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I forgot who it was who had a system of micro inverters installed.


Has anyone installed a micro inverter system here in Melbourne, would appreciate the feedback.  The reason I'm asking is because Melbournes temperature can sore into the mid 40C.  Or if you live in the outback where it's constantly hanging around the 35-40C mark.  

The reason for this is to see what brands out there are reliable, since the unit resides just under the panels.   

The reason for micro inverters is that I have a small roof space due to the dual level, the others thing that's attractive is that if one panel is faulty or one micro inverters is dead, the system is still functional compared to a string system.   

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We run 21 panels with microinverters here in Adelaide. They have been running for six years without missing a beat. 

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Edit - I see the OP was Dec 2016, so this info may be redundant for @Addicted to music


I run 14 panels with micro inverters - 8 on a northern aspect sloped roof and 6 on a flat roof angled to the west at about 30 degrees .  Adelaide.


I could tell you the output on individual days in summer - on mild days and on extreme days.


My monitoring system (Enphase Enlighten) tells me what every panel is doing/done.

Small variations between each of the 8 and between each of the 6.

Large variations between the 8 northern aspect and the 6 westerly aspect (west produces perhaps 80% over the year vs north, but with a better afternoon/evening profile)


There hasn't been the variation between panels that I thought might occur.

Then again, it may be that the shadow that causes issues moves progressively across all panels, causing small disruptions at different times to each panel - who would know.


Some of the new microinverters can be managed to self-supply the house, ie load-follow with no export. Nice feature, but unless daytime outages are common  and frequent to the property the value wouldn't be there for the cost.

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OP was 4 years ago - just realised
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Thanks for the reply @shogun2 and @Benje.   Good to know it’s doing well for both of you.    Technology does change and you can utilise the features it brings.  I’m more confident in recommending microinverters.  
Due to the Victorian Government Solar incentive I’ve opted for a string arrangement using 20 1/2 cell panels, 9 Nth facing and 11 west  and a standard SMA 5.0kw inverter,  all due to cost and I don’t have shading issues apart from the west which only exits in the morning.  Cost using Enphase was around 30-40% more at the time of quotes, just couldn’t justify. 
since 2016 I’ve also learn that using micro inverters is also less prone to electrical fires as it reduced use of  high voltage DC cables and DC isolators that can go faulty and is mandatory next to the panels and one next to the inverter. 

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