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The Gieseler Klein DAC II Official Release & Updates

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Gieseler Klein DAC II Release

Hello everyone, I am proud to announce the official release of the Klein DAC II. I know it’s been a while, but I’m sure you will agree it’s been worth the wait. This is the next iteration of the Klein DAC, primarily featuring a massive feature boost, as well as a few small improvements to sound quality as well through various upgrades from the Klein I. In terms of changes, the Klein II still supports everything the Klein I is capable of.



New Features List

·         DSD playback is available in 64, 128 and 256 modes (1x, 2x and 4x), in both DOP and native systems. DSD/PCM switching is done automatically and seamlessly, so that all operation of the DAC produces no unwanted noises, such as pops or clicks.

·         An additional filter option is now available, allowing a slower roll off than before, creating a more natural sound, as well as the option of adding a delayed roll off to the existing filters, resulting in a total of 6 total filter options.

·         Detection of playback bitrate is available via USB inputs, supporting both PCM and DSD rates.

·         All information is shown on an LCD screen, allowing you to, at a glance see the input, filter, mute state, and bitrate of the DAC. For night-time listening, the screen can be turned off/on remotely.

·         The Klein II now operates on advanced software control, meaning that many more options can be changed on the fly, because of this, it supports remote control of inputs, filters, DSD volume bypass, and the screen via a simple remote provided.

·         To reduce noise, all software operations are shut down during playback, so computer noise is kept at an absolute minimum until the state changed (eg. DSD to PCM), at which point new muting systems kick in to ensure relaxing, uninterrupted listening.

The Under the Hood Upgrade

The main change is that power supply has been improved by an extra stage of filtering, using a capacitance multiplier (you may know it as a gyrator). This further isolates the power system from the common systems. This even further deceases electrical noise out of the DAC. Because of this, you can expect a minimum noise floor even lower than the Klein I.


Key Info

Price: $1000 AU including delivery (within Australia) via Express Post (max delivery time of 2 days).

Time frame: can be shipped between 2-3 business days from order.

Power input and output are the same as the Klein I (Output: 2 volts RMS unbalanced, power input: 10 volts 2.4 amps AC).


Here's a few photos, the back is basically the same as before, but it doesn't have the filter switches.







Front and Back Panel Selection (New Colour Available)

Panels are available in brushed silver, plain black and white, and we now also offer brushed gold panels.









Product Lineup

I have been asked about this a few times recently, so to clarify what I currently sell, 

Power Supply Single ($275)

Power Supply Double ($400)

Power Supply Triple ($450)

Klein DAC I ($750)

Klein DAC II ($1000)

Pre-amplifier ($900)


Still in development is the DAC/Pre (price approx $1500-$2000), and another product which is not ready to revealed yet. I hope this clarifies it for everyone.


I will update the website in the next few days with full details of the Klein II for those who don’t know the specs of the Klein I off by heart :P .





Cheers for now,


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Very nice!

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Congratulations Clay on another fine product

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Very nice! Any chance of adding the xlr out at the back?

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Awesome work Clay, really looking forward to getting my hands on one!

Love the look of the new gold faceplate :)

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DMax - it is a unbalanced output stage so no XLR option unfortunately. To do a balanced output stage to the same standard as the current singled ended one would require a larger PCB as there is not much room left. I will have a balanced out option in a higher end product that is coming soon.

Liam - yes the brushed gold certainly looks classy - even better in the flesh.
I just did a quick AB comparison between my well run in Klein SE & the Klein II - initial impression was there seemed to be a bit more resolution & info coming from the Klein II which gave me a bit of a shock. As I said It was just a quick listen but I will do a more thorough comparison over the next two days. The five main internal regulated supplies in the Klein II all have an addition active Gyrator filtering stages which is very effective at rejecting HF noise which often goes straight through most regulators. Power supply filtering can certainly have an influence on sound quality so I think that may be the reason for the improvement on the II. The Gyrators also provide excellent improved isolation between digital & analogue stages which helps as well. Lots of high end CD players use seperate transformers for digital & analogue for that very reason.

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Well I have spent the last three hours critically comparing my well run in Klein SE to the new Klein II

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind at all that the Klein II sounds considerably better. The gap is definately bigger that say the standard Klein vs the SE. I would describe the difference as a greater sense of detail/resolution, ambiance & seperate with the Klein II.

This is all with identical PCM content, DSD on the II is a totally different ball game. Using Jriver SACD images play superbly in DSD64 so I am frantically trying to collect more of my faveriot albums in that format. Native DSD is even better but it is harder to find what I like in that format.

Of course this is all in my opinion so it will be very interesting to get some feed back from the three new owners who all purchased Klein II DAC's yesterday. Two are Stereonet members so hopefully some good online feedback coming.

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Congratulations Clay,

I love the look of the all black DAC II.


Any news about the AK4497?

There are reports from the CA Forum that DSD512 is much superior to DSD256:




I will attend the DSD512 Fest at the High End Munich in May and report later.





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Hi Matt,

Good to hear from you.

Yes I'm sure DSD512 will be the ultimate in sound quality but have you actually found any music content at that sample rate?

I have a few DSD256 albums & I must admit they sound amazing.

I am very interested in the AK4497 but I don't think the commercial production will be available until late this year. I will certainly use it in my product range when it is available. I finally have some AK4147 SRC's & have just received a development board so will be testing them out shortly. The high end Munich show sounds great - please take some photos for us.

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