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What's so good about Linn Sondek LP12?

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51 minutes ago, Wimbo said:

I cant see the problem. The Linn was based on(IMHO) the RD11. Not the "S" or anything after. Two people designed the RD11 and another company was born or had to be born, because the Ariston name was now owned by Dunlop.

  The point of the discussion was to determine if the LP12 was based on the RD11, not the RD11s or anything that came after, or as some Linn owners would have us believe, that the RD11 was actually based on the LP12. I think we have determined beyond a doubt that the LP12 is based on the RD11. I'm glad you agree with this. The now almost moot point is who actually designed the RD11? As such, I'm not sure why you keep bringing up the RD11s. The RD11s and 'Ariston/Dunlop' is largely irrelevant to the argument.
  Who actually designed the original RD11 is probably still up for debate but the fact that the Teifenbrun owned Castle Precision Engineering company readily and willfully manufactured Hamish Robertson's RD11 without a hint of "hey, that's our design!!" tells me it's Hamish's design. It was Hamish's use of the single point bearing (that probably all three men developed together) in his TT and his desire to take it's manufacture elsewhere that caused the rift and became the centre of the patent battles, not actual the TT design. The sudden release of the LP12 by the Teifenbrun's, at this point in time, could well be seen as a case of business revenge and possibly even technology theft.
  Yes, another company was born, largely due to the stubbornness of two Scottish engineers who happened to own a manufacturing plant which put them in a stronger ongoing position than the lone engineer who had designed a TT that needed manufacturing. The RD11s is irrelevant because Hamish was already dead when it came out and the LP12 had already been released! Please don't mention the RD11s again......

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Bit slow on the "Like" Rantan.:)

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