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EXPIRED: FS: Brinkmann Bardo Direct Drive TT - EOFY SALE

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Item: Brinkmann Bardo Direct Drive TT Performance Edition
Location: Melbourne
Price: $10,000 RRP, $7500 EOFY SALE
Item Condition: As new but ex-display
Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer
Extra Info: This is the Performance edition of the Brinkmann Bardo with the upgraded power supply. Turntable only, without arm and cart. Various arms and carts are also available, please PM for package deal.


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Thanks for posting


Does it come with an arm board and what is it suitable for


can you show actual unit rather than advert photo :)

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Hi Calax,


Yes, it comes with an arm board that previously had a Jelco 750E mounted (as shown in the photo).


The photo shown was actually taken in our studio and is of the same unit :)


The cart shown in the pic is an Acoustical Systems Archon and the headshell is also by Acoustical Systems, called the Arche:









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This commercial offer has now expired.

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    • By beark
      Item: Brinkmann Marconi 
      Location:Sydney (Hillsdale)
      Price: $8000 + postage 
      Item Condition:excellent 
      Reason for selling: financial 
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, 
      Extra Info:
       Silver Linestage with remote, hybrid, balanced design tube life 10 yrs 6 inputs with  granite base .
      Line stage »Marconi«  

      A line stage has three duties. First, it switches the various sources. Second, it controls the playback volume. And third, it conditions the signal in such a manner that even long runs of cable between line stage and power amp will not have an influence on the sound. The most important of course being that the preamp has as little as possible – ideally none – influence on the signal's musical integrity.  

      As usual for Brinkmann, we didn't accept any compromises when developing the »Marconi«. The volume control, for instance, is purely electronic andworks in two planes. First, the sensitivity of each of the six inputs (two of them balanced) can be adjusted individually and saved, thus eliminating the obnoxious jumps in volume when switching between sources. Second, the “actual” volume control consists of a motorized potentiometer that can be operated either remotely or with the knob on the front plate. This potentiometer digitally controls ICs which in turn adjust the playback volume passively with discrete resistors in precise steps of 0.5 dB. The utmost immunity against any influences can only be achieved with balanced signal processing. Which means that for a stereo preamp, four complete amplifiers are required since the signal is processed both in phase aswell aswith a 180 degree phase shift.  
      Since components and external interferences influence the in- and the out-of-phase signal to the same degree, they can be eliminated at the input of the power amplifier by means of a circuit that only amplifies the differences between the two signals (i.e. the music), but not what they have in common (i.e. the interferences). This immunity of influences alone in our opinion justifies the doubled parts count and complexity. We use a vacuum tube phase inverter stage. And it's not for nostalgic reasons that we rely on tubes – it's because they operate (practically) without delay and thus guarantee an inverted signal that is perfectly in sync with its non-inverted counterpart. The tubes sit in two large side-mounted heat sinks and can thus dissipate their heat without many obstacles in the way. The remote control allows the selection of the inputs, controls the volume (including mute) and allows the switching of the absolute phase of the signal. The display on the front panel informs about the selected input, its level and the absolute phase. 

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      I want to take you back to a more peaceful time, a time when there were no arguments as to the merits of analogue or digital . A time long, long ago when a discussion regarding digital involved a visit to the doctor’s.  A time before CD players, silver discs, and high resolution when compression was something relating to engine specifications. A time when Dacs only came as a pair and were something you wore. A time when concerts where held and the entry fee was a round black disc which, when spun relative to a sharp object, spluttered out a revolting sound some referred to as Disco.
      This is the time when my Journey began - remembering always in motion is the future. In the early ‘70s I developed a love of music founded on listening to my parents’ quadraphonic record-based system. I started down the path of developing my own system in my very early twenties (now over 30 years ago  ).
      With both limited funds and limited access to information I called on a friend who was, at the time, working for AWA, then the distributors for Denon. With decent discounts I put together a basic system consisting of a Denon DRA 550 receiver, a Denon DP 30 L ii turntable and Bose 201 speakers. After living with this system for 18 months the promise of Perfect Sound Forever landed on the Australian continent and I just had to own a slice of this new digital technology. This system stayed with me for about a decade and brought me great pleasure in that time.
      After a few trips to the Australian Hifi show (http://www.vacuumequipment.com.au/vacuum-equipment-articles/1987/6/17/sounds-like-the-best-in-sophisticated-audio/), then held at the Sydney Airport Hilton, I was inspired to “upgrade†(code for part with more money than I could once again afford).
      For the next step in my journey I started afresh with Mission 753F speakers, a Marantz CD67se player and a Yamaha RX-V2095 receiver for both home theatre and two-channel duties.
      In 1997 the home theatre bug bit even harder and I added a Kenwood DVD player, Sharp projector, and M&K subwoofer.
      Time passed but itchy feet and fatter wallet got the better of me and a handful of years later I added a Musical Fidelity KW550 two channel amp. It was around this point in time that I discovered SNA–yes, Marc has a Hell of a lot to answer for!
      I started looking for speakers within a budget of $20k. After lots (and lots) of auditioning my short-list was narrowed down to a choice between the SGR Audio CX4F active speakers and a second-hand pair of Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy 8s. After flying between Sydney and Melbourne three times I was surprised, but convinced, that the SGRs where more to my liking. With the SGR Audio CX4Fs and matching CX3C centre speaker settled in at home I sold off my Musical Fidelity KW550. To this day I still cannot believe the huge sonic step up for such a modest out-of-pocket investment. Next I compared the two-channel preamplifier section of my home theatre receiver (by this stage the Yamaha had been replaced with a Denon AVR 4308) with dedicated two channel preamps and decided that I must have the latter. After having three or four preamps in and out of my system I have settled on a Herron VTSP-3 preamp and for the digital front end I upgraded my Marantz CD67se to a Cyrus CD8se with PSXR.
      A wave of nostalgia then struck and I was bitten by the vinyl bug. Over the past three years I have had as many different turntables in my system; to quote Yoda once again, “hard to see the dark side is.†After a recent relationship with a hot-rodded VPI TNT with JMW 12.5 arm I have landed on a Brinkmann Bardo direct drive turntable with Brinkmann Audio 10.5 tonearm. I am not even sure if landed is the right word here since I am still floating on cloud nine. All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW! 
      “Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will...â€
      So to summarise the journey to this point I have arrived at a system comprising:
      SGR Audio CX4F Active Loudspeakers Herron VTSP-3 Linestage Preamplifier Cyrus CD8se CD Player with PSXR Power Supply Brinkmann Audio Bardo Direct Drive Turntable Brinkmann  Audio 10.5 Tonearm ZYX Airy 3x Moving Coil Phono Cartridge Kylne 6PX-3.5 Phono Preamplifier SGR Audio/van den Hul interconnects  
      In all of this I must acknowledge the unmatched service and advice I have received from the entire SGR Audio family and SNA member Young Skywalker, both as a valued friend and later in his professional capacity as the Sydney representative for Audio Fidelity Australia. These passionate people have gone above and beyond the call of duty more times than I can recall, whether it be recommending or setting up a component which l did not purchase from them or with their after-sales service relating to SGR Audio active speakers and Brinkmann Audio analogue equipment. I cannot thank them enough; they are a credit to themselves and the companies they represent here in Australia.
      Am I finished with my audio journey? I think the answer is yes, at least in a few areas, namely the analogue front end, preamp, and cables. I don’t think I have finished with the digital chapter or reached my personal end-game of active speakers just yet. Both of the current components bring me much joy and it will require a financial outlay which is multiples of the cost of each to improve but I can see a clear future path within my budget. Balancing all of life’s callings means that I have to timeline the changes so the plan is: new digital front end for Christmas 2013 and an upgrade of the speakers for Christmas 2014 (the Brinkmann Bardo and 10.5 tonearm was my Christmas present for 2012). I must say that I will be content even if neither plan comes to fruition since both the SGR Audio CX4Fs and Cyrus CD player deliver so much performance for the dollars. I know that I do not have the ultimate high end system, but I have a house filled regularly with joyous music and I am continually astounded by both the quality and the happiness it brings me.
      “Already know you that which you need.â€
      All I can say is enjoy your journey for...
      “When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not ehh.â€
      Some photos below of some of my current system: