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Item: KEF Egg Active Wireless Digital Music System / Speakers
Location: SAVI Systems Showroom, 1168 Albany Hwy, Bentley, W.A.
Price: $695
Item Condition: Brand New - Mint in Box
Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Paypal, Cash - Pickup in store, Visa, Mastercard with no fees or penalties
Extra Info: 


As more people aim to keep their room looking neat, but the tunes flowing... KEF has an awesome answer. Enter the compact, active desktop type speaker system - the KEF Egg.
The famous KEF egg shape has been implemented for this fresh take on what a compact speaker system can achieve.The EGG Wireless Digital Music System gives pure, clear KEF quality sound for your TV (via Optical) and laptop (via USB or Bluetooth) with wireless streaming for your mobile devices via Bluetooth (Apt-X).



For enjoying high resolution sound from virtually any source, the new active KEF EGG wireless digital music system gives music lovers a complete audio solution that combines the supremely accurate definition of KEF's latest Uni-Q® driver array with the ability to stream tracks wirelessly via Bluetooth aptX®. 
With an integrated amplifier and in-built DAC, it is possible to enjoy 96kHz/24-bit HiRes audio via the mini USB input from PC or Mac or via the optical digital input. In fact with the provided optical digital connection it is extremely easy to connect the sound output of any T.V. and enjoy all your favourite shows, music videos and movies through these little beauties. The KEF Egg system  fulfils nearly every requirement for a flexible, compact, high resolution sound system - and looks stylish and classy while doing so. 

KEF Eggs TV Sound - SAVI Systems Perth

The Eggs are heavy little speakers, a fact owed to their stout, anti-resonant cabinets and premium components inside. Outside, each speaker sports a matte finish (available in white, blue and black) that looks classy and should stay that way since they buck fingerprints so well. Even the unusually heavy remote control exudes an air of class.

Well balanced, articulate and easy on the ear, the KEF is a delightful performer. It tickles out plenty of top-end detail, while the solid mid-range and bass gel everything together.
What’s is perhaps most impressive is how the UniQ drivers project music as a seamless, cohesive whole. It’s perfectly balanced, never allowing one frequency band to overpower another – every element is granted the space and time to make itself heard. That’s testament to the KEF’s impressive transparency.
KEF says these new eggs are the most “sophisticated and acoustically accomplished version” of the speaker. The tweeter is internally vented to prevent potentially distorting high pressures from building up behind the dome. The tangerine-shaped waveguide position in front of the tweeter helps disperse the sound spherically for wider and more even dispersion. The ‘Z-flex’ cone surround around the mid/bass diaphragm limits secondary radiation. The midrange cone is made of aluminium to retain stiffness, and there’s also a damping ring to control resonances.

KEF Egg Digital Music Speakers - SAVI Systems Perth

The two KEF Eggs look identical at a glance, but this is actually a master-slave system. One does the heavy lifting and passes information to the other.
All the processing takes place in the foot of the master unit, which features a mains input (external power brick, not figure-of-eight cable), mini USB input and an output for connecting to the slave unit, plus a subwoofer output for (optionally) adding lower frequencies later.

Part of the excitement the Egg imparts is the unexpected scale of its soundstage and the brilliant effect of its stereo separation. It is excels in almost every aspect at which even the most advanced one-box speakers fail. And underscoring it all is KEF’s unmistakable, impeccable sound signature.



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      The audition shows that it is very excellent in identifying ability for the middle and high frequency in the music; the timbre is exquisite and smooth just like feeling silk and satin. Especially, the character of the middle frequency is minuteness and thick, It in very good in power and elasticity of both middle and low frequency without any tight and stiff sense. Timbre is more noble, magnificent, graceful and elegant. The equilibrium sense is natural in the whole audition field.
      Kimber Kable Select KS1020 RCA Interconnect Cables
      Supra USB2.0 Cable
      Luminous Audio Synchestra Silver Speaker Cables
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      Item: KEF Concerto Speakers with upgraded falcon crossovers
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      Item Condition: Very Good
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      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      KEF Concerto Speakers
      All drivers & tweeters working beautifully.
      Lovely sounding iconic speaker.
      Easy to drive, great value (and going up in value).
      With Original and Upgraded Falcon Acoustics crossovers (the more expensive ones)
      see link:
      Covers and speaker cable spade kit included. 
      Very good condition over all for their age
      Some scuffs, marks, chips etc
      Pick up Footscray area 3011