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Helpful Audio Technical Document Links

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some links I've found very useful:


@Paul Spencer's Bass Integration Guides parts 1, 2 and 3

Part 1 linked here



Acoustic Frontiers "Acoustical Measurement  Standards for Stereo  Listening Rooms"


Other Acoustic Frontiers white papers here:



Data Bass has some good articles on sub design/measurements:



Design guide and tool on QRD diffusers - this is a fantastic tool for QRD diffuser design!



Porous Absorber calculator

single layer + air gap version


and the multi layer version


and the Helmholtz calculator version



Rod Elliot's site was already mentioned above, but the Linkwitz Transform project on Rod's site has provided me with a very simple woofer box design tool in Excel that's been my first port of call for designing woofer and sub woofer boxes for years - only useful for sealed designs, but also calculates the EQ gain required to push the woofer lower



Design guidelines on Limp Mass pressure bass traps from gearslutz




Hornresp - the goto tool for designing horns, tapped horns etc



Not technical documents, but Tom Danley's recordings of fireworks, trains, Harleys - very high dynamic range and significant bass - careful with the volume knob!



@KenTripp's SBIR calculator







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Le 08/11/2006 à 02:04, Drizt a déclaré:

Ok les gars, le fil est épinglé.

Lorsque le temps le permet, nous pouvons le ranger en supprimant les messages une fois que leurs liens ont été modifiés dans le premier message.

À votre santé  Sarkari Result TurboTax Gogoanime 

Cela semble être une bonne idée. Terry j a essayé d’obtenir quelque chose de similaire il n’ya pas si longtemps, mais n’a pas obtenu beaucoup d’aide des autres.

Si nous pouvons le faire et aller, je vais en faire un collant pour vous.

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Hi, Im looking for schematics for a pye mc-6 stereo that Id like to restore. Do you have any ideas on where i can find them?

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This is just a wonderful Blog, thanks for the great insight and tips. We really appreciate your effort! Keep up the awesome work!

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