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Formula Fusion - one for old Wipeout Anti Grav Racing fans

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R8 games is made up of EX Studio Liverpool / Psygnosis people, the ones that made the Wipeout Anti Gravity racing games.


Since the Sony owned Studio Liverpool was shut down a few months after the VITA launch  of Wipeout 2048, the staff spread out to other places, but a few ex SL employees got together and decided that another AG racing game was needed, hence Formula Fusion and start of R8 games.


To cut a long story short.

Things have really had a HUGE leap forward with FF.

I'm on the Test Pilot Program [TPP] and have been testing various builds of this game for the better part of a year.

Last week R8 released the best build so far, it still needs work, but Track build and craft handling are getting right up to Wipeout HD standards.


R8 are asking for more people to join their TPP to help test the online Multiplayer [as well as the rest of the game].

They will open a new TPP shortly.

It's STEAM based.


See R8's Facebook page for info on how to join and when the intake will start [it was supposed to start yesterday??]



So why would you want to join?

Well the plan is to have both a Steam and PS4 release happen simultaneously ....basically you would be well ahead of the pack on a probable major title.


The game will initially have 8 tracks.

Manahatta / Niagara / Atlas Torres / Friar Fury / Terminus / Trans Atol / Sampa-V / Midtown.


All tracks will have a Reverse version, and all tracks will have a Day/ night version, so basically 32 options track wise.


3 different craft type, all craft upgradable


3 different speed classes, Vixen speed is the slowest and the speed of the craft in the videos I will post below are at

Python class is the fastest class, and slightly faster than Super Phantom speed found in Zone mode of Wipeout HD


In the build prior to this one, there was a option in menus called VR Adjustment .... sort of self explanatory what the intent is there.

I doubt it will be ready for first release, but don't be surprised if FF has a VR version release.


So, in forward thinking mode, and having viewed every other video of the game build on Youtube, I saw that Nobody had posted a video of Formula Fusion when raced in 1st person Cockpit view, which would be the view one would find themselves in if playing a VR version of it.


Not a problem for me, as I have always played all the previous Wipeouts in that view anyway.


So that's what I've done, posted 4 videos, one of each track in 1st person cockpit view.




Manahatta 3 laps quick race cockpit view.


Trans Atol - Newest track [only reveled this week] this video has a full track flyover prior to a 3 lap race in cockpit view


Niagara - This is a LONG track - Video shows a Full flyover prior to a 3 lap race in cockpit view


Atlas Torres - The most similar track to Wipeout HD's SOL 2 - 3 lap cockpit view


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Will the soundtrack be as good as the original WO games?!  ;)

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I suggest visiting the R8 site for list of those contributing to the game [some Old favorites  ;)  ]



I'm pretty sure that the option to use ones own preferred music for Playback, grouped as a Playlist, will happen, just as it did for Wipeout HD

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