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5 minutes ago, demmauhong said:

Just order few bottle for 6 weeks 😆🗝🔑

Our best thoughts and wishes are with you..... stay strong 🙏🙏🍷🍷

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@Aperalim, listening now. Either the C-3900 is starting to open up or this windows treatment did the wonder?!  Regardless, very positive outcome. Worth’s the efforts. 

note - this is the third night am with this beauty C-3900.., each time can only be for an hour or two at max. There is still much room for improvements to be have....., with her opens up even further....! 🤤

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11 hours ago, demmauhong said:

Just order few bottle for 6 weeks 😆🗝🔑

The lock down is for 6 weeks. Are you sure few bottles can last that long? 

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50 minutes ago, Chanh said:

The lock down is for 6 weeks. Are you sure few bottles can last that long? 

Wife said no single malt, one glass of wine every three day... no beer  but Corona beer once a week... AUDIO NO LIMIT  ⚖️

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    • By Doomguy
      After 7 years my faithful Audio GD NFB 15.32 is dying on me, so I'm looking for a new solution.

      My use case is Windows PC -> DAC/Amp -> Headphones and powered speakers

      I primarily use my speakers over my headphones, probably about a 85/15 split. For what it's worth, speakers are JBL 305p MkII and headphones are Sennheiser HD 58X but both of these are subject to future upgrade, so I don't mind going with something that might seem 'overkill' for this tier of hardware. Features / things that I'm ideally after are;
      Great sound quality / specs for the price Pre-amp control for my speakers Being able to switch between headphone and pre-amp output without unplugging headphones (I'm used to having this with the Audio GD for years now, but I could adjust to not having that feature. I'd just rather not have to 😄) Ideally have multiple inputs (USB, optical, coaxial) Nice build quality Balanced would be kinda cool but really, really not necessary  
      The main unit I've been eyeing is the JDS Labs Element II combo, $400US. I own the atom amp in my turntable set-up so I have the utmost confidence in the sound quality of the unit, and I think the design is very, very sleek and would look beautiful on my desk. They also have a stellar reputation for their post sales support. The only major misgiving I have of it is that it only has USB input. Given that I'm only/primarily using it with my computer, that theoretically shouldn't be a problem, but it's not implausible that I might want to plug a game console into it along with my PC at some point in the future. I think it's just a bit of a bummer that it's single input for the DAC, it's always nice to have the option for other inputs. There is the option to buy the separate dac and amp units instead of the combo unit, but that's an extra $150US, which is too much. 
      Another unit I've seen is the Monoprice Monolith THX combo unit, $499US. It's $100 more than the Element II, but, it has multiple inputs for the DAC and it even has a balanced headphone amp! I do find it annoying that it doesn't have balanced outputs for my speakers, though, which would be cool and seems like a missed opportunity tbh. Only 1 year warranty as well, which doesn't inspire a great deal of confidence at this price.
      At this point I'm just shopping around, but I'd appreciate any pointers or impressions. Thanks in advance!
    • By jdh500
      Item Condition: Used but looks and functions as-new Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is included in price. Suburb or Town: West Ryde, metro Sydney 2114 State: New South Wales Payment Method: Cash on pickup. EFT or Paypal +3% Reason for selling: NLR Further information: 
      Owned both items from new, comes supplied with all original packaging and accessories as shown in photos, both were purchased from Australian retailers .
      This would make either an excellent minimalist system in either a bedroom or home office/study etc. I can consider splitting but this is a great combo that goes together very nicely and provides surprising sound quality and never had a need for a subwoofer, that being said I also have a small compact Definitive Technology Supercube subwoofer I’ll sell as part of a seperate listing.
      pickup preferred or will post at buyers expense. Postage will be around $25 to $30 depending on location etc.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By woadl
      Item: Auralic Aries Femto with Linear Power Supply
      Location: Perth
      Price: $1100
      Item Condition: mint
      Reason for selling: upgrading to G1
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: just love this streamer and now I have the upgrade bug
      can post if you wish at buyer expense , in as new condition.
      plenty of good reviews on the net
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By rensheng
      in my spare time, I like listening to music, so I want to buy a good computer audio, anyone can recommend some to me? thanks in advance
    • By pdcoo7
      Item: See list below
      Location:Mosman 2088
      Price: see below
      Item Condition:
      Reason for selling:
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal as friend, COD Only
      Extra Info:
       1) Gigabyte BXBT-1900 (NUC computer running Vortexbox 2.4, 250GB SSD(M-Sata in adapter ) 2GB DDR3 Memory
      Music left on it if you like  $100

      2) RPI 3 in aluminium casing with internal CPU heat-sink and aluminium feet(Blue tacked on)
      Running Volumio on 8GB. Had this running on mains powerboard USB so RPI and micro power cable only. $70

      3) Cubox i4 Pro (top specs version)   Running Volumio and will include hifimediy sabre usb dac (also as USB/SPDIF converter) and quality Monster cable 3.5mm to stereo RCA  $120

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