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Show your motorcycle ride

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There must be some fellow mad motorcyclists out there, How about we show our two wheeled rides.

I'll start with mine: Classic white 1986 VFR Honda 750.


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Nice bike a friend of mine had one in our riding group during that time.

I will have to scan some old photos to get into this one, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


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Out of all of the bikes that I owned between 1979 and 1989 this will always be my favourite and if my wallet alows one day I would by another over any other in a flash................


The quickest during that time however was this (image not mine) I had a Yoshimura stage three kit added............



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I haven't owned a bike since the mid 70's.

This was my last - A XS1 650 Yamaha that was worked a little and saw off the 750 Hondas of the day.

The bike i wanted was a 900 Kwaka but my budget and my legs would not stretch enough:confused:


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Hey Grumps' classic bike mate, based heavily on the "trumpy's" of the time I beleive?


Yes they copied the Bonneville, but it was a little quicker, more reliable and didn't leak black stuff.

My first bike was a 1958 Triumph Thunderbird - it was slow, not reliable and leaked black stuff:eek:

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Dear All,

I have not had a bike since 1982 when i sold my Greeves Pathfinder 175cc.

I also had prior to that an

ex race Yam rd 350

Matchless 350cc single

2 off BSA Bantams 125cc.

Yesterday went to the Barry Sheene celebration race day at Eastern Creek and now have the I wants.

Trouble is is i will have to go through the whole bike training as i have not ridden a bike since 1995.

But i nice classic Brit would be nice.

or even a beautiful 250 or 350 Ducati Desmo single. Saw some beaut classic bikes yesterday.

I know sell the hifi and buy a bike.:)

regards david

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I use own one of these in my teens paid $600 for it.As if I couldn't get in to enough trouble with in stock form , I rejetted it, replaced the air box set up for a&r filters and a set of flat race bars :).It had the wire spoke wheels.

My mates use to call it the Yamacati. :)

(photo of net)yamaha06062205.jpg

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I don't have a pic of mine, but I currently own a Suzuki SV1000 that looks just like the stock pic I've lined, except with Staintune cans and dirt.

Best bike I've ever owned, and I wouldn't replace it, but I would add a BMW K1200 and/or Yamaha MT01.


Before that I has a BMW R1100S with all the options that some bastard stole. Lovely bike. Same colour as this one.


I nearly swore of pikes after buying a huge POS Yammie FZR1000. I know they're not all like that, but this one was obviously built late on a Friday before a holiday. It doesn't deserve a pic.

Throughout much of the late 80's and early 90's I owned two rides at the same time, a Suzuki GSXR1100J and a Honda VFR400, and no car. They were both exceptional for different reasons. The Gixer had over 350000k's on her when sold (motor went into a speedway car) but I don't know as I didn't have a speedo cable for the last year, so 339 + change was the last number on the odo and I put all but the first 20k on it. Mine was black.

If you've ever ridden a VFR400, you'll know what a cornering weapon they are. I got my elbow down on it many times, and I wasn't crashing at the time. I've never seen another with the same paint scheme, but the one shown is close.



And as I'm waffling on about bikes The greatest bike racer ever was the late Joey Dunlop (Mick Doohan is a very close second) and the greatest pice of motorcycle engineering was the Britten.



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Great response, some nice bikes on display.

Just adding a few better shots of the VFR 750....

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That sure is one beautiful looking bike. From the look of that snow in the background, you certainly wern't living in QLD at the time. The badge on the tank looks a bit like Voltaire's avatar.

I,ve had a few bikes over the years but would love to build one of these....they are in kit form and look like a nice ride.[ATTACH]6977[/ATTACH]



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(all pictures are taken from the net as the only ones I have are in a shoe box somewhere on film.)

Started on a Honda SL70


Then XR80


Then TS125


Then Montessa Cota 172


Then my first bike I used on the road an XT250, put nearly 100K on it.


Then its bigger brother for a while XT500


Then my first "real" road bike, CX500EC


And then a bit like going from a walkman to Terry j's system, a 900S2 Ducati.


Then baby sat my mates Katana 1100 for a couple of year whilst he was in Europe. Very enjoyable.


Had a host of Yamaha RDLC's at the same time, one road registered and a couple for club racing and another 4 or 5 in pieces for parts. I'll have to dig out a picture of my road beasty. Definitely my favorite of all the bikes I've owned. Café raced with clip ons, bullet fairing, chopped seat, etc. BMW gun metal grey and silver paint. Ported motor with stinger race pipes. Put on a massive diet and weighed in at under 110kg. It was very fast around Reefton spur.


More to come in next post (10 image post limit)

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Just married and commuting through the city so I had to get a nice easy commuter. Picked up a Honda CX500 Turbo for around 1100 that needed work, bargain!.


My son arrived not long after and the bikes slowly faded in to the past.

Second last was a Ducati 600SS (my wifes actually, she started on a Honda XL250S, then a Honda CBX750 to the Ducati below)


Followed by my last real bike an original first model Pantah 500 with the ugly fairing.


If I had to pick a bike out of the above bunch it would be a toss-up between the Pantah and Cafe raced RDLC.

Cheers, Earle.

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