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Parasound Halo Integrated vs Music Fidelity M6i

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My search for a decent integrated amp to power my Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grands for music goes on. As some of you may have read I recently demoed the P5 pre and Halo A23 amp and came away very impressed. However I want a integrated with HT bypass. So the Halo Integrated, which I am yet to listen to, sounds like it could be a very good option. I am interstate on the weekend and where I'm heading there is a second hand MF M6i up for sale at roughly half the price of the Halo.


Any thoughts on the two amps? I know the Halo has more bell and whistles then the M6i but thought it worthy of finding out what peoples opinions are on the two amps.


cheers Terry 

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the m6i goes back a long way all way back to the A5 integrated. so a pretty solid design and will be comfortable I can tell you from my own personal experience driving speakers like my own focal utopia divas or B&W 802D series. while I would drive these speakers with the pre pwr version of this amp, the integrated still doesnt break a sweat.


its a clean sound. spritely, not laid back but with a good mid range, and good control on the bass. some aspects that are stand out is expansive sound stage both in width and depth. all these aspects just go to another level again if step up to the pre pwr or upper ranges.


so i would explore without hesitation...


while the m6i can be bargains, check a few things ... grey imports ? if from a previous owner how well looked after is it ? if mis treat and looks beaten about what are chances that not been adequately ventilated and such. these are grunty ! amps and wil dissipate some heat. and yep if been mistreated will got to an early death ! 


the halo integrated very unfortunately costs in this country twice more what it does at home so unless buying 2nd hand or heavily discounted would be at a dis advantaged vs other amps in similar price point. 


as with any amps... I'm a strong believer that the amp and speaker match is a critical one. so unless getting a chance to demo both as combo expect some result that could be hit and miss. have never ever heard either amp with the viennas to comment...

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As mentioned in your speaker post, I went from a musical fidelity a308 to the parasound halo with my viennas. The a308 was a very good amp and the reasons for changing were

1) The a308 had to be manually turned on/off and I got sick of having to get off my couch.

2) The parasound has analogue crossover for the sub.

3) The parasound has an inbuilt dac.


Don't be fooled by the rrp of the parasound. I paid nowhere near retail with no haggling. Having said that, the m6i in the classifieds is pretty hard to beat for value if you like the sound. 



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