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Foam panels on back wall

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On 10/02/2018 at 11:41 PM, almikel said:

Hi Mr G,

I would expect that slap echo performance has improved markedly, same for voice intelligibility when the room is full of people?




Yes I can definitely tell the difference, I don't have any before and after test measurements but I'm happy with the improvements.


It is not a dedicated room so I can't do much else. To improve further i'd have to put some panels on the ceiling (never going to happen).


I still have some empty space at the back below the 3 panels and to the back side wall, will probably put some shelves or a cabinet there so may have some further improvements to acoustics.

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22 minutes ago, JPete9 said:

where do you buy these in melb? @Mr_Gadget

Directly from their website. I recommend emailed them with any questions. Phil was very helpful and responds quickly.

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