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    • By Willmax
      Item: Yamaha NS-1000m speakers 
      Location: Adelaide SA
      Price: $OLD
      Item Condition: Excellent for age
      Reason for selling: Looking to consolidate.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Gift or +3%, EFT
      Extra Info:
      Bought this pair last year to compare with my NS-1000 Ebony version, very similar sounding. I'd love to keep both but wife is on my case to downsize 
      This is a matching pair with original crossovers but no front grills, serial no above 80K. All edges and corners are straight, there are a few minor marks here and there but these do not detract from its overall appearance as can be seen from the pictures.
      Pick up preferred and will demo for local buyer. Also have a Yamaha CR-840 receiver FS which would go very well with this pair. 
      Happy to answer questions via PM.
      Can include Ikea stools if buyer so desire 😉 


    • By Willmax
      After many months if not years searching, I finally have the opportunity to have these coveted speakers under the one roof, so I thought it would be a good idea for a video comparison having them playing side by side, utilising the same source and same music.
      For the comparison I used my trusty old Yamaha CR-1020 receiver as it allows me to connect 3 different pairs at the same time and be able to switch on the fly throughout the song, so please excuse the rudimentary technique.
      Also used a Rode VideoMic Me to capture the sound as best as I could, unfortunately it does show in the frame due to the camera and audio jack position.
      I'm not the best at describing what each speaker sounds like and the differences so I'll let the video do the talk, but I would love to hear your thoughts and any opinions about the comparison/setup.
      Take two:
      I've moved the NS-1000M next to the NS-1000 (ebony) to be able to compare them side by side, the NS-690 was put in front with the stand a little higher (the CR-1020 receiver cannot be seen as it is behind the speaker). Hope this will allow for better comparison particularly between the two NS-1000 versions.
      For the purpose of this video all High/Mid Level adjustments for all speakers were left as Normal (12 o'clock).
      Please see video below:
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