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Sansui Alpha Series Amplifier Reviews

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I have the 999 and it sounded flat with the 5000's until I got the 999 modded but still not a good match for the 5000's..

I would reckon the 505 would be an interesting pairing with the 5000's cos the AU-101/222's sounded great...

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Posted (edited)
On 30.06.2020 at 01:17, BLAH BLAH said:

Mam 999 i brzmiało to płasko z 5000, dopóki nie dostałem 999 modów, ale wciąż nie jest to dobre dopasowanie do 5000.

Sądzę, że 505 byłoby interesującą parą z 5000, ponieważ AU-101/222 brzmiały świetnie ...

AU-101 good up to 5000?
I have it in the closet.



Have you seen such a Sansui speaker?
There is no symbol and I can't recognize what type it is.

Is it worth being interested in this?





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Posted (edited)

Yes both the 101's and 222's sounded easily listening pleasant with the 5000's...extremely efficient speaker rated at 102DB!...but not LOUD! forget LOUD! with 101/222! :) 

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In the bedroom I do not listen too loudly, at most 8-9h so it would be very good. 

I like the hum of loud listening and feel strong bass but I have it in the living room with B-2102 MV, which provides me with 120%.


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OK, the all Sansui system has it's own room.


Apologies for the lighting, I have yet to replace the crappy light bulbs that came with the place with ones that will actually shed some decent light.


The sound quality is very good, far less of that brittle top end that I've heard the SP-100i speakers exhibit in the past.  I will admit however that I haven't had much time to listen yet though.  This weekend I'll make some time to see how the All Sansui system handles a few different styles.

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