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Cheers Hector.  I have it and a great album it is.           Thanks to @evil c   Donald Fagen - The Nightfly    Mofi one step release.   High standard

Now I want the real thing! Pink Floyd "Animals" 2016 remaster, Dutch pressing.  


Hi All,


Gin Wigmore, Ivory a lovely album, interesting vocals.





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US first press. Amazing political album that pretty clearly shows bugger all has changed since the ‘80s. 


Aussie first press is 90% as good (both DMM - maybe even reused stampers?).




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IMHO their best album - the quality of Nevermind, without the ‘make it saleable’ pressure... AAA DMM, and for this version, minus Scott Litt (the ruiner).



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Hi All,


Last spin for today as I get dinner ready, Bowie Man Who Sold The World





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Going back to the early 70s and loving SAHB ..Vambo Rools ... saw them live with the Who mid 70s  .. Alex was on top form 

Been using Faith heeler as one of my test tracks in my recent 4 month search for new floorstanders ... no one I had in the showrooms had heard of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band 🤭🤭but the driving rhythm of faith heeler was useful in deciding a shortlist 

 Zal’s guitar work is right up there 

Oh ... very un socially correct by today’s standards but who gives a flying at my age 🤪

didn’t know until recently that SAHB was Bon Scott’s favourite band ..🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿




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Ray Lamontagne - Part of the Light


Couple of tracks on this clear vinyl (not shown in picture) just push the limits too far and sound like hot garbage, which is a shame because it;s a lovely album otherwise.  Might be a rubbish pressing, might be the curse of clear vinyl. 


edit:  the youtube music stream of this album has a lot of the same flaws (track 8 - No Answer Arrives the primary culprit).  Just sounds heavily compressed and I get that he's after a distorted effect for the track but on vinyl it just sounds awful.



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I’m continuing with my mate Frank and it’s a double album 

Air con is on and ready to chill out 

A musicians musician 


Artist - Frank Zappa 

Title - Joes Garage Acts II & III

Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Frank-Zappa-Joes-Garage-Acts-II-III/release/2877504




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I can’t remember if this was the first Frank Zappa / Mothers Album I purchase or Chunga’s Revenge ( I loved the track Twenty Small Cigars ) I think it was the later 


Anyway on with this album 

It boasts a full musical story on the whole of side 1 called Billy The Mountain 


Artist - The Mothers  ( Frank Zappa with Flo & Eddy ) 

Title - Just Another Band From LA 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/The-Mothers-Just-Another-Band-From-LA/release/5167340


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Arrived yesterday. So it's all the artists from the Factory label...l believe ( didn't do a lot of research). 


Not listened to yet (evening session). Everthing pristine and well packaged. Very sturdy box.  Already checked for warps...👍


Bought this on a whim and for nostalgic value. Love New Order and Joy Division. Not heard of any of the other artists on the Factory Records label, but thinking they might be similar, so therefore good. This box set comes with 8 records, all in their bright coloured sleeves and matching record labels. Comes with a great booklet too. Going to enjoy reading this.


Best thing was the price $106 + shipping through Amazon (now $170, still good for 8 albums). Get this though. Left Heathrow 30 Nov, at my door 4 Dec. Thought l would be getting this mid Jan or beyond. So early Christmas present to one's self.


Will post my findings after a good listen. Gotta feeling I'm going to enjoy these albums. Hope the sq matches the presentation. You gotta  Love box sets, hey!


If anyone else has heard these records, feel free to chip in.


👌 K



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Hi All,


@needlerunner I ordered the same 'Factory' Box Set, left the same day as yours and has the current arrival as 17th December 😢😢😢


Currently have Nick Cave on the TT, Nocturama





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