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Gieseler DAC Reviews & Impressions

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Been going through the Gieseler DAC threads to dig up owners’ reviews & impressions over the past 2 years.  Together, they provided an impressive picture of how well Clay has made his DACs and has lead me to consider  purchase the upcoming Groß DAC with balanced outputs.   


Groß Reviews & Impressions

illbarto 18 Sep 17 compared with Klein II

Snoopy8  5 Oct 17 compared with Audiolab 8200CDQ

BAM 6 Oct 17 compared with PSAudio Directstream

bhobba 28 Nov 1722 Jan 18 compared with PSAudio Directstream

Ancientflatulence 15 Dec 17

Suopermanni 23 Dec 17 compared with Gungnir Multibit

Bill125812 18 Jan 18 compared with PS audio Nu Wave

scumbag  18 Jan 18 compared with PS Audio Direct Stream jnr


Konverter Reviews & Impressions

(Has pre-amp as well)

~Spyne~ 29 Apr 17

 Woadl 13 Jun 17 compared with Auralic Vega


Klein II Reviews & Impressions

 Andrewyuri 1 May 16 compared with Klein

 Jonny 31 Jul 16 compared with Antelope Gold


Klein Reviews & Impressions

 GPK 17 Jun 15

 Bill125812 28 Jun 15 compared with NAD M51

 naggots  29 Jun 15

 rambada 7 Aug 15

 matt200sr 10 Aug 15

 naggots 21 Sep 15 on SE version

 scumbag 16 Oct 15 compared with MyDac

 joz 29 Oct 15

 pete_mac 5 Nov 15 compared with audio-gd DAC16DSP

 pop9745 25 Nov 15 compared with Chord Hugo, Resonessence Labs Concero HD, and Ifi

 betocool 1 Dec 15

 woadl 1 Dec 15

 andrewyuri 13 Apr 16 compared with Arcam irDac, Nad M51 

Jventer 15 May 16 compared with PSAudio Directstream

 NcA 27 May 16

 Tellmidd 16 Jul 16

 Powerav 15 Oct 16

 Zypr 16 Jan 17


Please post if corrections, additions required…

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Added additional Konverter, Groß reviews, updated title, typos

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Hi Guys


Did one early on against the Killer DAC which is much much more expensive.


Considering the price difference everyone was impressed with how close it was.  Later it was at a comparison with the Killer and PS Audio Direct stream.  Same result - shocking how close it was and the price difference - you went - how is that possible.


But Clay's later DAC's like the Konverter and a new one he has mentioned on this forum he is working on is the natural choice to compare to these much more expensive DAC's.   I have done that one with the Konverter - well I wouldn't like to make the choice.  You have to hear all three to decide.  I have a Killler, a Direct Stream an may just have to get Clays new DAC.




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22 hours ago, bhobba said:

Hi Guys


Did one early on against the Killer DAC which is much much more expensive.


Considering the price difference everyone was impressed with how close it was.  Later it was at a comparison with the Killer and PS Audio Direct stream.  Same result - shocking how close it was and the price difference - you went - how is that possible.


But Clay's later DAC's like the Konverter and a new one he has mentioned on this forum he is working on is the natural choice to compare to these much more expensive DAC's.   I have done that one with the Konverter - well I wouldn't like to make the choice.  You have to hear all three to decide.  I have a Killler, a Direct Stream an may just have to get Clays new DAC.




I did see your comments in the threads but wasn't sure whether to include it in the links. :sorry:


Looking forward to seeing your review of the new DAC when it comes out.  Hopefully Clay will update us soon on an approximate timeline.

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Hi guys & thanks for all the positive comments.

The new DAC only is extreamly close now.

I actually took a prototype version to Lenehan Audio last week which we had a good listen to via some Lenehan ML5 references.

I must admit I get a bit nervous when trying out one of my new products at Mikes as he always gives an honest (& ruthless) opinion & past experiences have not always had a good outcome.

Well the prototype passed with flying colours which was a great relief! I was about to order  $1k plus worth of transformers from Jensen so I just wanted to be certain the new DAC was right up there sound wise. It definitely was!

The bonus is that although this is just a straight DAC we have managed to include variable output level (on remote) by using the AK4497's  internal level antenuator. This is done in digital form so you are throwing bits away with lower volume settings but fortunately due to the AKM's 32 bit architecture & as long as you are not listening to very low levels it shouldn't be a problem. 

Bottom line is the new DAC will drive a power amp directly so perfect for a nice simple set up & this is how we tested it at Mikes.

Max output level is 1.8 v rms but this seems fine on the three different power amps I have tested it with so far.

I'm working on the final board layout at the moment so hopefully I will be ordering the pcb's in about a week.

As the finished product is very close I will start a new product release thread shortly with lots more info & details.


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Hi Clay.  Sounds like you're gonna be busy when the new DAC's ready!!  Silly question, but is it recommended to use one of your power supplies with your Konverter/new DAC, or is this already covered with the design? 

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Hi Mat,

All my designs have multiply low noise internal PSU's & run off external transformers so require AC input only.

So the answer to your question is - No 

None of my PSU's would be suitable as they are all DC output.

Edited by Gieseler Audio

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Updated with latest reviews and impressions.  Please post if corrections, additions required...


Have updated title; not every one is an owner and some posts are short impressions.

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      This is a surprisingly high-end sound coming from a sub $1000 device. I would recommend not using the stock drivers, but using the UNi Xonar Drivers. The ASIO drier with low latency DPC is rock solid and provides excellent results. http://maxedtech.com/download/uni-xonar-w10-1825-v1-81a-r2/ I can get the latency down to 8ms using 24-bit multi-channel with these ASIO drivers. 
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       I'd prefer to sell these locally as I don't have the box for the Holo


    • By Snoopy8
      Review Setup
      GIESELER Groß DAC with usb only input option (standard has s/pdif & usb inputs).
      Groß connected to Sotm SMS-200 with Audioquest Carbon usb cable. Used XLR outputs to SGR CX3B (Mk 1) powered speakers.  Bass optimised with dual subs (SVS SB13U, SB-2000). SMS-200 bridged to Synology DS414 NAS to access music.  Used MPD server on SMS-200 and MPDroid on phone for playback.
      Update 17 Feb 18: Upgraded equipment with Uptone ISO Regen, Behringer DCX2496 with Behringer Mods. Swapped positions of subs with SB13U doing more and further bass optimisation using Multi Sub Optimisation.
      External Appearance & Remote
      The unit has a smart looking front, with a power button and 4 line display.
      Update 17 Oct: new firmware removed Channel, now 3 line display

      The rear panel has a usb input, XLR and RCA outputs and a 9V AC input from an external transformer to feed low noise internal PSU's.
      Update 17 Oct: Note that Groß has output transformers which allows it to be directly connected to power amps or powered speakers.

      Smaller and much lighter than previous Audiolab 8200CDQ (DAC plus pre-pro, CD player, headphone amp).  8200CDQ displayed both the bit depth and sample rate but Groß only the sample rate. Groß display could do with brightness adjustment because it was too bright at night.
      The remote was slim and easy to use.  Red power button cycled through home menu, screen off, large volume and filter display.  Channel Up/Down cycled through filters, Volume Up/Down, plus mute button. Volume control was digital with a bypass available for a pre-pro.  In my case, requested that bypass be disabled to prevent an accidental overload on the amps in the CX3Bs. 
      Setting up on the SMS-200 was straight forward. After plugging the usb cable into Groß, the SMS-200 picked up the DAC. Then, manually changed DAC setting from non-DSD to DoP in Eunhasu MPD setup.
      Update 17 Feb 18: using DSD instead of DoP.
      DAC Comparison
      As expected, Groß out-performed 4 years old 8200CDQ (which was highly acclaimed then). The difference was marked when switching back to the 8200CDQ after a few hours on the Groß, with less detail, transparency and naturalness among many things lacking.  Looking forward to reviews of others comparing Groß with more recent DACs.
      Listening Experience
      Most of my music consisted of ripped 16/44.1 flac, with some purchased 24/96 flac and also have ripped DSD64.  Groß is my first unit able to play native DSD; previously DSD converted to PCM during playback.
      Long time favourite, Parce Mihi Domine (Jan Garbarek & Hillard Ensemble, Officium, 16/44.1 flac) had never sounded so good. Jan Garbarek’s saxophone was more natural and transparent and there was clarity in the position of the saxophone relative to the Hillard Ensemble.   In numerous 16/44.1 flac, Groß managed to bring out the details and improved the imaging, depth, sound stage. Vocals, particularly female (e.g. KD Lang, Hallelujah, Hymns of the 49th Parallel) had a presence. Even relatively poor classical recordings sounded cleaner.  Groß  does 16/44.1 flac very well.
      With higher resolution music, the piano in Gjeilo’s North  Country II, Stone Rose, 24/96 flac was natural and as close as I have heard to a real one. When the flugelhorn comes in, imaging was good and realistic. Diana Krall’s My Love Is, from Love Scenes, 24/96 flac, had deep tight bass bass, tighter than I knew, with an excellent voice. Groß managed to improve the bass a bit more in an already optimised dual sub setup.
      Groß’s DSD capability is outstanding.  Eagles’s Hotel California from the same named album was a revelation in native DSD64. Detailed, transparent, nice sound stage.  Much better than 16/44.1 and beat 24/96 version. Similarly, Arnesen’s Magnificat 4: Et Misericordia from Magnificat album (DSD64) on 2L label was very good. However, in an unfair comparison, it could not (& not expected to) match the atmosphere and presence of 5.1 PCM with the piano and organ behind the conductor.  DSDs came across superbly on the Groß.
      Could have written a lot more about how good the listening experience was but above was a fair representation.
      Update 17 Oct: The listening experience improved after 30 to 40 hours of use. Not sure whether this was because I was getting more used to the Groß’s presentation?  Female vocals continued to capture my attention with their presence.  And still amazed by the details in PCM material.  DSDs remain outstanding, problem now is opening wallet to get more DSD material.
      Update 17 Feb 18: Details, sound stage improved with the upgrades (ISO Regen, Behringer Mods and Amanero firmware).  Am surprised how much the Amanero firmware contributed to audio quality. DSD made my wallet lighter but brought more smiles. North Country II in DSD has now replaced the 24/96 PCM version as my favourite piece, with the piano better.  
      The Groß with the AKM AK4497EQ DAC chip came with 6 filters:
      Super slow roll-off: no echo reproduces natural sound Short delay, slow roll-off: minimal echo reproduces original sound Slow roll-off: minimal echo reproduces original sound Short delay, sharp roll-off: post echo enhances bass sound Sharp roll-off: pre & post echoes make powerful sound. Low dispersion short delay: sound quality optimised Selecting the filter was via the remote and could be changed on the fly for PCM. Filters do not apply to DSD.  There were supposed to be subtle differences between filters, but was beyond my old ears to resolve consistently.
      Update 17 Feb 18: finally found differences!  Used short delay, slow roll-off, previously low dispersion short delay, to reduce the echo. Found the short delay, sharp roll-off and sharp roll-off filters had too much echo.  
      Owning the first USB unit is wonderful and exciting but came with imperfect beta firmware. The firmware was derived from the Gieseler Konverter (same AK4497EQ DAC chip plus pre-pro) and still displayed channel in first line.  Also, there were pops when skipping DSD tracks, and occasional pops elsewhere. Will get update once these niggles have been resolved.
      Update 17 Oct: Firmware has now been updated which removed channel in display, eliminated the annoying pops/clicks.  It turned out that the Konverter firmware had the same problem. Both sets of firmware now been overhauled and improved.
      Update 17 Feb 18: Used Amanero2003_71A firmware optimised for Linux players (SMS-200) .  Note that this is different to the Groß firmware referred above.  
      Skip Groß If You …
      Like the unboxing experience and want to make a YouTube video of it. GIESELER Audio has spent R&D dollars on how it sounds and none on the packaging (but unit was well packed with 3 layers of bubble wrap). Bonus was no one was tempted during shipment!
      Update 17 Oct: Clay has sourced a double box for shipping Desire international brands with big reputations, leading edge look & feel and extensive reviews. GIESELER Audio have well regarded niche products here on SNA. It may yet gain a wider acceptance as a result of Groß!  
      Proud and delighted to own an Australian designed and manufactured DAC which delivered superb audio. In summary, WOW!
      Update 17 Oct: a theme coming through from the early owners is that the Groß DAC is addictive and we want to listen to it even more.
      Update 17 Feb 18: With the upgrades, enjoying the Groß DAC more than ever.
      p/s Clay Gieseler @Gieseler Audio is a fantastic person to deal with and service is second to none.