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FS: New and s/hand titles VINYL - Steely Dan, MJ, Gorillaz, Dylan

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Item full name and model etc. ...see below for individual details
Location ... Melbourne
Item condition description ...see below (Standard SNA gradings)
Price and price conditions ...as specified below

Reason for selling ...Your weekly hand-picked suggestions.
Payment/delivery Methods:  NO PICKUPS SORRY - mail only.

Bank transfers, or PayPal (Friends & Family only, no notes) are both welcome.



  •         Once all sold (or near to), a donation to SNA of 5% of the total sold will follow.
  •         All titles here get brand new inner and outer sleeves before shipping.
  •         I try and ship 5 days a week.



  •        I fully guarantee everything I offer  - if you don't like any item for whatever reason, return it at my expense, no questions asked (verified 30 day+ active Forum members only thanks)..
  •        Original contents are stored inside the cover. I try to ship all records outside the cover and inner paper sleeves, so any postal damage is minimised.
  •        I use new pre-made cardboard mailers for smaller orders, and these virtually guarantee safe arrival of your record (they are also MUCH faster to pack).
  •        Combined postage to anywhere in Australia at cost (or close enough). 
  •       ABSOLUTELY NO LOCAL PICKUPS - don't ask - it's not going to happen.
    I just don't have the time, sorry. 
    I'm barely at home as it is though, and have no wish to be here waiting around for hours at a time.


  • Lastly - I'm not a shop. I don't have credit card facilities and I don't do this full time (though sometimes it feels like I might!). It's a hobby I love, where I try to make damn sure that *everyone* wins. Complain to me loudly if anything goes wrong (although it barely ever does) - and I'll fix it.


 Post in this thread  to reserve your item(s).
NB:  CONSERVATIVE GRADING… cover first / record grade 2nd




LATE NIGHT TALES: Nils Frahm Dbl gatefold vinyl with download, SEALED and new. 
"I’ve really got off on working on compilations lately. 
It’s such a wonderful way to delve deep into your music collection. 
My flat is now crammed with music media of all stripes, from an old hand-cranked 78 phonograph player to 45s and albums on vinyl, my beloved old cassette tape collection, even mini-disks and, lately, WAV and MP3s. It’s all music to me. 
After spending hours recording from all of these diverse sources, I started to play around with the tunes, layering them, sampling, looping certain parts, extracting phrases and using all the freedom that this allowed me. 
If I got a little carried away or stepped on anyone’s toes in my quest to do something interesting and original, then I apologise. 
Some things may have accidentally landed on the wrong speed, while other spooky happening have occurred along the way, whether it’s ghostly additions of reverb and delay or simply subtle edits or reproductions, they've all gone into the magical stew I've tried to create for your pleasure and edification. 
I can’t tell you how much fun I've had creating this compilation for you but, suffice to say, I hope it will be a nice journey for your mind and heart" - Nils Frahm.
Nina Simone, mixed in with with Miles Davis, Four Tet, Boards of Canada, very gentle original piano interludes and a 1958 recording of 'Flight of the Bumblebee'.
If you perhaps have a Lynchian bent, you'll likely get off on Mr.Frahm's cock-eyed view of the fine, fine art.... of relaxxxxxxxing. 
Beautifully produced in a lovely gatefold, double Audiophile pressing, half-speed mastered and some carefully thought out extras. Sweet product.   $48

Steely Dan – Gaucho – AUS pressed original (MCA 6102) VG/VG+. Lovely cover with just some light rubbing marks/buffs, and removed price sticker residue top right corner front. Good legible spine. The back is even better. Nice clean OIS too. All around nice title. The wax is pretty much spotless under harsh overhead artificial light, and plays like it (a dream).  $24


Steely Dan - The Royal Scam - UK original 1976 (ABCL-5161) VG-/VG+. Pretty nice cover except for one corner, which is badly worn (see video). Else it's really without wear, and the original 4 corner-cut lyric harder cardboard inner. The record has light hairlines, but plays through them with that stoic British stiff upper lip this 70's Great Britain vinyl is famous for. Barely a noise to come out of it, but sweet music.... And what music too - this is my favourite Steely Dan title (with the worst cover art!) by a ways.  $16


Steely Dan – Aja – US pressed 1977 original gatefold (ABC AA-1006) VG+/VG+. Gorgeous cover with just light edge marking/wear, light corner bumps, some barely seen rubbing wear (have a good look at the video), else a near-spotless white gatefold inner. This one also comes with the original lyric harder cardboard inner sleeve, and it's a beaut. The wax is also really nice - some light marks, but plays without noise, all the way through. $28


Steely Dan – Katy Lied – US original press in shrink  (ABC-846) VG/VG+. Really nice cover, still in 90% of the US factory shrink so expecting it to be absolutely gorgeous underneath it all. Does have a cut-out punchole through the 'K' of the front cover title though (see video). Else lovely with just light corner wear, and the original price sticker still on, central front. The hard cardboard OIS is also brilliant (small cut out hole). The wax has some light marks, but plays beautifully throughout. $26


Michael Jackson – Off The Wall - AUS pressed original gatefold with poster inside (ELPS 3973) VG+/NM. The cover is lovely with the hype sticker still white and clear, top right front. Very little wear to speak of otherwise, and the gatefold inside is immaculate - just a really nice example. The poster is never found with these anymore, but this one has clearly *never* left the inside of the gatefold sleeve. Really nice. The wax is a 9/10 Mint copy, and one of the nicer ones I've ever seen, with not even a light hairline under strong overhead light.  $40


Bob Dylan – Live At The Budokan – AUS double LP gatefold with poster (S2BP-220211) VG+/NM. Really nice AUS pressing that is nearly always beat up when found in the wild. This one has a great cover with just a few marks/impressions, but nothing more than a hint of ringwear and that's about it. Near perfect gatefold inside. Quite rare in that overall condition. Also all contents (two nice OIS) and two fabulous slabs of original wax, without a mark (I mean, pressed yesterday-type clean and mark-free). Can't ask for more.  $40


The Matrix - Original Motion Picture Score (Don Davis) - US pressed Limited Edition (302 066 026 3). M/M Sealed Brand New. 1500 copies released worldwide, Amazon only exclusive colour variant Split Red / Blue, 180 gr vinyl  $45

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22 minutes ago, Special K said:

MJ. Off the wall please.

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All your's Keith.


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The Royal Scam and Aja please.



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Katy lied for me please

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      Ortofon e-Q7 in black (as donated by  @A J  - thank you!) worth around $400 when new in box.

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    • By Doomguy
      Item: Records
      Location: Rowville, Melbourne
      Price: free
      Item Condition: varying - listed below
      Reason for selling: Just want them gone
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      taken Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones has some damage to the front cover (scratches or something, that's how I got it and why I asked for a replacement). It also has a small pressing defect, on side B I think it was, resulting in 15-20 seconds or so of a repeated click or pop each rotation. Sounds good otherwise.
      taken Candlemass - Nightfall only reason I'm getting rid of this is I've replaced it with an '88 Metal Blade pressing as I prefer the original mix and master. It's near mint, nothing wrong with it, giving it away as nobody has wanted to buy it from me.
      taken The Dynospectrum - Self titled Arrived banged up in the mail, was sent a replacement so I don't need this one. Haven't listened to this copy but my replacement sounds immaculate and looks great in the black and white mix. 
      taken Deltron 3030 - self titled I just wasn't very happy with this copy I received and am probably going to settle for the CD version. It's sibilant and noisy in places for me, mostly side A and D, even after cleaning. Maybe it'll work better for you, no harm in trying it for free.

      Pick up from Rowville would be strongly preferred, but if somebody wants to cover shipping costs I could do so if there's no other bites.  I could provide pics of specific things you want to see if needed.
    • By APuri
      Item: A bunch of stellar Jazz LPs (see below)
      Location: Melbourne VIC
      Price: Details below
      Item Condition: Details below
      Reason for selling: Culling the herd
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (Friends & family only)
      Extra Info:
      Shipped in secondhand, LP-specific cardboard mailers to ensure safe delivery!
      Postage will be charged at or below cost (AusPost), and is in ADDITION to the quoted prices below. Combined postage is certainly possible.
      Money back guarantee on these LPs, they are in awesome condition and I stand by my word - buyer will need to cover return shipping.
      All LPs graded according to the Goldmine Standard
      Conservative grading
      Cover first / Record second
      I do a quick playthrough prior to listing these, and will comment on obvious audio imperfections...guaranteed no surprises, buy with confidence!
      STILL AVAILABLE (9/9/19)
      Bobby Hutcherson - Components (Stereo) - Blue Note - US 2015 BN75 reissue LP (BST84213) NM/NM. Pretty much brand new. Only a few months old. Played once or twice. Solid pressing for the price. Vibraphone based jazz at its finest. $22
      Chick Corea - The Song of SInging (Stereo) - Blue Note - Japanese Toshiba Pressing 1985 (BST84353) NM/NM. Pretty much in new condition, with shrink and hype sticker still present. Would be hard to find in this condition. Played once or twice only. Avant garde for the hardcore jazz lovers. $25
      Miles Davis - Miles of Jazz (Mono) - Japan Mercury 1975 (BT-5011) VG/NM. Nice compilation. Glossy clean vinyl. $15
      ON HOLD 
      Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Mosaic (Stereo) - Blue Note - US 2015 BN75 reissue LP (BST84090) NM/NM. Pretty much brand new. Only a few months old. Played once or twice. Solid pressing for the price. A great introduction to jazz for those just wanting to dip their toes in. $20
      ⭐Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire (Stereo) - Japanese 1st pressing CBS/Sony 1973 (SOPL 175) VG/NM (no OBI, with inner sleeve and liner notes). 1st pressing of a Jazz-Rock, fusion masterpiece. Featuring the great Billy Cobham on drums. Actually more like a prog-rock album IMHO. Electric guitar, violin, synth-driven odd time signature proggy goodness. Absolutely clean pressing, vinyl itself looks like new. Some clicks and pops through quieter passages, which would likely disappear with a good ultrasonic clean. Some creasing of the corners. $30
      Miles Davis - Vol 2 (Stereo) - Blue Note - US 2015 BN75 reissue LP (BLP1502) VG+/NM. Pretty much brand new. Only a few months old. Played once or twice. Solid pressing for the price. Digital source I believe. VG grading as there is a slight crease at top right corner (shipped to me like this). A great introduction to jazz for those just wanting to dip their toes in. $20
      Thad Jones & Mel Lewis - Suite for Pops (Stereo) - US Horizon 1975 (SP701) G+/VG+. Big band jazz. Cover is a little worn down. Vinyl itself plays with no major issue. $5
      ⭐Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Moanin’ (Stereo) – Blue Note - Japanese King pressing 1978 (FRP 5-2 / GXK 8044 / BST 84003) VG+/NM (no OBI, with liner notes in japanese).  This record sounds amazing; warm, rich, full analogue tone. Glossy black vinyl that plays beautifully without noise except some light pops/clicks audible only between tracks. Sleeve shows its age with some yellowing, and minor shelf wear only. King pressings are well known for their immaculate, quiet vinyl and amazing sound quality. Do some research and you’ll find their prices are steadily rising. This version in particular (FRP 5-2) is exceedingly rare, you wont even find it on Discogs. This album is a Jazz masterpiece, and no collection would be complete without it. Heres your chance at obtaining a pristine rare Japanese repress. $OLD
      ⭐Art Blakey Quintet - A Night At Birdland Vol 1 (Mono) - Blue Note - Japanese King pressing 1978 (GXK-8099M) VG+/NM (no OBI, with liner notes in Japanese). Record looks and plays like its brand new. Clean and jet black glossy, quiet wax with no imperfections visible/audible. Sleeve has some minor staining and shelf wear (see pics). King pressings are well known for their immaculate, quiet vinyl and amazing sound quality. Do some research and you’ll find their prices are steadily rising. This is a rare mono version of this amazing live performance, featuring legendary artists such as Horace Silver, and Lou Donaldson.  $OLD
      Brown & Roach Incorporated - Brown & Roach Incorporated (Mono) - Japan Mercury 1974 (BT 1328) VG+/VG (no OBI, liner notes). Clifford Brown and Max Roach. Two legends, in a studio, riffing off each other. Some mind blowing chops on this one. Shiny vinyl looks mint, but plays with a little noise intermittently, hence the VG rating. $OLD
      Charles Mingus - Mingus Dynasty (Stereo) - Japan CBS/Sony 1973 (SOPZ 28) NM/NM (no OBI, with inner sleeve and liner notes). Sleeve is still in shrink. A good example of post bop done right. Mingus was a phenomenal double bassist, and is supported by a stellar lineup here. $OLD
      ⭐The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out (Stereo) - Japan CBS/Sony 1974 (SOPM150) VG/VG+ (no OBI, with insert). A classic album, accessible cool jazz at its finest. Age-related brown staining of cover on front and back, and minor creasing at corners (see pics). Vinyl looks clean and glossy, with some fine, non feel-able scratches. Plays well with no skips. Some crackles and pops, only audible through quieter/silent passages. $OLD
      The Dave Brubeck Quartet - 25th Anniversary Reunion (Stereo) - Japan Horizon/King 1977 (GP3514) NM/NM. Beautiful gatefold sleeve, in close to new condition. Vinyl looks glossy and new. Quiet pressing. Really well recorded/mastered live concert with the quartet playing the classics. $OLD
      ⭐John Coltrane - Live at the Village Vanguard Again! (Stereo) - Impulse! - US 1968 (AS9124) NM/NM. Again, thick and glossy gatefold sleeve, in close to new condition. Vinyl looks waxy and new, and plays through with no noise. Sounds like you’re there with the audience, very well recorded live performance. Overall amazing condition. $OLD
      Sonny Clark - Cool Struttin' (Stereo) - Blue Note - Europe DOL 2015 (DOL834H) NM/NM. In close to new condition. Only played once. Clean, flat, thick 180g wax. Yes its a modern digital transfer, but the price reflects this. No better gateway drug into Blue Note goodness. Amazing hard bop, one of my favourites. $OLD
      Sonny Rollins Quartet - Tenor Madness (Stereo) - Europe DOL 2015 (DOL871H) NM/NM. In close to new condition. Only played once. Again, a digital transfer, but so affordable. Monster album for the hard bop tenor sax fan. $OLD
      Terumasa Hino - Trans-blue (Stereo) - Japan CBS/Sony 1985 (28AH 1835) NM/NM. Lovely group of jazz standards, performed with the backing of a full set of strings. Vinyl looks clean, and plays with no issue. $OLD
      Chaka Khan / Freddie Hubbard / Joe Henderson / Chick Corea / Stanley Clarke / Lenny White - Echoes of an Era (Stereo) - Japan Elektra 1982 (P-11138) VG/NM. What a line up! Amazing vocal jazz. Chaka Khan is a powerhouse. Fingerprints/marks on the cover (more obvious against the gold). Gatefold. Glossy clean vinyl otherwise. $OLD
      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 
      I actually have quite a few more to sell, so keep an eye out for more posts from me this week!









    • By ChrisHooton
      Location: CARINGBAH NSW 
      Price: $700
      Item Condition: VG/EX
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Up for grabs is this pretty rare , awesome ORIGINAL PINK FLOYD VINYL BOX SET. 10lps , 2 of which are double Lps. 
      Outer Box has a few bumps and corner splits (repaired) but the VINYL itself seems to be in pretty much unplayed condition. To be honest I think you’d find it hard to find one with vinyl in better condition than this 
      Looking for $700 
      $50 of the sale will go to SNA
      Listed elsewhere so get in quick as I don’t think it’ll last 
      Cash or PayPal payment is fine 
      I can post anywhere at buyers expense
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By candyflip
      * Item full name and model etc. ...see below for individual details
      * Location ... Melbourne
      * Item condition description ... varies as detailed below (Standard SNA/Goldmine gradings)
      * Price and price conditions ...as specified below
      * Reason for selling ... latest finds
      * Payment/delivery Methods:  NO PICKUPS SORRY - mail only.

      Bank transfers, or PayPal (Friends & Family only, no notes) are both welcome.
              Once all sold (or near to), a donation to SNA of 5% of items total will follow.
              Any titles here get brand new inner and/or outer sleeves as needed before shipping.
              I try and ship 3-4 days a week.
             I fully guarantee everything I offer  - if you don't like any item for whatever reason, return it at my expense, no questions asked (verified 30 day+ active Forum members only thanks)..
             Original contents are stored inside the cover. I try to ship all records themselves outside the cover, so any postal damage is minimised.
             I use new & s/hand pre-made cardboard mailers for all orders, and these virtually guarantee safe arrival of your record (they are also MUCH faster to pack).
             Combined postage to anywhere in Australia at cost (or close enough) and is EXTRA (ie. not included in prices). 
            ABSOLUTELY NO LOCAL PICKUPS - don't ask - it's not going to happen.
      I just don't have the time, sorry. I'm barely at home as it is though, and have no wish to be here waiting around for hours at a time.
      Lastly - I'm not a shop. There are no credit card facilities and this is not my full-time job (though sometimes it feels like it might be!).  It's a hobby we all love, where I will try to make sure that *everyone* wins. 
      Complain to me loudly if anything goes wrong (although it barely ever does) - and it'll be fixed, in your favour. 
       Post in this thread  to reserve your item(s).
      NB:  CONSERVATIVE GRADING… cover first / record grade 2nd
      OG = 'OriGinal pressing'
      OIS = 'Original Inner Sleeve'
      320/RL/MASTERDISK = refers to mastering engineer(s) initials for tracking who mastered what, where and when.

      Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms – US 1995 double MASTERDISK 'RL' mastered (9 25264-1) VG/VG+. The cover is great but for some bumped corners, a little rubbing bottom edge front, some small dirty marks along the spine and a 3cm tear on the spine itself. The OIS is clean, whole and looking good. The wax, though marked, plays beautifully without noise except between tracks and given an ultrasonic clean (I haven't' cleaned this one), it should be near-perfect.  $35
      Alice Coltrane - A Monastic Trio - US 2014 gatefold reissue VINYL LP (B0019962-01) NM/VG++. Looks brand new, and plays like it. Wonderful gatefold in thick card stock. Fantastic record that is very clean and jet black glossy wax with only light imperfections visible under very strong overhead light.   $25

      Sade - Promise - 1985 US repress in factory shrink (FR 40263) VG++/NM. Remarkable copy still in 98% factory shrink, a sticker residue top right on shrink, and the hype sticker intact also on shrink top right front. Else little to no wear anywhere, the OIS fantastic, and the wax as fresh as a new copy. Superb.  $40

      Bert Jansch – Rosemary Jane – US OG 1971 Pittman press (Reprise 6455) VG+/VG++. Good cover with some age wear to colour, slight ringing, but otherwise textured sleeve looks really good. Paper OIS is crinkled, but there and whole. Wax has some light hairlines under overhead lights, but plays great throughout, typical of this age wax. An ultra sonic treatment could make this perfect I suspect, but it's pretty remarkable sounding now.  $30

      Genesis – Nursery Cryme – 1971 German pressed ‘320’ mastering in gatefold (6369 916) VG+/VG+. Awesome original cover with only light edgewear to be found, little nick out of top right front corner. Original German store price sticker in place top right front. Gatefold inside is very clean. Back has nothing to mention. Plain white paper inner. Wax is marked around the deadwax and rim only - music sections are all beautiful.  $40

      Genesis – Trespass – German 70’s reissue press ‘320’ mastering  Laminated Gatefold, Large Mad Hatter Labels (6369 905) VG+/VG+. Cover is fantastic back and front, only tiniest edge wrinkles but 99% of the laminate is as it was created. Price sticker top right front. Inside gatefold is browning and spotting now, else clean and straight. Plain white paper OIS and suspect it's original. The wax is glossy, deep black and has just edge markings to be seen.   $35

      Alice Coltrane - Universal Consciousness - US 2015 gatefold VINYL LP reissue (B0020980-01) VG++/VG++.  First time vinyl reissue.  Originally release on Impulse! in 1971, Coltrane's transcendent album explores organ and strings for the first time, effectively dissolving the line between free jazz and new age music.  Great cover with just slight corner bump bottom right front, else as new. Wax is also almost unplayed - close to new. 
      Matrix / Runout (Side A): SV-070-A
      Matrix / Runout (Side B): SV-070-B
      Rolling Stones – Tattoo You – US OG double MASTERDISK 'RL' in factory shrink (COC 16052) VG++/NM. In 98% of original tight factory shrink, original price sticker top right front cover (on shrink), and hype sticker just below it looking fantastic, also w/ brilliant condition hard cardboard OIS with no wear. Slight wear to corners of cover under shrink, and at opening, else the spine is completely legible and the rest like new. Wax looks near new and plays like it, with that famous Ludwig mastering driving it through - superb sound.  $50
      Genesis – Selling England By The Pound – UK late 70’s pressing on Charisma 'Mad Hatter' labels w/OIS (CAS 1074) VG++/NM. Just gorgeous cover with only lightest marks, no rings front or back, very clean. Insert is really nice and clean. Poly lined inner sleeve is somewhat aged and off-white, but complete and very good indeed. The wax is absolutely superb and could have been cut yesterday.  $40
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