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Harvey Normans in town bluezarf...

But I bet Harvey Normans on main north road will also offer you the same deal...

If you go to the main north road store be prepared to bring cash and tell them you are going to buy today (even you are not) otherwise they wont negotiate with you... well thats what the cocky sales person said to me..... so i just walked out on him and bought from the town store......

But im sure if you bought in cash and showed it to them all the major retailers in adelaide will match that....

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This is my first post on the forum.

I luckily discovered this forum more than 7 months ago as my Plasma interest was awakened. Many thanks to members such as Glenncol in the early days, and more lately PersianImmortal and plasmafreak for their thoughts and advice.

Learnings from here lead me to my first plasma / HT purchase 2 weeks ago: Panasonic TH50-PV500A plasma, Panasonic DMREH60 DVD & 200Gb Hard Drive Recorder, Panasonic SCHT15 Home Theatre System. Went for the Pana over next choice Fujitsu on basis of value for money & making a judgement on what my eyes saw.

Bought from Myer for package price of $6650, with additional $500 factory rebate from Panasonic under their November promotion. Based on the advice of this forum, asked at point of sale for a 7 day exchange on any faults with the plasma once delivered. Myer agreed to this & confirmed in writing.

Plasma arrived last Friday, & checked for dead pixels via service menu (thanks PersianImmortal for settings). Used what cables I had to connect devices: S-Video cable via AV1 to DVD Recorder, Component/SCART via AV2 to Foxtel Digital, Component via AV4 to HD STB (Panasonic QTR2140).

Using PersianImmortal's initial settings, I was literally 'blown away' with the realism of the picture. Best picture came from SC10 Wollongong HD demo tape (stunning images of Canberra and Adelaide, believe it or not!), gobsmacked with image from Ch 10 HD show 'Totally Wild', thought WIN Wollongong HD loop tape pretty impressive.

And, SD looked pretty good on 9, 10, ABC, ABC2, and Lifestyle and UKTV on Foxtel.

You also discover how bad some signal sources are: eg Ch 7 SD & HD (crap), Prime HD (really crap), ABC HD (really really crap) and composite video. Am going to update cables from Belkin range, trust this will improve things yet have low expectations.

One day in, heard a 'whistle' noise emanating from the right speaker of the plasma, both when mute and when volume up. Rang Myer, no probs, plasma to be replaced within 48 hours, no questions asked. Excellent service thus far.

Hopefully this minor hiccup will be resolved & I can enjoy my equipment (also very very happy with DVD recorder and the realtively cheapie HT system).

So, to conclude, I am yet another satisfied member of 'Pana Paradise'. Thanks to forum contributors for all your help.

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