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FS: Dead Can Dance "Anastasis" Limited Edition Boxset

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Item:  Dead Can Dance "Anastasis" Limited Edition Boxset
Location: Perth
Price: $75 ijnc. shipping
Item Condition: Immaculate
Reason for selling: No longer needed.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays 3% fees), Bank Deposit
Extra Info: This is an e
xclusive Limited Edition Box Set (Edition of 2000); boxed in custom made deluxe hardbound book, embossed with band logo and album title, and featuring 8 specially designed pages of lyrics. Autographed 6" x 8" lithograph artwork print (by Brendan only); USB drive contains the full album in high fidelity 24bit 44.1khz digital audio and album artwork.

These regularly sell on Discogs much higher than my asking price.






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Sending a PM. I'll take it if still available.

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    • By MixedBag
      Item: The Beatles 
      Location: Bayside, Melbourne 
      Price: $900 ONO (reasonable offers only please)
      Item Condition: Vinyl NM, Box/cover VG+
      Reason for selling: Someone else will appreciate this more...
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, or bank transfer
      Extra Info:
      An Original Master Recording
      UHQR by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
      Limited edition no. 2079 (of 5000)
      No certificate of authenticity unfortunately.
      Will be posted with signature for $25, Australia wide.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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      Item: Klipsch Heresy III Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Australian Walnut
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      Price: $4900
      Item Condition: Excellent condition (used)
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      Extra Info: I am sadly selling these after 3 years of sole ownership. I have owned many pairs of speakers (mostly horn by personal preference) and have enjoyed this pair the most. The speakers have dynamically opened up after the first year of use,  so they need nothing more than a good home to impress upon both visually and acoustically. Limited to 70 pairs you wont find many (if any) for sale world wide - Numbered and signed individually after being built in Hope USA. A great keeps sake and investment. 
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By pdcoo7
      Item: Naim Intro 2 speakers
      Location: Mosman
      Price: $550 400
      Item Condition: used
      Reason for selling: clearing excess gear
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal+3% or as Friend, COD Only
      Extra Info: Naim Intro 2 speakers are an interesting 2 cabinet design with a 10” bass driver mounted on top and a classic Scanspeak 1” soft domed tweeter in the bottom cabinet to give a spacious full range sound with unsurpassed clarity and detail. Unfortunately due to careless storage, the bottom edge of one of the speakers has swollen due to moisture uptake. Swelling is confined to the two bottom corners (see photos) which have been fully sealed. Overall the speakers are still quite presentable for their age and will delight their new owner especially when coupled with a Naim amp as I had with the NAP 160 (listing soon)



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      Item:  Bluray Steelbook, please see list below
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      All prices are negotiable and any reasonable offer will be considered. 
      Most of my steelbooks are sealed and in mint or close to mint condition, unless otherwise stated.
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      Terminator Genesis - $70
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      Planes (UK - Zavvi)
      Robin hood (UK - Zavvi)
      Alice in Wonderland (UK - Zavvi)
      Lady and The Tramp (UK - Zavvi)
      Mary Poppins (UK - Zavvi) --- SOLD ELSEWHERE
      101 Dalmatians (UK - Zavvi)
      Little Mermaid (UK - Zavvi)
      Tron (UK - Zavvi)
      Bambi (UK - Zavvi)
      Wreck it Ralph (UK - Zavvi)
      The Jungle Book (UK - Zavvi)
      Mulan (UK - Zavvi) ------ SOLD ELSEWHERE
      Peter Pan (UK - Zavvi)
      Fantasia (UK - Zavvi)
      Cinderella (UK - Zavvi)
      Aladdin (UK - Zavvi)
      Hercules (UK - Zavvi) ------SOLD ELSEWHERE

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      Bambi (Canada - FS)
      Finding Nemo (Canada - FS)* Viva Metal Case
      Other Disney steelbooks
      Lion King (KR - NOT KIMCHIDVD) ---- $50
      Cars 2 (KR - NOT KIMCHIDVD) ---- $50
      Tangled (KR - NOT KIMCHIDVD) ------- $50
      Frozen (AUS) --- ---- $50
      The Lion King (Taiwan) --- ---- $50
      Toy Story 2 (Germany) -- $10
      Up (Germany) --- $10
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      A Bug's Life (Germany) --- $10
      Toy story (Germany) --- $10
      Alice in the Wonderland (Germany) (Opened) ---- $10
      ------------------------------------ Korea-------------------------------------
      Kimchidvd Exclusives:
      Le grande Bleu (lenticular) - $70
      Monsters Inc 1/4 slip - $65
      Frozen (lenticular) - $150
      Rush (lenticular) - $50
      Amelie 3-pack - $180
      Snowpiercer (full) - $70
      The pianist (Lenti) - $60
      The Pianist (full) - $60
      Dallas buyers club (full slip) - $50
      The Raid (Black slip) - Only combined with The Raid 2 - $80
      The Raid 2 (Black slip) - Only combined with The Raid - $80
      Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind (Lenti) - $80
      Grand Budapest Hotel (Lenti) - $60 ---- SOLD ELSEWHERE
      Whiplash (lenticular) --- $70
      $40 for any KOREAN 1/4 SLIP
      Hansel & Gretel
      The Oblivion
      A Good Day to Die Hard
      Jack Reacher
      Underworld Awakening
      Life of Pi (Lenticular)
      Taken 2
      Total recall
      The Dark Shadows. --- not in mint condition --- $15
      $45 For any Japanese steelbook
      The impossible japan
      Iron Sky
      Pacific Rim
      Side effects
      Skyfall -----------------------not mint $20

      ------------------------------------------- Hong Kong-------------------------
      Skyfall - $35
      $40 for any Taiwanese steelbook
      Resident Evil Retribution
      Life of Pi
      Taken 2
      Star Trek into the Darkness
      Men in Black 3
      Jack Reacher
      Total recall
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      $10 for any German steelbook
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      Rare exports
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      Prometheus Lenticular
      Hangover 3
      Hangover 2
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      Alien 2
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      The Raid
      Resident Evil Retribution
      Wrath of the titans (opened)
      Transporter 3 (opened)
      Matrix Trilogy
      Back to the Future
      Back to the Future II
      Back to the Future III
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      Sucker Punch
      Transformers Dark of the Moon
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      Moulin Rouge (1/4 slip) - $80
      Romeo & Juliet (1/4 slip) - $80
      Thor (1/4 slip) - $160
      Thor: The Dark World (1/4 slip) - $130

      ---------------------------------------------Plain Archive--------------
      The Wrestler 1/4 slip - $30
      Melancholia --- SOLD ELSEWHERE
      Blue is the Warmest Colour ---- SOLD ELSEWHERE
      Modern Times --- SOLD ELSEWHERE
      City Lights --- SOLD ELSEWHERE
      Rust and Bones -- SOLD ELSEWHERE

      -----------------------------------------------------Mondo X------------------------------------------
      Drive (MondoX #00) - $80
      How to train your dragon (HDZeta - Lenticular) #91 - $70
      How to train your dragon (HDZeta - 1/4 slip) #1265 - $70
      Gladiator (HDZeta fullslip) - #568 - $60
      $10 for any Australian steelbook
      Paranormal activities Opened
      Sons of Anarchy (Season 1) Metalpak
      Sons of Anarchy (Season 2) Metalpak
      Sons of Anarchy (Season 3) Metalpak
      Sons of Anarchy (Season 4) Metalpak
      The Edge of Darkness (Opened)
      Sherlock holmes (0pened) Metalpak
      Apollo 13
      2012 opened
      8 Mile
      Jack Reacher
      Transporter 3
      Some shots:

    • By Yngvi
      Item: FS: Yamaha CX10000 Pre Amplifier - Limited Centennial Edition 1887-1987
      Location: Northern Suburbs, Melbourne
      Price: XXXXXX
      Item Condition: Good
      Reason for selling: Thinning out the Vintage herd
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Pre Amp - No Remote, side veneer coming loose on one side, mute not working. . Gary Cawsey serviced it a gave it a clean bill of health (except for the pesky mute function)
      Lots of info here at the YAMAHA 10000 Reference Site
      Jap Version 100 Volts


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