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It's all critical, well as critical as to the level of performance aimed for, and It's often tied to other adjustments, so changing one thing means you need to check other perimeters.


Good read


http://www.hifiportal.co.uk/Articles/Article0049-Cartridge Alignment Guide.pdf


Hope you are using accurate scales.

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G'day mate, yes but only slightly to the recommended tracking weight.  Regards, Felix.  Addition:  I don't agree with everything in that article but there is a lot of 'real world' common sense in there!  A good article.  Regards, Felix. 

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'Shape of you'.


G'day all, with apologies to Ed Sheeran.  I guess since the beginning of Hi Fi, manufacturers and DIY people have all tried to make their products 'pretty', and I have mused before on whether something that looks 'pretty' can influence perceived performance.  Yes I think that it can, and I guess that we would all rather look at an attractive bit of gear in general terms.  Interestingly enough I am starting to wonder if my own tastes in what is considered attractive is rather different to the general (reviewer) view. 


Reading online reviews, it is apparent that two commercially made phono stages that I possess that perform extremely well and are to me attractive in appearance, but not really considered as such by reviewers.  They are the Schiit Mani and the Rothwell Simplex.  I frequently read the general reviewer perception that they 'won't win any beauty contests'.  Really?  I honestly do find both phono stages endearingly attractive in their own way.  Perhaps this is merely confirmation that tastes 'vary'. 


It is all a bit of a potential minefield!  Over the years I have been witness to clearly substandard gear that looked 'impressive' and actually sold very well because of its appearance.  Never mind the mediocre performance!  A minefield indeed!  I have to admit that since becoming a convert to good nutrition and gym, appearance has became more appealing and 'important' to me and that in itself has increased the capacity to be 'fooled' by appearance.  In the end, 'caveat emptor', always applies, or as an old friend of mine would accurately exclaim, 'fools and their money are easily parted!'  Yes, indeed.  Regards, Felix.   

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This is the Rothwell Simplex.  To me the large logo is inelegant.



This is the Mani.  Much more elegant.  In the industrial design department, it Schiit's over the Rothwell.



In my opinion, of course.

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