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Amp to power a pair of Altec Lansing series 14 speakers

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Hi Guys

My Dad has a pair of Altec Lansing Model 14's and unfortunately the amp has died and cannot be repaired (surprised it lasted this long tbh).


Given that they still work (very well i must say) and that he's had this set for almost 30 years he doesn’t want to let go of them but rather wants to get a new amp so that he can get them up and running again.

His price limit is around $2000 and they will be used primarily for music (Rock n Roll - very loud) but they are hooked up to the TV/CD/record player so having inputs/outputs available for all of these would be nice.

The speakers are rated for 10-350watts at 8 Ohms and the room is about 7x8m with a high ceiling so i think the amp will have to be pretty gutsy for it to power these things.

On a side note he's also expressed an interest in getting surround sound so suggestions for centre and rear speakers (a sub wont be needed) that would complement these would be appreciated (price limit on these would be $1.5k total).

Cheers Nick

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Had a look around today and i cant see a cheap solution to this as all of the AVR's ive seen under 2k aren't able to generate anywhere near as much power as what these babies need (based on what we've tested they need at least a 100w and beg for much more then that in order to sound good).

Unless anyone can recommend a powerful stereo AVR it looks like hes gonna have to spend a few more dollars then he originally thought.

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Easy solution for more power within your budget: buy an AVR with the features you want that has preamp outputs. Then get a pro power amp and drive that from the front L/R outputs. One of the Behringer EP series would do fine. The fans in the stock units are a bit noisy, but if you google 'Behringer fan mods' you'll find out how easy and cheap it is to fix this issue.

Good AVR: <$1k - plenty of Pioneer, Yamaha, Onkyo etc options here.

EP2500: $600

Fans: $40

Well under budget and way louder than you'll be able to do with any stock AVR.

All of that said, I really doubt you need anything like that much power with 95dB speakers. The room in my house is much larger in volume and I could get loud with decent efficiency speakers with less power than what I have suggested. Enough that the Constabulary was called on occasion.

Decent high efficiency rears will be more of an issue to find.

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Can I suggest a highish end AVR from the pre-HDMI era......should be gotten for a great price (sub $500) and there is a lot of logic to NOT daisy chaining your video signal through the AVR- put it direct into the display and then use audio via SPDIF into the AVR.

95%+ of the convenience of a HDMI AVR - better bag for the buck and very good results.

Alternatively, A9X's suggestion is a good one with the basic-ish AVR + power amp (doesn't have to be the Behringer but thats a great suggestion if buying new and not afraid of mods).

I'd prolly go with the non-HDMI high end AVR - the less boxes the more comfy your Dad & others will be with it.

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