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VFET: another SONY TA-N7B starts breathing and singing on the bench

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Passed 12 hours continuos operation test. Listening to a live recording Tokyo performance of Bruckner symphony no. 4 by LPO/Tennstedt from TDK right now...what a sound! The TDK Original Concert Selection is wonderful. Very lively sound, excellent balance and huge dynamics. Bravo! 

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    • By The Fez
      Price: $1700 Item Condition: Excellent Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Pickup available and you can audition. Suburb or Town: LANGWARRIN State: Victoria Payment Method: Paypal, EFT, COD Reason for selling: NLR Exceedingly rare VFET  amplifier. Japan only manufacture by the renown --  Victor Company of Japan.  Known as Victor  in Japan, you may know the manufacturer as the exported brand JVC.  
      The amplifer uses 4 pairs of NEC Vertical Fet Devices.  Manufacture - 1975- 1977.  
      Japan only domestic market amplifier - therefore 100 VOLT Power supply is required. You will require a quality isolated 240v to 100v transformer. DO NOT use 120v or 110v supply to operate this amplifier.  This amplifier is in original condition including the speaker terminals. You will require bare speaker wire or at maximum 2mm pins  to connect speakers. Refer again to the date of manufacture.  
      Power output - 100watts inmto 8 ohms. Weight - 20kg.  I have driven 8, 6 & 4 ohmn loads with this amplifier without issue.  
      Beautifully built bolid (beyond solid) piece of audio in remarkable condition. You need to see one in the flesh to appreciate the design and build. A collectors item, that also sounds excellent. 
      The price is firm. - Thank you. 

    • By vintagejapan
      Well here it is, a 240v version of Yamaha B-1 Vfet amplifier. I am very lucky to have in my hand this extremely rare monster including the UC-1 meter accessory that allows 5 speakers to be connected and controlled from the front panel. 
      The Yamaha B-1 is truly one of the best amplifiers Yamaha has made, running a all Vfet circuit and managing to squeeze out 160watt from a pair of giant 2SK77's on each channel. 
      Here are the specs. Not bad for the 70's 

    • By Grizzly
      Just picked up something very special....shhhhh

    • By stib
      I have aquired a Grace g-707 that has been trashed and I'm restoring it. The metal parts of the arm are in good condition, part of the anti-skating assembly was cracked, but repairable, but the headshell is completely missing.
      So what I want to do is 3D print a replacement headshell. Using images on the internet I can get a pretty good idea of the geometry, but for accuracy I need actual measurements. Is there a g-707 owner out there who can get a ruler, or better yet some calipers and give me the dimensions? Only need the headshell, not the arm. Here are the measurements I need (in rough order of priority):
      width length max depth (at the back) min depth (at the front) outside diameter of the arm mounting tube length of the arm mounting tube distance from front to start of screw holes length of screw holes width of screw holes spacing of screw holes (should be 1/2", yes?) thickness of the plastic lastly, if you can measure the angle between the arm and the headshell that would be great.  
      You can refer to the image to see what I'm talking about. If you can't be bothered doing them all then just the length, width and depth would be a great help.

    • By coppinger
      Is there anyone on SNA who has built or is contemplating a build of the Nelson Pass VFet amplifier project.( the one with the Sony VFets) ?
      Apologies if I have missed any posts/threads in this regard.

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