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Watched this one last night with the wife on UHD blu-ray.




Again I watched without knowing too much about it. first impressions were, hey this is Mr and Mrs Smith meets Casablanca :D , both also old time favourites of mine. surprised angelina didnt get the gig, though their split probably hasnt helped ! 


But boy what a great movie, done so incredibly well, polished and well made, very much in the style of an old movie in period setting. It comes up STUNNINGLY well in UHD blu-ray that it was shot on 6k and 8k and had a 4K mastering has probably helped. but it came across looking very lovely. Captured the sumptuousness of dresses, clothes things like all the textures on things. And same with outdoor scenes e.g. london, country uk look just gorgeous. Audio wise its disappointingly it doesnt have a 3D audio track but neural X post processing on the dts-hdma sound track does a pretty good job with planes passing over head and bullets flying around and such. quite an impact the audio has as well.


The movie itself has quite a steady pace and flows nicely wiht a good mix of romance, intrigue and espionage. Marion Cotilard as Brads support does an amazing job in ways I feel is perhaps the star of this movie in her playing of her role.


Great movie very enjoyed by both myself and my wife. I'd give the movie a 4, audio a 4 and picture a 4.5

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10 minutes ago, :) al said:

Audio wise its disappointingly it doesnt have a 3D audio

Unfortunately looks like that is dying a slow death or fast. As usual the video tech gets pushed hard but the audio gets left behind. Just go into Jb HiFi and there are HDR and 4k stickers everywhere but bugger all on the audio side.

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Posted (edited)

I must confessed, I fell asleep on the plane watching it and it got to the end.  

So watched about 20mins in and 1/3 b4 it ended.....  must watch again!  

The media has it that its this movie that split bratgelina.

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