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FS: 9 shelf black Hi-Fi rack

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Item: Lack HiFi rack
Location: Williamstown, Vic
Price: $100 OBO
Item Condition: Very good
Reason for selling: Upgrade
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash
Extra Info:

I built this HiFi rack as an experiment to see if I could build something that sonically improved on what I had, and ofcourse house all of my equipment. Did quite a bit of research and decided to build this rack from Ikea Lack tables for several reasons:


Looks like a professionally finished product - didn't want my lounge room dominated by a DIY hack rack

Economical to build

Didn't need any special woodworking tools to build and finish

Low mass composition of legs and tables does not store energy/not prone to vibration


Last couple of images of light version of table probably show the way they look a bit better than my photos, and come from the forum post that inspired me to build this. Black spikes are under the bottom shelf and are strong steel. Black and silver spikes come with locking nuts (so you can level shelves) and silver spikes with feet/receptacles so that shelf below is not pierced/damaged


I sourced the steel black/metal silver spikes online. Cut pine to the exact size needed to finish the bottom of each leg, glued and nailed in place, so I could set the silver spikes into solid wood. Drilled holes slightly larger for the bottom black spikes, and screwed in the black spike receptacle - tables are re-inforced in those sections to take large double ended screws which are used to fasten the legs to the table top - very simple but strong way to fix the legs to the table, and my black spikes to the bases. I used blu-tack to hold the spike cups in place so that the shelves wouldn't be damaged.


Bottom shelves handled monoblock power amps of over 30kg each (not what is pictured).


Shelves are all in good condition.


External width/depth of each self 55cm

Internal width between legs 44.5cm

Vertical space of middle shelf including spikes 25cm

Vertical space of bottom shelf including spikes 30cm

Each shelf is 5cm thick


Cost really is to cover my work and expense with the spikes, and I have 1 or 2 spare Ikea tables still in wrapping, unused, just incase I needed to build additional shelves, which buyer can have.


Shelves are bubble wrapped and ready to pick up.




IMG_7107 copy.jpg

IMG_7114 copy.jpg

IMG_7120 copy.jpg







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