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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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I just finished this bad boy. I was a big fan of Human Revolution (crumby boss battles and all). Happy to say Eidos have taken all the good parts of the last game and provided a really enjoyable follow up.


I played through on the highest stock difficulty (I unlocked a harder version and New Game + upon completion) and I never found it overwhelmingly difficult.


Story was reasonable, but I felt as though it played out a little as a prologue to the next game (whenever that may be).


Really love the approach that was taken here, in that there are so many variables, so many different ways to complete a task depending on which augments you choose to beef up.


Think I'll play through again at some stage, worth a look.



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Yeah Prague was a great place to run around once you unlocked some augments.


I really hated the first mission as you are really under powered with no augments and I hadn't gotten into the groove of games stealth mechanic yet. But once I got past that and the story started up I really enjoyed is neon orange aesthetic and its sci-fi future.


The last boss came out of no where for me. Not sure if it was anti-climatic or just happen earlier than expected. I also found a way to totally cheese it by hacking the turrets :D 


As for second play through, I'm not sure. The PS4 Pro patch could tempt me just to check it out, but there is way too much to play right now. 

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I enjoyed the game, and currently on my play through trying to get the Foxiest of the Hounds trophy - not set off any alarms or be seen in a play through.


I also got the DLC for it, it's OK, a bit more difficult than the actual game, as you start with basically no Augs and I found that after getting stuck without being able to go any further, you have to select certain Augs to progress past one particular place, not knowing this, and not having a save which I could go back to will mean I will have to start the DLC from start again, so be wary of that [you need the invisibility cloaking Aug to get past one section, so make sure you get it]


Apart from that I enjoyed the game for the most part, but I'm not a fan of the Breach section of the game, I would rather they made the actual game longer than this new game mode which just seems like a annoying TT puzzle section from a old Tomb Raider game.

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