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I think most of us know the image resolution on a DVD is 720x576 for PAL & 720x480 for NTSC.

But what about the new HD-DVD and/or Blu-ray?

Will they have various different resolutions (or just one like DVD)?

Will it be anamorphic - or will the data be a full widescreen 1920×1080?

How will 4:3 content be stored?

Will movies with an aspect ratio > 1.77:1 (eg. 2.35:1) be stored with the black bars encoded at the top & bottom - or have 'they' found a solution for that problem?

Probably more importantly - does anyone have any good links for technical sites on this subject?

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Adrian .......HD-DVD and Blu-ray movies are essentially directed towards Home theatre that are widescreen projector based or any High definition display offering at least 1280x 720p although downconversion is possible to lower resolutions it then ceases to be High Definition and rather pointless.

As to your other questions in another 6 months we shall all know.


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I think both camps are aiming for 1080p resolution (certainly Blu-Ray is). I think Blu-Ray audio is going to be mandatory DTS at a high bit rate. The other questions I don't know and things will probablly change before the launch.

Both formats will be mandatory DTS-HD and DD-Lossless.

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Here is a good site with some press releases and information about both of the formats

Whilst it is not a technical site many of the articles have information about format, resolution storage methods etc....

If you google them both you will find a heap more information etc the problem is that there is so much fighting going on over which format is better it is hard to figure out what is hype and what is reality right now....

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