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Raspberry Pi Klein combo interest

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Hi Clay

I have been waiting for youto bring out a product like this. I am not in the market for a dac at the moment, but am experimenting with the Pi and digione. It is not that hard to try different things, but is also not that easy.

I think there is a market for a product between the top of the range separates and the diy stuff for pi based products. If you could supply something that just works I think you will be on to another winner.


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Morning Clay, is this something that could be retrofitted into the Konverter?

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Possibly - I will look into it.

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On 10/31/2017 at 12:39 PM, Gieseler Audio said:

I better get back to Groß DAC production for now or I will have unhappy customers.

Apologies to all waiting for Clay to hurry up, but this post will distract him again!  :lol::P


I certainly like the idea of simplifying the chain. Taking from the music source using the Pi server and feeding via I2S to a DAC eliminates the usb chain, a source of jitter that has been the focus of much R&D ie better usb cables, usb regen etc.  A Klein π  DAC will provide an incredibly cost effective way for somewhere to enter the DAC world and get very good audio quality, all in 1 unit, no need to buy anything extra like cables, player etc.


Would a Groß π DAC have the same attractions?  People in this category looking for a high end DAC will likely have a network player, expensive usb cables, usb regen devices, PSUs  etc. The audio quality must be compelling before they get rid of those expensive components.  And should they upgrade in the future to a standard DAC, will then need to re-purchase them.  People in this category also like to pick and choose and upgrade individual components.  A Groß π will take away that "fun" part of the hobby/obsession!


Would I upgrade to Groß π ?  I have a SMS-200, ISO Regen and PSUs which are producing superb audio with the Groß DAC.  If the audio from the Groß π is as good, if not better, then most likely will upgrade.


p/s Clay, am expecting royalty payments if you like Klein π  and Groß π   !!!  :P

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