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Gee Emm

Tivoli Radio Model 1 BT schematic req'd

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G'day all


My Tivoli Radio Model 1 BT (Bluetooth) went all 'hummy & batsh1t not worky properly' when about 18 months old



So I take it to the local service agent recommended by the distributor.


That was 29-Sep-2016.


Local service agent can't really ID fault as he can't get a schematic from the importer/distributor.


He's already requested a power supply board, but received the wrong one :(


Meanwhile, no radio in kitchen for months.


So,,, does anyone have access to a schematic for a Tivoli Radio Model 1 BT?


Then I can give to repairer.


I dunno why paying customers have to do this stuff if they want their stuff back. Oh hang on, yes I do... Coz sometimes service is Sh1T.


Anyhoo, let me know if you can help.



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I don't think you'll have much joy with this.

Have you tried bypassing the local distributor and asking the manufacturer direct?

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Thanks Marc

I'll give it a whirl.

Ya never know.

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