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Hans Zimmer Melbourne 4 May 2017

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Hans Zimmer brought his band accompanied by local musicians and choir to the Rod Laver arena.  For 3 hours, he lead the group through a number of his famous soundtracks, played a variety of instruments, confessed his stage fright and regaled the audience with various non sequiturs.  It was an amazing performance, full of pulsating energy.  There were at least 3 percussionists with Zimmer himself taking to the drums at one stage, giving a visceral taste of his music.  Different members of his band showcased their incredible talents in different pieces.  Too many "Oh Wow" moments,  


Zimmer talked about Ridley Scott asking him to do the soundtrack for Gladiators, his wife commenting "Boys playing" and Zimmer bringing in Lisa Gerrard to give a feminine soul to the music.  Then introducing her to the stage.


Introducing his 'brother' Lebo M, the original singer of the Circle of Life in Lion King.


Paying tribute to the energy of Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight.


Playing music from Interstellar, including the haunting Docking scene.


For the encore, he and Tina Guo (on electric bass) led the end theme from Inception (Time).


It is such a rare treat to watch an amazing soundtrack composer perform live on stage, let alone a performance which still reverberates in the head long after we left the stadium. 







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Hey there,

Was also blown away on Thursday night. I was wondering if you or anyone knew which choir performed?

I didn't get a chance to get a look at the programme.


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