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Sansui Alpha Series Amplifier Reviews

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Had a few frustrating moments (hours) trying to use a external phono stage with the 907 for the first time with humming happening, spent ages trying to figure out why the bloody thing hummed, all the time thinking it was the Sansui, then finally I checked the Tron and found I had flicked a switch on the back, my bad. ... :angel:


Anyway the standard phono stage was good but the combination of the Tron SEVEN and the 907 sounds truly bloody excellent, very happy. Thank you Jeffro.




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You're quite welcome mate.  Glad you're enjoying it.


Although I should say I'm surprised you thought the problem was the Sansui. 

The problem is never the Sansui!

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18 hours ago, Luc said:

What's a "tag line"?


The bit were i have whats in my system.

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6 hours ago, DAMO 1147 said:

The bit were i have whats in my system.


If you find the 'account settings' section, there's a selection on the left hand side of the page for 'signature' :)




account settings.png

account signature.png

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Sansui alpha the trickledown effect.

Part 1 – how it happened (this is self-indulgent carry on) so you may want to skip to:

Part 2 – the sound!


Part 1 – how it happened.

So, firstly I have to thank Cafad for his Alpha Sansui madness and Pete M & John for being the Sansui guru’s and @Luc for starting me down the dark side.


As we all know there are generally some limits to what can come in and out of your system due to - will it be better, budget, life, wife etc.

So when Cafad went on his alpha trials we can see he uncovered some very interesting specimens!  So interesting in fact that the Sansui guru himself started rubbing his hands with glee… back to this later.


As it so happens, I have been thinking about a speaker upgrade myself and realized that my massive 12 amp per side tube amp was not likely to cut the mustard. 

But change an amp I already love, that’s not done lightly, what amp would be a suitable replacement.  My Au 555, although great, @ 20w per side would not be the answer.  I’ve read lots of reviews on new amps – budget could be an issue there, the sound, I don’t like the amp to be too clinical hence the tubes, but I don’t like them to fuzzy or slow either.  Wheels turn….. How about a bigger Sansui Damo?....back to that later.

Also, a long while back with assistance of @Luc a plan was also hatched to get together a basic TT as part of my rig.  Not being a fan of looking after said black stuff, it’s fair to say I dragged my heels on that idea. 

However, recently I also discovered many of my friends have some enviable albums in their cupboard that to my dismay were on Vinyl!!  Difficult to play on my cd player and to boot most of them don’t have a rig to do them any justice at all.

 Wheels turn….. Maybe I could persuade my friends to leave there albums at my house for safe keeping, if only I had something for them to use it on when they came over. 

Wheels… turn, didn’t @Luc start me this road a while back… rumble, rumble, blow dust off, low and behold Luc’s long lost gift!!  I knew he was a great bloke!!  So, after some inspections and discussion with people that know what they’re doing on the dark side, it was quickly realized, that I would not have the chops to refurbish @Lucs gift and it was transferred with some add $$ to a suitable SNA bargain. 

Tis was done despite the fact that current amp is not an integrated with no phono and I could not use said new purchase…. Get some separates,maybe.  How about a bigger Sansui, that would have a phono too, right?

Wife – Damian (not Damo, there’s trouble straight away) why do you have to spend $$ and I have to look at a TT that you tell me we can’t use and you don't own any records??  …. Yet honey, can’t use yet! 

Some months of unusable TT ownership roll by with me fending of a barb or two along the way …. Soon honey, we’ll be able to use it soon!   

Time to get a bigger – Sansui!  

PM sent to Guru for guidance and check in on Cafad’s amp guide and other reviews  and take time to read the Sansui alpha review as well.  Good start.


Back to the guru. 

During his sage advice via PM, the possibility of him deciding that maybe he could let one of his own babies walk out the door as opposed to me tracking yet another vintage Sansui off ‘the net’ was tentatively raised.  However, with all things this precious, some time to gestate would need to take place.

And back to the Alpha series madness,  

The guru has indeed has his own wheels turning and as I understand was able to offset the loss of one of his babies by allocating time with a new Alpha series 9 amp.   

Yes, he would be willing to let one of his babies go, a lovely Au x 701 – mint of course!

Back to me.

Sell everything!!

Wife – Damian, why can’t I play music and where has that glowing thingy gone?  Honey - Don’t you think the speakers are a sculpture and work of art on their own?

Some weeks of silence go by.

Then on May 30 2019, I pick up a big box from the post office = AU x701 – Nice, awesome and all other superlatives and thanks to Pete!!

Tomorrow, Part 2 the Sound and Pics.


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1 hour ago, DAMO 1147 said:

Sansui alpha the trickledown effect.


Part 1 – how it happened (this is self-indulgent carry on) so you may want to skip to:


Part 2 – the sound!




Looking forward to the sequel!!


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Solid build on those speakers judging by their tops!

Those nicely rounded wooden corners remind me of the Yamaha NS 2000...hopefully the Sansui SP-1000 speakers justify the trouble you've gone to acquiring them Jeff!

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31 minutes ago, BLAH BLAH said:

Solid build on those speakers judging by their tops!

Those nicely rounded wooden corners remind me of the Yamaha NS 2000...hopefully the Sansui SP-1000 speakers justify the trouble you've gone to acquiring them Jeff!

I'll get into the details of them in a few days (and probably in the thread I started in the speakers section, stupid me, not remembering which thread I was posting in, this speaker path may be a little difficult to follow but I'm sure we'll work it out in the end) but I have opened one of them up and I'm a bit disappointed by what I've found.  I suspect I'll be upgrading crossovers pretty quickly, but first things first the drivers have to repaired/replaced.


Good to hear Damo.  More Sansui goodness in the world is always a good thing.  Give us more info and pics as soon as you can mate. 

Lots more. 

Of both.

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    • By surprisetech
      Item:  Sansui A-7 Integrated Amplifier and T-7 Auto-search Tuner combination.
      Location:  Gembrook or Knoxfield, VIC
      Price:   $150
      Item Condition:  Quite good for their age.  ID markings have been engraved on the top edges of the front panels as shown in the photos, but these are not really noticeable when installed.
      Reason for selling:  No longer required.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:  I happily used this combo for a few years in a second system until the Tuner auto-search drive cord broke.  By the time I got around to repairing it I'd already put a Rotel RA-970/Onkyo T-4700 combo into that system.  The tuner has since been repaired, 5 new power supply caps have been fitted to the amp, pots and switches cleaned and both items are fully functional.  (Photo of amp internals is before the caps were replaced.)
      PDF files of Tuner User Manual and both Service Manuals can be provided.
      Discrete class A/B amplification. Inputs for 5 sources including Phono Input. LED Output Power Level Meter. Speaker switching. Loudness control and High Filter switch. Front Panel ‘Tape 2’ input/output connections. Microphone input with input level control. AMP SPECS
      Power/Distortion:  45W/Ch into 8 Ohms @<0.05%THD
      Freq Resp:  5Hz – 60kHz +0.5/-2dB
      Hum & Noise:    PHONO 80DdB          AUX/TUNER/TAPE 95dB
      RIAA Curve deviation:  +/-0.5dB (20Hz-15kHz)
      Dimensions:  430 x 132 x 247
      Weight:  5.8kg
      Motorized Auto-search feature. 5-step LED signal strength meter. 3-LED Dial Pointer Tuning Indication. Sensitive front-end and very good alternate channel selectivity. TUNER SPECS
      FM Usable Sensitivity (Mono):  0.9uV
      FM 50dB Quieting Sensitivity (Stereo):  19uV (37dBf)
      FM Alternate Channel Selectivity:  60dB
      FM S/N Ratio (Stereo):  72dB
      FM Distortion (Stereo):  <0.15%
      AM Sensitivity:  300uV/m
      Dimensions:  430 x 87 x 260
      Weight:  3.4kg


    • By niss_man
      I recently was able to aquire an Early Sansui (most likely 1971 model) AU555a from Gumtree. I have previously helped a mate get his late fathers AU555a rebuilt and modded a few months back and really enjoyed the sound these things produced so jumped at the chance to get one for myself with intention of holding onto it for many years to come. Another overhaul was on the cards before it even was in the house.
           Just recently I did learn to test for distortion measurements by reading this thread (mods please remove if you don't allow links to other forums but it is useful info). https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/solid-state/338511-howto-distortion-measurements-rew.html
      Also these mods not done out of my own genius so I take no recognition for that. Other more knowledgable folk have done rebuilds on these before and I found a handy thread over here https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/leestereos-restoration-upgrade-of-a-sansui-au-555a.816754/ . 
      Anyway this thread will be mainly photos and maybe some useful info so that other prospective diy incensed individuals want to have a go at something like this, it may help them. 

      As you can see the front face is in spectacular condition. No scratches for something nearly 50yrs is pretty good I must say.


      Looks like it has been services a couple of times. Last time in 04.

      Cover in excellent nick apart from a scratch.


      Ends of cover have splits (delamination of ply). I ended up putting some super glue in the split and clamping them together.

      Original inside before clean. This is for it's age a very clean amp with not much dust build up. It must have lived a good life. The only down side I can see is a bit of tarnishing on the gold metal base plate and tone control cover.

      Amplifier board before touching.
    • By olegau
      Item: Sansui AU-α607MR Integrated Amplifier
      Location: Melbourne
      Price: 1250
      Item Condition: very good. BIAS was recently checked and adjusted. All Power supply cups was checked; all meets requirements.  
      Reason for selling:
      Payment Method: Pickup,  COD  
      Extra Info:
      907MRX was the only amp awarded in Japan in 1995. 607DR is similar to 907DR.  The sound is the same but bit less power.
      Copper screws say a lot about the amp quality. It is built as a tank.   
      Sansui AU-α607MR was sold in Japan only.  It is need 100V power supply. 
      Comes with a high quality isolated 500W small size step down transformer. 
      Power output: 90 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)
      Frequency response: 0Hz to 300kHz
      Total harmonic distortion: 0.003%
      Damping factor: 150
      Input sensitivity: 0.3mV (MC), 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line)
      Signal to noise ratio: 70dB (MC), 88dB (MM), 110dB (line)
      Output: 150mV (line)
      Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω
      Dimensions: 430 x 162 x 452mm
      Weight: 18kg
      Year: 1996

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By joz
      Item: Sansui 331 Receiver 
      Location: Elwood 3184
      Price: $100
      Item Condition: Very good for age.
      Reason for selling: Clearance of anything not currently in use.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      The Receiver looks mint from the front and is also in very good condition save for a tiny tear in the timber look veneer?
      All the functions, dials and knobs are smooth and quiet. Though the lamps on the front do not light up, also the rear of the amp has a little bit of surface rust which can be cleaned of and resprayed .  It is rated at a thumping 12 watts/ch so I would imagine high efficiency speakers would be the order of the day with these.



    • By Ashtray83
      Hi guys I am getting new speakers the spendor A9s and wondering if my sansui au-5900 will be enough or will they really need more power to get the most out of them. I potentially have a budget of around $1500. 
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