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FS: Oppo BDP 105 Blu Ray Player with Pro Mod

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Item: Oppo BDP 105 Audiophile Blu Ray Player with Pro Mod
Location: Canberra
Price: $950 ONO
Item Condition: Very good with boxes for shipping.
Reason for selling: Moving to 4K player.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3%, COD Only
Extra Info: Needs no introduction. Best value for money audiophile universal media player. Used for up scaling of set top box and occasional music and Blu-ray viewing. Never any issues. Solid unit. Great DAC, Network streamer and universal player.

Will post at buyers expense.



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5 minutes ago, alcarp said:

What is the pro mod?


It involves a less convoluted flipping around with codes to engage region selection :)

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How old is it lefty ? That's a great price .

Sent from my SM-T113 using Tapatalk

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    • By upuln
      Item: Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 with Remote Control (Sabre reference 9018 DAC Chip) - Made in USA 
      Location: Brisbane (bayside)
      Price: 550 + Shipping
      Item Condition:  Used but in mint conditions and working well with no issues.
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal (Buyer to pay fees)
      Extra Info:
      USA made, with volume control (can be used as a pre-amp) and Sabre reference 9018 DAC which is known for warmer sound. I have had many DACs in the past and this one replaced NAD M51. Sound quality is very smooth / warmer and another level from NAD M51. 

      HT bypass analogue RCA input.

      6 Digital inputs (I2S, AES/EBU, 2 Toslink, 2 Coax)

      One USB input (May not work with Windows 10 though)

      Analogue Stereo output (Balanced and RCA)

      Remote Control


      Design Features

      Perfection takes time, and the time is now.  The DAC-2 is finally here!  There are many contributions which make the DAC-2 an industry leading DAC.  A big thanks goes out to ESS for the implementation of the finest DAC chip on the market, the Sabre reference 9018 DAC.  The DAC-2 can process signals up to 32 bits in length, and 200 kHz in sampling frequency through the coax digital inputs.  Because of the limitations of Optical transmission, only 176.4kHz has proven to be reliable through the TOSLINK inputs.  You will find that some optical inputs will operate at rates up to 192 kHz, but is not guaranteed.  The USB input will process signals up to 24 bit in length, and sample rates up to 192 kHz.  The heart and soul of the DAC-2 uses the 8ch ESS chip in quad-differential mode meaning that there are actually 4 differential D-A conversion circuits for each channel in parallel.  This greatly helps achieve the spectacular S/N ratio and output drive capability.

      Each of the Coax inputs are transformer coupled to isolate the source while maintaining proper loading.   To ensure that the lowest input signal level will satisfy the digital conversion engine, the signals also pass through TTL buffers to maintain consistent signal integrity.  To simplify input selection, the ESS chip is also used as the receiver chip and performs all the signal selection and routing.   Automatic signal up-sampling is done internally to keep output filtering to a minimum, and is a crucial part of the jitter elimination.  To ensure source immunity, the time domain jitter elimination is executed as the signal enters the DAC chip by re-clocking to the desired rate selected by the ESS chip.

      With an oversized toroid, more than 115,000uF of capacitance, 3 stages of filtering and 13 regulation points, the power-supply in the DAC-2 is surely overbuilt.  The analog output stages are powered by a separate power-supply to ensure isolation from the digital front-end.  House-keeping voltages also use separate supplies to guarantee minimal supply contamination.  The digital board is supplied with 7 out of the 13 dedicated regulators to ensure tight tolerances, and consistent power delivery.

      The best part of the DAC-2 is the proprietary discrete output stages which represent the beginning of the analog generation.  You will quickly find why W4S spent so much time developing the cleanest, most transparent, and natural sounding output stage.  Instead of choosing the simple path like many others, we took the “dirt road” and it paid off big time.  Our grain-free sound stage reproduction is the product of our discrete dual-differential FET input amplifier stage which uses all Dale RN55d resistors for precise control.  Because of the dual differential circuits, the completely balanced signal offers balanced and unbalanced outputs which both take advantage of common-mode rejection.

      To complete the package, we decided to connect a 2 line display for easy verification of input selection, sample rate, and volume level. You will notice that when the DAC is locked onto a signal, the sample rate will be shown, when the signal is lost, the sample rate will read as ----.  The up and down buttons on either side of the power button will allow for input and volume control up and down scrolling.  From the front panel, you can toggle between volume and input selection by quickly pressing the power button.   If you push and hold the power button in either input or volume mode, the DAC will power down.  When the unit is off, you can quickly tap the power button to bring the unit back to life.

      Comes with fully functional Remote and Power Code. No original packing but will be packed safely for shipping if required.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By Evil Donald
      Item: TeddyPardo TeddyDAC
      Location: Sydney Inner West
      Price: $500
      Item Condition: Good condition
      Reason for selling: Trying a more integrated approach 
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      -Reduced Price-
      The TeddyDAC is a well-respected digital-to-analog converter for digital sources such as CD players, media streamers or computers.
      I've had this working with a Mac mini and Wadia iPhone transport and it has performed excellently.
      Loads of favourable reviews on-line.
      This unit comes with a power cable but no box or cables.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By gyro
      Item: Denafrips Terminator DAC
      Location: Sunshine Coast QLD
      Price: $5,500
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: Upgraded, no longer used
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Transferable warranty.  Original double box/packaging. No power cord.
      Black Termie in excellent condition. Willing to post within Australia only, at buyers expense.
      Just over 12 months old. Warranty transferable ( I need to notify Alvin at Vinshine to let him know the new owners details).
      Genuine reason for sale - upgraded to a DAC costing over 3 times the price of the Termie.   The Termie is such a wonderful sounding DAC and a bargain both in terms of sound and build quality. I could have EASILY  stayed with it but an opportunity to get the other DAC arose and I just couldn't resist.
      Add PayPal fee (if not paying via family etc).
      Double boxed 56cm x 60 x 26. It should be just under the 22kg max allowed by Aust Post but I'll have to check.

    • By Snoopy8
      Been going through the Gieseler DAC threads to dig up owners’ reviews & impressions over the past 2 few years.  Together, they provided an impressive picture of how well Clay has made his DACs and has lead me to consider  purchase the upcoming Groß DAC with balanced outputs.   
      Fein II Reviews & Impressions
      helland 28 Mar 19 
      RussB 14 Apr 19 compared with Gross Dac with gold tuned PSU
      Snoopy8 14 Apr 19 compared with Gross Dac with gold tuned PSU
      Galatic Soap 30 Jul 19 compared with Chord Hugo TT2 + BluMk2
      Max Headroom 30 Jul 19 compared with Chord Hugo TT2 + MScaler
      andrewyuri 2 Aug 19 compared with Chord 2Qute
      Klein III Reviews & Impressions
      pnes_nv 20 Oct 18 compared with Arcam irDac II
      pete_mac 10 Nov 18 compared with Klein
      DrSK 11 Dec 18 compared with Oppo 205
      Snrub 8 Mar 19 compared with Audiolab M-Dac
      lenticularis 4 Sep 19 compared with Modi 3
      Groß (Gross) Reviews & Impressions
      illbarto 18 Sep 17 compared with Klein II
      Snoopy8  5 Oct 17 compared with Audiolab 8200CDQ, 13 May 18  compared with Chord 2Qute, PS Audio Direct Stream jnr
      BAM 6 Oct 17 compared with PSAudio Directstream
      bhobba 28 Nov 17, 22 Jan 18 compared with PSAudio Directstream
      Ancientflatulence 15 Dec 17
      Suopermanni 23 Dec 17 compared with Gungnir Multibit
      Bill125812 18 Jan 18 compared with PS Audio Nu Wave
      scumbag  18 Jan 18 compared with PS Audio Direct Stream jnr
      RussB 23 Feb 18, 8 Apr 18 compared with Klein, Chord Qutest
      Mattw 4 Mar 18 6 Mar 18 14 Mar 18 compared with Starting Point Systems DAC3
      Mike13 6 Mar 13 compared with Chord 2Qute, 13 May 18 compared with 2Qute, PS Audio Direct Stream jnr
      Francisco 8 Mar 18
      Stereophilus 11 Mar 18 compared with Mola Mola Makua, PSAudio Directstream, Chord DAVE
      Assisi 11 Mar 18 compared with Mola Mola Makua
      Rosco8 24 Mar 18 compared with Cayin (Valve/SS),  ARCAM-II DAC II
      Bunno77 26 Mar 18 compared with Geek Pulse S Infinity
      Rawl99 2 Apr 18 compared with Killer
      rmpfyf 2 Apr 18 compared with Killer
      Conch 16 Apr 18 compared with Klein II, Chord 2qute, Accuphase Dac50
      Max Headroom 10 May 18, 13 May 2018 compared with Chord 2Qute, PS Audio Direct Stream jnr
      buddyev 31 Oct 18 compared with Topping D50
      lemarguis 10 Jul 19 compared with Klein II
      Pkay 23 Jul 19 compared with Chord Qutest + Mscaler
      Konverter Reviews & Impressions
      (Has pre-amp as well)
      ~Spyne~ 29 Apr 17
       Woadl 13 Jun 17 compared with Auralic Vega

      Klein II Reviews & Impressions
       Andrewyuri 1 May 16 compared with Klein
       Jonny 31 Jul 16 compared with Antelope Gold
      Klein Reviews & Impressions
       GPK 17 Jun 15
       Bill125812 28 Jun 15 compared with NAD M51
       naggots  29 Jun 15
       rambada 7 Aug 15
       matt200sr 10 Aug 15
       naggots 21 Sep 15 on SE version
       scumbag 16 Oct 15 compared with MyDac
       joz 29 Oct 15
       pete_mac 5 Nov 15 compared with audio-gd DAC16DSP
       pop9745 25 Nov 15 compared with Chord Hugo, Resonessence Labs Concero HD, and Ifi
       betocool 1 Dec 15
       woadl 1 Dec 15
       andrewyuri 13 Apr 16 compared with Arcam irDac, Nad M51 
      Jventer 15 May 16 compared with PSAudio Directstream
       NcA 27 May 16
       Tellmidd 16 Jul 16
       Powerav 15 Oct 16
       Zypr 16 Jan 17
      Terry0 11 Mar 18 compared with Oppo 205, Bluesound Node2
      Please post if corrections, additions required…
    • By stuj
      Item: OPPO HA-2 portable headphone amplifier
      Location: Sydney
      Price: $200  ($10 Australia wide shipping) with donation to Stereonet on sale 
      Item Condition:
      Reason for selling: NLR don’t need a mobile setup anymore
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, (+3%) COD Only
      Extra Info:
       Second owner here but well looked after had only used a few times then not needed so has been in a drawer for a while.
      there is a slight mark on the leather case which was due to the previous owner connecting the device to the phone with some tape.
      Have all the cables and charger however no original box.


      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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