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ratta tat tat

100W + 100W (DIN 1kHz, 1.0%, 8 ohms)

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So, I've had a pioneer VSX-D512s receiver for years now, it's been average I spose but I was wanting to ask you gurus what this DIN scale is all about because this receiver does not have 100 watts RMS per channel that's certain. How does it work??

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Hi ratta,

The DIN rating is used because it is more flattering. It means that the marketing people can print the magic 100 watt number on the website and put a fancy gold sticker on the front of the unit when it sits on the shelf in the shop. The uninitiated then go, "sick, man, 100 watts...awesome." Or words to that effect.

This marketing affliction seems to affect home theatre receivers and mini systems more so than credible hifi products.

You'll notice that the DIN power rating requires the receiver to output a 1kHz tone rather than a full bandwidth signal (i.e. 20Hz - 20,000Hz) whilst being given a fairly generous distortion window (1% THD versus 0.01% or less).

If your Pioneer was measured as "xxx watts RMS per channel, into 8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz with less than 0.01% THD", you'd probably find, at a generous guess, it would put out perhaps 30 watts or so. Assuming it could withstand the 1 hour preconditioning at 1/3 output before it was tested.

Cheers, Dave ;)

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RTT, have you actually measured it?

Note that 100W is at 1% where it is already clipping. Giving the number at say 0.1% will show a lower number, say 80W. This will give a <1dB (barely detectable) difference, but to the average technically illiterate consumer 100W is 25% better than 80W, when the difference is much smaller because of the logarithmic hearing scale.

Here is a Creek integrated's power/distortion curve I grabbed from Stereophile. It's fairly typical for a SS amp.107creek.3.jpg

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Gdday guys just wondering i have a technics SA-EX300 and im just wondering if it is goin to handle these new speakers im wantin buy. these are my specs

Power Output(at 240 v)

DIN 1kHz (T.H.D. 1%) 2 x 60w (8 ohms)

40 Hz - 20 kHz continuous power output

both channels driven 2 x 40w (8 ohms)

Total Harmonic Distortion

rated power at 40 Hz - 20 kHz 0.5% (8 ohms)

half power kHz 0.03% (8ohms)

thats my amps specs. now the speakers i want to buy are also technics branded SB-T200 specs are

Impedance 8 ohms

Input power 200w (music)/100w (din)

will my amp be able to power and handle these speakers? any help would be great thanks guys shane

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