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SOLD: FS: New and s/hand titles VINYL - AIR, New York Dolls, The NECKS, Sinatra, more..

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Item full name and model etc. ...see below for individual details
Location ... Melbourne
Item condition description ...see below (Standard SNA gradings)
Price and price conditions ...as specified below

Reason for selling ...Your weekly hand-picked suggestions.
Payment/delivery Methods:  NO PICKUPS SORRY - mail only.

Bank transfers, or PayPal (Friends & Family only, no notes) are both welcome.



  •         Once all sold (or near to), a donation to SNA of 5% of the total sold will follow.
  •         All titles here get brand new inner and outer sleeves before shipping.
  •         I try and ship 5 days a week.



  •        I fully guarantee everything I offer  - if you don't like any item for whatever reason, return it at my expense, no questions asked (verified 30 day+ active Forum members only thanks)..
  •        Original contents are stored inside the cover. I try to ship all records outside the cover and inner paper sleeves, so any postal damage is minimised.
  •        I use new pre-made cardboard mailers for smaller orders, and these virtually guarantee safe arrival of your record (they are also MUCH faster to pack).
  •        Combined postage to anywhere in Australia at cost (or close enough). 
  •       ABSOLUTELY NO LOCAL PICKUPS - don't ask - it's not going to happen.
    I just don't have the time, sorry. 
    I'm barely at home as it is though, and have no wish to be here waiting around for hours at a time.


  • Lastly - I'm not a shop. I don't have credit card facilities and I don't do this full time (though sometimes it feels like I might!). It's a hobby I love, where I try to make damn sure that *everyone* wins. Complain to me loudly if anything goes wrong (although it barely ever does) - and I'll fix it.


 Post in this thread  to reserve your item(s).
NB:  CONSERVATIVE GRADING… cover first / record grade 2nd



New York Dolls - 'Too Much Too Soon' US press (Mercury - SRM-1-1001) VG++/NM, innersleeve only just vg+ condition, but the sleeve is still in 98% factory shrink (right to the opeing edge). New York glam rockers at their finest. The cover is really nice and is as beautiful as you are likely to find an original anywhere. The record has some marks, but plays like a new copy. Superb original.  $80
Screaming Trees - 'Uncle Anesthesia' OG (Epic - E46800) VG+/NM  US 1991 original 1st pressing, no OIS so just VG+ for the cover. Super nice, and super hard to find OG. The record is clear and perfect.  $120
Screaming Trees - 'Sweet Oblivion' OG (Epic - 471724 1) NM/NM, with OIS, European original 1st pressing. Wowsers - never see this *anywhere*. Plays beautifully, looks perfect.  If you've always chased a grunge-era original, this one will do it.  $140


AIR – 'Pocket Symphony' – Double white vinyl gatefold (009463857221-3). Mint/Mint. Sealed and Brand NEW.   $45


The Necks – 'Vertigo' 2015 import on their US label (52725 03552) Mint/Mint. Sealed new press. Like many of its predecessors, 'Vertigo' runs as one uninterrupted track, with 44 minutes roughly split between two interwoven movements. It does, however, break from the past by increasing the role of roaring electric guitar (played by drummer Tony Buck) and wafting-and-hiccupping synthesizers and electronic accessories (played by pianist Chris Abrahams). Unlike most of their albums, however, this one IS available on vinyl, thank god. Grab it, before it too becomes as rare as their talent. $45


The next section... I've had a good look around for original US factory-shrunk pressings in Australia, because they fascinate me ('how can something made more than 40 years ago make it through this careless modern life, intact?')... :)
Let me tell you - when you do find them (very rarely) they are inevitably titles you couldn't GIVE away, from artist's you've not heard of, or they are both prohibitvely and unreasonably expensive. 
This lot of records below hopefully addresses all 3 of those pre-conditions for you.....
*@#*#@*#*@  RARE US VINTAGE Original pressings - still in original Factory Shrink, condition as marked (vinyl assumed to be at least 'NM', but can vary and cannot be checked) and fairly obviously VERY limited to one copy only... *@#*#@*#*@

>>Frank Sinatra - 'She Shot Me Down' (Reprise Records - FS 2305)  Features of course the great version of the Sonny Bono-penned title track. This was the final album Sinatra recorded for the record label he founded, Reprise Records, and is generally considered an artistic triumph that evokes the best of Sinatra during this stage of his career. 'She Shot Me Down' harks back to the triumphs of Sinatra's Capitol years, a thought-provoking set of torch songs with soaring strings, lyrics fraught with loss and regret, and heart-rending, world-weary vocals. This is a factory-sealed original vintage US 1981 pressing, slight marks/tears to the shrink, looks new though, so obviously rare to find in this country.    $55


>>Skyhooks - 'Ego Is Not A Dirty Word' (Mercury - SRM-1-1066) Factory sealed original 1975 vintage US pressing, slight marks/tears to the shrink and cutout corner bottom right front, otherwise looks as new. Who'll be the first to tear the shrink open on this ancient (and very important) Australian glam/rock classic?    $45


>>The Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Cast - 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack' (Ode Records - OSV-21653) Factory sealed original 1975 vintage US pressing, no marks, looks as new. I've compared the AUS original, and the various modern red vinyl repressings to these US original pressing on ODE Records, and the USA press is STREETS ahead, most noticeably on tracks like my favourite, "I'm Going Home". A near perfectly preserved piece of authentic 70's rock history.   $60


>>Boston - 'Third Stage' (MCA Records - MCA-6188) Factory sealed original 1986 vintage US gatefold pressing, small spine overstock cut, Hype sticker on front. Probably their best, most progressive album musically, and features the killer harmonies of hit single, 'Amanda' amongst others. A nice find.  $40




and some more tomorrow night.......


Edited by candyflip

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Hi Jon, I'll grab Rocky before he goes home please. ... ;)


Cheers Terry

Edited by TerryO

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8 hours ago, TerryO said:

Hi Jon, I'll grab Rocky before he goes home please. ... ;)


Cheers Terry


Cheers Terry - going to your home, shortly.

More titles tonight (although that's it for USA vintage sealed)

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This one please Jon:


Skyhooks - 'Ego Is Not A Dirty Word' (Mercury - SRM-1-1066) Factory sealed original 1975 vintage US pressing, slight marks/tears to the shrink and cutout corner bottom right front, otherwise looks as new. Who'll be the first to tear the shrink open on this ancient (and very important) Australian glam/rock classic?    $45


PM to follow.

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Boston please Jon. And I'll wait to see what you put up tonight.





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1 hour ago, candyflip said:


Cheers Terry - going to your home, shortly.

More titles tonight (although that's it for USA vintage sealed)


Looking forward to it Jon, I'll check out what is available this evening to see if we can get more than one record in the post. 


cheers Terry

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    • By grorr76
      Item: Various lps
      Location: melbourne
      Price:  as listed see listing
      Item Condition: see listing
      Reason for selling: downsizing collection
      Payment Method: PayPal only
                                           NO PICKS UPS Shipping $15 australia wide per order

      Extra Info:
      MOFI Bill Evans one step pressing portrait of jazz 2 LP box set $199 (sold)
      Melody Gardot 3lp Live in Europe, played once $99 SOLD
      London Grammar truth is a wonderfull thing ltd 2lp pressing $50 SOLD
      Paul McCartney Egypt Station Spotify green vinyl (played one) 2lp $70
      Norah jones begin again single lp $30
      Think by Lonnie smith Blue note 80th anniversary edition all aaa mastered by Kevin grey (unplayed unopened) $30.  sold 
      Doin allright Blue note 80th anniversary edition all aaa mastered by Kevin grey (unplayed unopened) $30 Sold
      Nina Simone  little girl blue 2lp analogue productions $50.   (sold)
      Horace Silver Horacescope 2nd pressing 1966 Blue note in immaculate condition complete with original inner bag. The cover to is in amazing condition extremely rare $200
      Bill Evans Evans in England 2lp record store day release $60.  (SOLD)
      Hank Mobley Hank mobley quartet Music Matters SRX vinyl release rare and out of print $80 cover and record mint SOLD 
      Anne Bisson Trip 4 seasons in jazz direct to disk complete with book 2lps very deluxe $120
      Anne Bisson Blue mind 2lp $60
      Couple more Not Pictured
      Kenny Durham Afro Cuban Blue note Music matter reissue $80. SOLD
      Kamasi Washington heaven and earth 4lp $60
      Kamasi Washington the epic $60
      Wayne shorter blue note EMA multi lp cd box set complete with graphic novel book $100 (SOLD)
      any questions pm me
      bare with me when sending questions I will get back to everyone who contacts me.




    • By BuzzzFuzzz
      Hey Guys.
      I'm interested in which records you listen to with the most regularity, especially all you well known members, but encouraging newcomers who may become well known in time
      Even as I post regularly, I don't post everything I listen to and over time our more often played choices may not be apparent.
      Feel free to elaborate on your choices to your hearts content, we all have a story when it comes to our favourite records and bands.  Some of you know I like to ramble on a bit sometimes.
      Keeping it exclusively vinyl with different threads for other formats.
      Maybe two lists each with three albums...  1.  Top 3 giving you the most delight at present.
                                                                                      2.  Top 3 on highest rotation in collection.
      I've been buying some new vinyl recently.  When I was young all records sounded bloody unreal.  We had a nice Pioneer stereo and it rocked.  When my brother and I moved into a flat, he had a very nice system too.
      After joining this forum around 3 years ago, my ears have certainly become a lot more critical and quite a few of my records sound pretty ordinary, compared with others that are commonly accepted as great sounding records i.e. Roxy Music's 'Avalon'.
      I now have some awesome sounding vinyl, but I'm looking for better versions of some of my favourite albums.  The prime example is Black Sabbath's 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'.  I have had two, second hand, Aust. pressings that were in fair condition, and currently the Earmark reissue which is just woeful.  One of my top three albums and I don't listen to vinyl - shame on me!  I'm on the hunt for the Rhino Records reissue.
      Right now I listen to great sounding records.  My top 3 spinners right now are -
      1.  Muse  'Origin of Symmetry' 
          The only Muse album I have on vinyl, picked up at JB HiFi soon after release.
          I have most of their CD's and a couple of DVD's, saw them at Riverstage in Brisbane around 2009(?)
          Great sounding record and Muse in strong form.
      2.  The Angels  'Two Minute Warning'
           I've only had this about two weeks but it's been getting a workout.  The sound is as I remember from an old friend's copy - excellent.
           The band I have seen the most in my life.  This album was released as I was finishing year 12 and beginning to go to licenced gigs.
           Live music and Aussie pub rock were in fine form.  I've always been happy with the CD, but recently added to my essential vinyl supply.
      3.  Alkaloid  'Liquid Anatomy' 
           Progressive, Technical Death Metal from Germany.
           You'll see from my next top 3 list that Metal is normally my thing.
           My first gig was Maiden's 'The Beast on the Road'.  I listen to many styles of music but I always return to Metal.
           Very impressed with the all round quality of this release.
      My Top 3 records ever in rotation are...
      1.  KISS  'Dynasty'    
           The first record I ever bought myself.  I have a lovely U.S. promo copy that sounds awesome.  My original Aussie copy was played to death. 
           It's No.1 on the list because it was the first.  I've never really liked 'I was Made for Lovin' You' & 'Sure Know Something', but the rest of the album rocks.
           For me it is the sound of New York from that time, I have strong, positive emotional connections to the record itself and the music. 
      2.  Black Sabbath  'Mob Rules'     
           When I first got back into records around three years ago, this was the first album I replaced, with a second NM Aussie pressing.
           I was in year 8 when this was released, it copped a flogging on our stereo and I especially liked it through the headphones.
           Another record that transports me back every time it spins.
           It's always a toss up between this and 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath', and as I don't currently listen to that on vinyl it can't be listed.
      3.  Led Zeppelin  'IV'
           I have had three Aussie pressings and the Jimmy Page remaster.  
           Have always loved this classic record and it transports me to a magical, medieval world.
      There are no rules - Enjoy -
    • By HiFiArk
      Item: Sansui SR-212 Vintage 70s Turntable - Japan - Professionally Restored & Upgraded
      Location: Sydney
      Price: $450, open to reasonable offers
      Item Condition: Very Good, recently serviced/restored/upgraded and working.
      Reason for selling: No longer required
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      I recently inherited this Sansui SR-212 turntable , which is of 1970s vintage and is made in Japan. The turntable employs a unique multiple suspension/insulation system to eliminate howling ( it has a suspended sub-chassis design). 
      The deck is in really nice condition, no major blemishes to speak of. Even the lid is in good condition, no cracks and the hinges also appear to be working fine.
      It did need some minor repair work to get it up and running, so I engaged Chris from Spin Doctor Music here in Sydney to repair/restore the deck for me which he did very well.
      In the process the following upgrades were also made to the deck :
      Brand new drive belt Brand new Jelco HS-25 cartridge shell was purchased and installed onto the tonearm Brand new Ortofon 2M Silver MM phono cartridge was purchased, installed and aligned Brand new AUS power cord was installed  
      Initially I thought I might use this Sansui TT in a second system, but It turns out that I won't be making use of it after all.
      So , it's up for sale now to someone who can make use of it.
      Everything is in good working order, including the arm cueing and auto-return mechanism. Platter speed has been tested by Spin Doctor Music and is accurate and stable at both 33.1/3 and 45 speeds.
      Some more info and general specs on this turntable are available here:
      Note of course that this one has the Ortofon 2M Silver cart and Jelco headshell upgrades. The Ortofon 2M Silver seems to sit between the 2M Blue and the 2M Bronze in the Ortofon 2M lineup.  I will also provide the original headshell and also the (probably very worn out) original SC-37 IM cartridge.
      I don’t have any boxes or packaging for the deck, so I would prefer local pickup from Sydney.
      I've also got the original operation manual for it.
      The new Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge and Jelco HS-25 headshell together alone would cost over $400 RRP. 
      Buyer will need to add their own RCA-RCA phono cable to connect the deck to an amp/phono stage.
      Local pickup Sydney only. COD payment is easiest, or happy to receive a bank/BSB or PayPal Friends transfer before pickup.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By candyflip
      see final page...
      Thank you all 🙏
      R U OK?

      This raffle seeks to support one of our own, a charity giving drive by respected not-for-profit,
      The Wayside Chapel - Sydney

      "...Today is R U OK? Day and for the occasion, all Wayside staff across both locations are going to come together to celebrate each other and talk about how we are doing. There will be a few fun activities in store for them, including a pie-tasting contest.
      News has come through this week of a sports-star that has died in a “single car accident”. He was an unofficial campaigner for men’s mental health and I will always remember when he talked about his struggles. As a young man he once shared they had always been told to forget their emotions and suck it up, and later he realised that when we struggle it is important to take our hand and stick it up, and say, “I’m not going so well”.
      Our lives are a journey and not an event, so we will re-commit to walking and talking together as we care for all those who fall by the Wayside. We will remind ourselves that we don’t need anyone to be an expert, we just have to be present enough to look someone in the eyes, ask how they are and listen. We know that when any of us walk away feeling met rather than worked on, then positive action is a likely outcome...."
      Please follow the link to see where the raffle funds will go:
      How it works:
      ·         the record (and postage to anywhere in Australia) is offered FREE as a prize to SNA members.
      ·         ALL raffle funds donated in this raffle are going straight to the above link after close.
      ·         A receipt of the funds given to Wayside Chapel  and will be posted here with the video draw.
      ·         The winner gets the prizes posted to their door, FREE.
      ·         Everyone else feeds, clothes and supports in a myriad of ways, the homeless.
      ·         Unlimited $$ donations accepted until 10pm, Thursday 19/09/19
      Donate here:  https://paypal.me/pools/c/8i9ygo9iJC 
      * Please drop a note in this thread to let us know you’ve donated and I can allocate you a number.
      No number requests please - they will be assigned in order of receipt of a donation.
      * ‘The Hat’ software will do the draw.
      It’s old and creaky, but it does the job with a GUI front-end I can film, as we do the draw together.
      The SNA Admin and Moderator Team will have full oversight of this process.
      The prize is:

      VARIOUS ARTISTS - TRAINSPOTTING - 1996 Double vinyl original UK 1st pressing (EMI ‎– 7243 8 37190 1 3) like Brand New. These in such great condition are *really* hard to find - and can be worth anything from AU$100+ and up.
      Play it, display it, flip it, your choice.
      Ortofon e-Q7 in black (as donated by  @A J  - thank you!) worth around $400 when new in box.

      So get into this...help the homeless with a small donation of anything you think worthy, and maybe carry away these wonderful prizes.
      thank you.    
      Donations go here :  https://paypal.me/pools/c/8i9ygo9iJC   (PayPal POOL set up specifically for this cause)
      RAFFLE DRAW Numbers are as follows (assigned in order of receipt of donation, and named as per PayPal identity or SNA handle when known - please correct me where I've got it wrong?):
      Zippi (Zlatan) David C (DarkNark) Steven Ilich (Mendes) Simon M  Andrew J (A J) Ray Bull  (qlder75) Les (LogicprObe) Murray (ThirdDrawerDown) Matthew F  Ben L (luzart) Suresh R (pine weasel) Emiel L Glen M (glenm64) Ian F (Muon 'N) Marty D (woopwoop360) Brendan M (reflux075) Matt H (Sceeta) Rod c (rodders3) Les W (Uncle Seth) M.Stammers (Interface)  
    • By Doomguy
      Item: Records
      Location: Rowville, Melbourne
      Price: free
      Item Condition: varying - listed below
      Reason for selling: Just want them gone
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      taken Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones has some damage to the front cover (scratches or something, that's how I got it and why I asked for a replacement). It also has a small pressing defect, on side B I think it was, resulting in 15-20 seconds or so of a repeated click or pop each rotation. Sounds good otherwise.
      taken Candlemass - Nightfall only reason I'm getting rid of this is I've replaced it with an '88 Metal Blade pressing as I prefer the original mix and master. It's near mint, nothing wrong with it, giving it away as nobody has wanted to buy it from me.
      taken The Dynospectrum - Self titled Arrived banged up in the mail, was sent a replacement so I don't need this one. Haven't listened to this copy but my replacement sounds immaculate and looks great in the black and white mix. 
      taken Deltron 3030 - self titled I just wasn't very happy with this copy I received and am probably going to settle for the CD version. It's sibilant and noisy in places for me, mostly side A and D, even after cleaning. Maybe it'll work better for you, no harm in trying it for free.

      Pick up from Rowville would be strongly preferred, but if somebody wants to cover shipping costs I could do so if there's no other bites.  I could provide pics of specific things you want to see if needed.
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