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Raspberry Pi Klein combo interest

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From what I've read the Allo USBridge is a suitable solution, but to achieve the SQ you guys are after the Sparky and the USBridge boards need separate linear power supplies, as Clay is intending to do.


I was initially going to get an Audiophonics RaspTouch I-Sabre ES9028Q2M KALI - Streamer Touch with Volume Control solution, but was told the Kali reclocker will not pass DSD. I'm not currently using DSD so considered getting one anyway, but at the time Audiophonics didn't have the parts availability to be able to make the Kali version of the RaspTouch.

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I have had this idea for ages & now a Stereonet member has quizzed me on it so I just want to get an idea of the interest in such a device. The plan A Klein II DAC but with a Raspberry Pi in pla

Hi Guys, well a few months ago I built a new prototype streamer DAC combo based on a Raspberry Pi. All AKM DAC's run in slave mode & so it is not possible to connect the Raspberry PI  di

Wow guys (where are the girls?) I had no idea there would be such a massive response. Rastus thanks for your wealth of information & no you have not overdone it - keep it coming. I think Greigw

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Didnt realise the Kali can't do dsd. https://volumio.org/forum/reclocker-i2s-jitter-t4516-100.html

Ok. So that's not much use for clay then :( . It still interests me though as the dsj will take any input and converts it to dsd any way. Back to the other allo solutions, the usbridge is meant to have the edge on the digione from what I've read. 

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