.

People get all worked up about replacing a lamp in there TV, but LED’s will also require replacement, just not as often, and I have no doubt they will be very expensive to replace.

I cant see why spending $300-$400 on a lamp every few years is such a problem.

I dread to think what the replacement cost of the high intensity gas discharge headlamps in my Lexus would be, but it did not dissuade me from buying the car, nor did the depreciation or V8 fuel bills.

Not so worried by replacing globes or LEDs but in the effectiveness of the technology.

It has been stated that the main (alleged) drawback of DLP is the need for a colour-wheel to compenaste for it's single chip and lamp desgin.

Sony SXRD overcome this by using 1 lamp to 3 chips for three colours.

Samsung go the other way, 3 lamps (LEDs) for each colour to 1 chip.

I'm interested to see how well this alterative approach works and I would also like to see the cost of replacement LEDs. Given that the forcast life is 20 000 hrs verses 6-8000 hrs for a lamp, if the cost is no more than three times as great then there is no effective difference....



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Just spoke to LG again today (re store credit) and found out some interesting things:

Firstly, they are releasing a 62" variant of the LCOS. This is good for those with the 71", as it suggests that the reason for withholding the 71" version from the USA market is probably not due to quality fears, as if that was the case, why would they not only continue manufacturing the existing line, but also release a new, smaller set to compete on price with the other ~60" offerings.

Secondly, said they were yet to receive a return of the 71" model (although this was only to her knowledge, though she is apparently head of that department, so should have at least caught wind of something if it was happening).

So how long as it been out for now? a year? Looks okay so far.

Of course neither are determinative of anything, but it does allay my strong fears about the quality of the set after the decision not to sell them inthe USA.

Now its just down to a comparison of PQ vs Blacks/Shadow Detail vs Price, between the LG, Toshiba and soon-to-arrive Sony's. Well, for me anyway.

Good to see some positive feedback from current owners of the set though.

Any detailed feedback you guys can provide on the set would greatly assist those of us making a purchasing decision, as at this stage, they are still fairly difficult to find on display (in Brisbane anyway).

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I would have to go with the Toshi over the LG, even if the Toshi cost more.

The poor blacks are enough to put me off the LG.

The Samsung 1080 DLP’s should be here soon, and if they as good as the US models, they are the best DLP’s around.

I would have to support Owen's opinion on this one too. Having seen and tested the LG LCOS, plus having read reviews of similarly equipped US 1080p DLP models, I would have back the Toshi over the LG sight unseen if it were a two horse race. Not saying I want to get one or anything, as I'm not enough of a DLP fan myself and am waiting for the Sony SXRD rear pros.

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