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Guest Runaway

Try Sailing at Open Day (Vic)

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Guest Runaway

My club, the Beaumaris Sailing Club (Ricketts Point, Vic) is holding an Open Day on Sunday, 13 Nov 2016 (from 9am).  If you are curious about sailing, or more specifically dinghy sailing, or would just like to go for a casual sail, come to Ricketts Point and go on one of the Pacer boats with an experienced skipper.  


I picked up sailing after turning 50, and there is nothing quite like it.  It is quite an immersive sport, learning a new set of skills (easy to pick up, hard to master) from handling the boat, making it go fast and thinking strategically in a race - not unlike playing chess on a giant 3D chessboard.  Quite an antidote to audiophile nervosa!  I now assist with the adult training classes (usually driving the inflatable and keeping an eye on the trainees).  There are adult and junior training classes starting n Nov.


If you are interested, send me a PM.


Some questions you may be thinking about


1. Is it expensive?


NO.  Aside from annual club fees, you can borrow all equipment from a club.  A good dinghy may cost $2k but you can borrow the club boat or team up with someone who is looking for a crew (and theres always someone who is looking).  


2. Whats the difference between dinghy sailing and larger yacht sailing?


The sailing principles are the same.  You can be a bit detached from the sailing on a yacht while on a dinghy, it is a bit more physical (and fun) on the smaller dinghy and theres the possibility of getting dunked (which is part of the fun).  If you have basic sailing sailing skills, you can sign up as a crew on a larger yacht.


3. Will I get wet?


You have to wade out to the boat - about knee deep.  The Open Day sailing is weather dependent - if it gets too windy, we don't go out.  On a nice day, very little chance of getting dunked.  When we race, we do push the boat to its limit and we get dunked sometimes.  The beauty is that it is easy to turn the boat back and back into the race.  And we wear life jackets of course.





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Great idea Mun !

Sailing is so excellent on so many levels whether you race or cruise.


Years ago evil me went to an open day at a time when I didn't have a boat and asked if I could get afloat (had been sailing for about 30 years then).

The skipper was surprised at how quickly I picked up gybing .................

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I want to get back into sailing.  I started as a kid in a mates sabot and we had a Heritage dinghy for a while.  I now have two sailboards under the house.  I stopped as i had some required body parts that were playing up but they have settled down now.


 Definitely go and check out the dinghy, but for comparison:

is sailboarding expensive? yes and no.  Second hand gear or last seasons models are cheaper.


Whats the difference between sailing a dinghy and a board?


its a bit like a bike vs a car.  Same basic principles, but simpler and more direct connection to the elements. 


3. Will i get wet.  Yes, isn't that the point.


4. Can anyone do it?  

I am Mr uncoordinated and very average fitness.  The first season can require a bit of perseverance for some or natural balance, but once you know a few " secrets" its no harder than riding a bicycle.


5. Cons.  Didn't see a shark in 20 years, but my eyesight is dodgy and i might not be so keen if i had ( dolphins, dugongs, turtles are great. jellyfish  not so).  kitesurfers share a similar habitat and some individuals need to be avoided in popular locations ( including those long lines when they are at a low angle).



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That looks like wicked fun! What will it cost to turn up on the day? What time does it start, and how long does it go for? 

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