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Noise cancelling headphone Q?'s (mostly for travel)

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I love my QC25s. Waaay better than my Senn 450s. I use them all the time when on a trip not just on flights but hanging around hotel or resort just chilling. 

In fact im in my hotel room looking out onto the Savaii north coast listening to Beth Orton on my QC25s as i write this. 

I use a Astell & Kern jr as my source playing WAV which is a huge step up from my Samsung S7 or my ex iphone. 

I have a pair of Etymotics that are grest for the gym but no good for travel. 

I use my QC25s at home occasionally when doing the grocery shopping or chilling in a cafe. Great way to block the world out. 

Senn 450s were never great and now the internal switch is faulty so often gets stuck on one channel. This started under warranty and even though i mentioned it in writing i was stupid and didnt return them. By the time fault got worse they wouldnt fix them. Paid $25 to send them back and got the same faulty cans back. 

I wont buy Sennheiser again. 




Going to miss you Chris Cornell. Thanks for the music. 


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