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Green Wagon

Pioneer C-90 Preamp

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Pioneer C-90 Pre amp. Sexy.


I did this several weeks ago.

Not much to say. For a change. Enjoy the pics  :)

These have Wooden side pieces. Customer removed them for safer transport. Good call. Unit is in stunning condition.








Yes, Thats right, it has THREE transformers. Notice the TWO voltage selector switches on the back ?






Previous gent was of the opinion its better to burn holes in the noisy relays then flood them with ??? P.S. - It didn't work. They were still noisy with intermittent channel drops.




Oil, what oil, I don't see any oil still in the relay even after it drained through three sheets of paper..




Only option. replace them. Yes. Lots of them. ~ $100 dollars worth of relays on their own.




Hmmmm. Foam blocks (anti rattle ?). Hard as a brick.




They need to go so I can asses the horrors beneath. Yeah no that ain't my soldering. I haven't seen such a wonderful job in decades. If your going to do it. Do it right or go back to mowing lawns.




Cutters to cut, multi-grips to crunch, chemicals to soften and scrub.




Hours later...... Now I can recap and fix all the solder joints. More hours....




That rag/bench got vacuumed 6 times during the 'foam' removal.




Think I need to replace that memory cap as well.




Ended up replacing every cap, all relays, almost total resolder, board scrub.

I was amazed at the number of caps that were ready to spew their butts out.

And there was a lot of inter board wire links. The really charming ones that have the pins made from steel. Oh thats when you know your 40 years of soldering has prepped you for hours of absolute hell.

Desolder, scrape, tin, solder, desolder, scrape harder, set iron to that exact temp where they will solder.


Um, didnt I say I wasn't going to say much ?





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