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Hi guys, after the Nippon chemi-con 50v 10000uf capicitor and the nichicon 470uf 50v.

Anyone know a website or store in Sydney I can get these from??? Having a bit of trouble.1a14d63a86981cdfe3729f0fa56f924e.jpg

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For the 470uf cap, this Nichicon HE series 'should' be a direct fit with the same lead spacing:  http://au.rs-online.com/web/p/aluminium-capacitors/4910507/  (note: stepping up the voltage rating is not an issue).


For the filter cap, you will note that the A, B and D connections are 'blank' on the outer heatshrink. This means they are not electrically connected, but are provided for mounting purposes only.  Some brands (eg. KEMET) have modern caps with similar multi-lead connections, but I think you will struggle to get an exact match.


eg. http://au.rs-online.com/web/p/aluminium-capacitors/0104411P/




You'll most likely have to look at a modern snap-in capacitor with a 10mm lead spacing and modify the PCB to make it fit. That's your only option.


eg. http://au.rs-online.com/web/p/aluminium-capacitors/4909181/

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As per Pete..

If you can find the specs on the Nippon, try and:

1. Choose the same value
2. At least the same voltage maybe go up a little if physically possible.
3. Same ripple voltage or better
4. Same ESR value or close to it especially for sensitive equipment
5. Same TAN theta value as close.
6. Same or better max temp rating ( and min temp if you plan to go to the snow )
6. Same physical size or maybe a little bigger if it fits . But the container shape and size has a slight effect on the specs.
   Basically most the manufactures publish their specs.
Try and get as close as possible to the original to avoid possible intermittent problems.
Only Nippon types seem to be on ebay out of China..
Besides RS ( at Smithfield ) you could try Element14 ( they also ship and you can collect if you are near Chester Hill )
Good luck
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