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So for those who weren't here, this is what you missed. Its not every day you have a professional muso play a gig in ypur backyard! Cracking day too, at least until the sun went behind the big gums at 530ish. A wonderful arvo with masterful guitar work, great company and good food and drink. Hearing flamenco guitar played with rosellas, lorikeets and kookaburras in the background was brilliant. Bart is playing a gig very soon at Battery Point in Hobart- I'll post some details when he sends them to me.6400a9172bbe171e00ec373648e7b0c3.jpg7860fbbbc789b9302b2f1e7ad82e3241.jpg

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Yup very nice afternoon- early evening. Sorry we had to leave so early.

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A very nice afternoon , good company , good music and definitely worthwhile .

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    • By Grizzly
      After a slight muck up with dates (the artist having double booked himself!) we have changed this event to Saturday the 3rd of March. It will now be an evening show with a bbq beforehand for anyone interested in meeting, having a general yak etc. Here is the original blurb as apart from the date nothing else has changed-
      With the success of the last gig in October Rach and I are in discussion with another troubadour about a show in our backyard in the evening of March 3 next year. I know it's a long way off but it's nice to get a feel for the interest level. It will be a paid show, not a party and the artist is not doing it for free. On the flipside, every cent of the entry cost goes direct to the performer, who has toured with names like Jeff Martin (Tea Party), Gomez, Harry Manx, Neil Murray, and Angus & Julia Stone among others.
      So, bring chairs, drinks and snacks if you like and settle in for an afternoon of great live music in our rustic backyard! Being a Saturday I think I'll fire up the barbie again like last time and everyone is welcome to come along early, say 5ish to singe some animal and/or plant products.
      It's very hard to describe how it feels to have someone who derives their entire livelihood from performing music playing for a group of mates in your own yard, with rosellas and kookaburras providing backing vocals. Rest assured, it's pretty cool!!
      For more info on what I reckon is a brilliant concept go to www.houseconcertsaustralia.com/
      And info on Jeremiah www.jeremiahjohnson.com.au/
      Also- bring wives/partners/mates/children too- the more the merrier!! We have a gregarious 4yo daughter, a big yard and a trampoline.
      The list of attendees below-
      Mr, Mrs and little Grizzly
      Willmax +3
      Darthlaker (+1)
      Pdot (+1)
      MattJTaylor (+2)
      Lazz +1
      Frankn +1
      Yamahaman (+1)
      Non SNA-
    • By chriskak
      Need everyone’s help. 
      Im moving into my new appartment later this year and am trying to organise speaker placement and acoustic treatment for my room. I have 5-6m wide and only 3.4m deep to work with, it’s not ideal. Ceilings are 2.7m high.
      Running B&w nautilus 802 with current classe delta model amps. 
      Any suggestions on how I should treat the room besides a carpet. 
      Cheers chris

    • By Setiawan
      I've got some ideas for the corners and ceiling that I'm reasonably comfortable with, but for the side walls, there's no clear solution that's jumping out to me. I spent the last weekend DIYing 6 frames that are 80cm x 120cm x 11cm, and want a 10cm air gap behind them.
      Ideally, the solution would:
      Not involve too much work (e.g. mounting four brackets per panel * six panels * four screws per bracket = nearly a hundred screws, which seems a bit tedious for a non-carpenter like me) Not be too unsightly (you'll see the side profile upon entering the room) Allow for some flexibility in placement once installed Be easily removable if necessary Not be too expensive (keeping it under $200 would be good) Be sturdy/low risk of dropping  
      While it would be good if I could hit all of the above goals and it's what I'll be aiming for, I don't expect that I will get them all.
      The 'best' system I've come up with so far:
      Screw a hang track into the wall studs (horizontally, one piece for three panels: https://www.bunnings.com.au/flexi-storage-1800mm-white-hang-track_p2660962) Hang slotted wall strips from the hang track (vertically, two pieces for each panel: https://www.bunnings.com.au/flexi-storage-762mm-white-double-slot-wall-strip_p2660951) Hang two double slot brackets on each wall strip (https://www.bunnings.com.au/flexi-storage-120mm-white-double-slot-bracket_p2583641) Find some way to secure the panels to those double slot brackets (each panel is held up by four double slot brackets)  
      In case this is not intuitive enough a description, see dodgy diagram below:

      Only thing is that I don't really know how I would secure the brackets to the supporting bars on the panel. Otherwise, this mostly hits my criteria.
      Alternatively, I could hang each panel like a picture frame, and place a spacer behind each panel (or attach the spacer to the panel). This seems like a rather inelegant solution though, and doesn't allow for lateral repositioning without putting more holes in wall.
      If anyone has any input on the above ideas (ways to improve or overlooked flaws), or have alternate solutions, please share. I'm hoping to possibly do this this coming weekend, though if no good ideas come to mind, I might just do the corners and/or ceiling instead and postpone these until the following weekend.
      Some extra pictures of last weekend's job, still to be covered with fabric (and maybe painted black first). 

    • By msetjadi
      Item: 2 Piece Acoustic Revive Isolation Board
      Location: Melbourne
      Price: SOLD
      Item Condition: It does has scratches but if you put audio gear or speaker, may/maybe visible depends on gear size.
      Reason for selling: No Longer Required
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Pickup Only
      Extra Info:



      Sample photo how it looks like on bottom of my gear