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Shoutout to The Coffee Machinist

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Credit where it's due, and one of our own - @coffeemachinist is a bit of an asset to our community.


Rick is an independent coffee machine tech based in Northcote, Melbourne, and took my beloved Rocket away on Friday night for a bit of an overdue service.

I made the complaint of it being quite noisy so Rick said he'll take a look at what can be done to quieten it down while he has it.


Well, it came back yesterday (amazing turnaround time), and I must say it's quieter than how it came out of the factory.


Rick has replaced the solid copper internal pipes with braided flexible hoses. He's isolated all the moving parts and remounted everything, and finally added some sound deadening to the internal side of the panels. It is almost silent when you flick the lever now. I am so impressed with his work. Rocket should hire this guy to improve their machines!


Aside from the full service it also had the best clean it's had since new.


Definitely give Rick a buzz if you need servicing or mods to your machine.



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Cheers @Marc!


Glad you're back to enjoying your machine and the pods can be relegated to the darkest recesses of the cupboard where they belong. I was just having a read of the coffee thread you sent me, and sure enough, there was @proftournesol's La Scala that I worked on many years ago, and who did I meet on friday but @joz the coffee roaster, and @Black Orange has a freaking la pavoni!  I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the SNA crowd are also pro level coffee nuts. 


I wish I could say the Italians listen to me, but nah, they don't want to hear about it. I have actually never seen an industry less eager to innovate. There is certainly something to be said for valuing tradition when it comes to the visual side, but sheesh guys! Get with the times!

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9 hours ago, Marc said:



Rick has replaced the solid copper internal pipes with braided flexible hoses. He's isolated all the moving parts and remounted everything, and finally added some sound deadening to the internal side of the panels. 



Love some of those 'audiophile' tweaks.

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Just need a uber-expensive power cord on it now :)

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Yeah I get the jitter after too much :)

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Gawd........he's reviewing the sound of coffee machines now!


(Good on Rick)

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I couldn't agree more with Marc. The rewards from coffee machine mods are very similar to those from Stereo equipment mods, and @coffeemachinist has some well thought through mods as well as good service

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@Rori is now the proud owner of this machine. :)

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      Pickup from Sunbury, VIC.

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