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I have a new Panasonic TX-86PW200A (86cm widescreen).

In the manual on the page explaining about the 3 different Scan Modes (75/883i, 100hz and Progressive) it has this note:

When viewing a PAL transmission (other than PAL 60) with Scan mode set to Progressive, the screen will flicker. This is not a fault.

Now, I never noticed any flicker on my previous 68cm 4:3 50hz TV. But with this new TV it is very obvious and annoying - I can't watch any PAL in progressive (either using the TV's progressive setting or directly setting my DVD player (Sony 730p) to progressive output. (With NTSC, progressive looks great).

Is it just Panasonic TVs or do all progressive capable CRTs have the same problem with PAL?

I feel much more comfortable purchasing R1 DVDs knowing that I can choose progressive and not have any flicker (even though most R1s I've played recently are automatically in progressive and I can't select any other mode - I assume they were encoded in progressive in the first place).

Seven "HD"?

When I eventually get an HD STB - will I have this flicker problem when watching Seven's so called HD programs (576P)?

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The reason you get the flicker is because PAL is 50Hz and NTSC is 60Hz. The PAL signal refreshes the screen at a slower pace than NTSC and your eyes can pick this up. The benefit is that PAL offers a higher resolution and better colour.

My Sony HR32 also has a very slight flicker when I watching PAL movies in progressive (NTSC is rock solid) but it doesn't really bother me.

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