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  1. Starting a specific thread for Vinyl Record spinning My plan is to go through my record collection one by one and post as I go with a nice photo Hope all record ( darksiders ) will follow my lead and post on this new Vinyl / Record spinning thread So to kick it off I will post one of the very first albums I purchased - and I had to order it Since then I never got over King Crimson - still a top 3 favourite band Artist - King Crimson Album - Young Persons Guide TT - Garrard 401 Stylus - Stanton 981 LZS Tonearm - Transfi Terminator Let the fun begin on the Darkside
  2. Hi All Are there any Project Primary E or Project Elemental users out there in Melbourne ? I have ressurected my original Pioneer A400X and Epos 11 speakers to start a second system during the ‘lockdown’. Using a Vincent Pho-8 phono stage The new turntable sits on an Ikea lack table, a Mission isoplat and addition 3mm EVA foam pads... the turntable is immune to foot traffic, i have a timber floor. The sound is very coherent and dynamic, and exceeded my expectation for a budget and well built tt. Derek
  3. purchased from Carlton AV in music maker package. new in unopened box. includes receipt cheers!
  4. https://www.departures.com/lifestyle/technology-gadgets/saint-laurent-luxury-turn-table?fbclid=IwAR0q_r9o9tf5Uv-qSW5k5tWZ2FqP6p5BTkX0L2SUOKERp9JLHpw9CZyBZ_g
  5. Well I bought a new Goldring E3 today and I installed it as per the Manuel says, used a scale for tracking weight (2.0g) and a protractor for alignment. In the middle of the first album I decided to play the stylus broke and collapsed onto the record. Not sure what happened, if I did something or if it’s a faulty stylus. have you guys ever had a similar experience or know what might of happened? cheers
  6. Further information: less than 3 mths old. Best phono stage I have used in my journey by a mile!!! Photos:
  7. Further information: immaculate condition 20hrs use. Save on a brand new model. Photos:
  8. Further information: This is the latest version and one of the first in the country. It is less then 2 months old. One thing I have learnt is that it doesn’t matter how good your arm TT or cartridge is, if you’re phono stage isn’t up to the task you are wasting money and forever chopping and changing. This was already a great phono stage but this version has a much more natural and warm presentation. It bested my valve phono stages by a considerable amount. It has XLR out too! I am actually really reluctant to sell this out of all the items I listed. It can get the most out of ANY cartridge hooked up to it. I have all boxes etc. https://sonicpurity.com.au/store/phono-stages/rcm-sensor-2-mkii Photos:
  9. Further information: Unfortunately due to Pandemic I am forced to sell my gear. This is my favourite TT and has been the longest I’ve had. This TT is phenomenal and I don’t I want to let this go but don’t have a choice. The Ref2 is the latest with the updated power supply. Purchased from the wonderful guys at Sonic Purity. Will be selling Phono stage separately Your chance to get an endgame TT package at nearly Half price!!!! RRP: $14,900 Buyer to pay out of pocket Paypal fees. Will be boxed so can arrange freight to interstate. TURNTABLE ONLY FOR SALE Have all boxes and packaging. Will be boxing them in the next few days Nd will post photos. Photos:
  10. Further information: moving on some albums I never played or have played. Photos:
  11. Further information: selling albums I don’t play or haven’t even played. Photos:
  12. Further information: Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain. Mobile Fidelity 2013 Audiophile Reissue. 180g Numbered limited edition pressing. Half-speed All Analogue mastered. Perfect sealed mint condition - crisp corners / clean edges / perfect shrink. As featured in "Michael Fremer's top 100 All Analogue reissues". These are OUT OF PRINT now and heading towards two hundred $$ on ebay. If you're familiar with what happened to the Mofi "******* Brew" prices, you'll grab this now. Experienced seller will provide protective packaging and ship with extra cover and signature for $10. Paypal, or if you want to pick up in St kilda - cash only. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  13. Hey all, I'm heading down to the Bowral/Mittagong/Moss Vale area for the long weekend and was wondering if anyone knew of any good places to look for vinyl?
  14. Further information: This Georg Solti / Vienna Philharmonic Wagner Ring performance/recording is still regarded by many as the best on record, and no subsequent reissue even gets close to equalling these spectacularly good limited edition pressings by Decca UK. Released in 1970 as a limited special edition. 22 records in 5 boxes enclosed in a uniquely designed outer slipcase. At the time it was the highest priced record set on the market and sold out soon after release! I recall "Mr Rowe Street" (Sydney's most iconic classical record store owner) pointing to the "last unsold copy in Australia" and the following week it was gone. The boxes are now 50 years old and inevitably the outer cover and box spines have sustained minor degradation over that time, but remain in beautiful condition overall. I've conservatively classed them as VG+. Everything else ranges from NM to MINT condition!!! Most of the vinyl has NEVER been played. Each box has full libretto in German and English along with detailed synopsis of each opera as well as technical recording details. The full set weighs just under 12 kg before packing it up protectively for shipping, so allow at least 13 kg shipping weight. Note that I have access to much better insured interstate shipping rates than Australia Post. For instance estimate for fast door-to-door delivery to inner Melbourne OR even inner Perth suburbs from Sydney, including insurance, would be under $30! There is a similar-condition set (maybe not quite as good) on eBay for UK£330 (about AU$600) plus shipping (+$200 to Australia) plus GST. PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE Additional information from Discogs Wagner's Der Ring Des Nibelungen 22 LP Decca Box Set Incredible 1970 UK TWENTY TWO stereo LP boxed set of the complete edition of Richard Wagner's four part opera, 'Der Ring des Nibelungen', also known as 'The Ring Cycle' featuring the four operas 'Das Rheingold','Die Walkure', 'Siegfried' and 'Gotterdammerung'. There is also a unique three record introduction to 'The Ring' set narrated by Deryck Cooke featuring excerpts from the four operas. Each opera is in its own separate wooden ended partition with full size libretto booklets containing synopsis & full transcription for the operas. The performance is THE classic version by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Georg Solti, a powerful orchestral drama, phenomenal performance and superb sound. The whole ensemble is enclosed in a very weighty carved wooden box with gilded front panel. Details of Records: DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN * Guide & Introduction to "Der Ring des Nibelungen" by Deryck Cooke * Recording year: 1968 * Record number: ZAL 8422-7 * Number of LP’s: THREE * Orchestra: Introduction By (Sir) Georg Solti DAS RHIENGOLD * Recording year: 1958 * Record number: ZAL 4260-5 * Number of LP’s: THREE * Orchestra: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra & Vienna State Opera Chorus, conducted by (Sir) Georg Solti. * Cast: Jean Madeira, Set Svanholm, George London, Kirsten Flagstad. Claire Watson, Gustav Neidlinger, Kurt Böhme, Eberhard Wächter, Walter Kreppel DIE WALKÜRE * Recording year: 1966 * Record number: ZAL 7131 – 7140 * Number of LP’s: FIVE * Orchestra: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra & Vienna State Opera Chorus, conducted by (Sir) Georg Solti. * Cast: Gottlob Frick, Regine Crespin, James King, Brigit Nilsson, Christa Ludwig SIEGFRIED * Recording year: 1963 * Record number: ZAL 5742-52 * Number of LP’s: FIVE * Orchestra: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra & Vienna State Opera Chorus, conducted by (Sir) Georg Solti. * Cast: Wolfgang Windgassen, Brigit Nilsson, Hans Hotter, Gerhard Stolze, Gustav Neidlinger, Kurt Bohme, Marga Hoffgen GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG * Recording year: 1965 * Record number: ZAL 6673-6684 * Number of LP’s: SIX * Orchestra: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra & Vienna State Opera Chorus, conducted by (Sir) Georg Solti * Cast: Briget Nilsson, Wolfgang Windgassen, Gustav Neidlinger, Gottlob Frick, Claire Watson Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Christa Ludwig, Lucia Popp, Gwyneth Jones, Maureen Guy, Helen Watts, Grace Hoffman, Anita Välkki Photos:
  15. Item: Various Vinyl Classical Organ Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used 26 classical organ titles, ive taken a picture of the spines to indicate what's there, will not separate Pickup from Jervis Bay or Sylvania NSW
  16. Price and item conditions ...as specified below Delivery Methods: NO PICKUPS SORRY - mail only. Bank transfers, or PayPal (Friends & Family only, no notes) are both welcome. STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW: Once all sold (or near to), a donation to SNA of 5% of items total will follow. Any titles here get brand new inner and/or outer quality Blake sleeves as needed before shipping. I try and ship 3-4 days a week. THE SMALL PRINT: I fully guarantee everything I offer - if you don't like any item for whatever reason, return it at my expense for a full refund, no questions asked (verified 30 day+ active Forum members only thanks).. Original contents are stored inside the cover. I try to ship all records themselves outside the cover, so any postal damage is minimised. I use mostly s/hand pre-made cardboard mailers for all orders, and these virtually guarantee safe arrival of your record (they are also MUCH faster to pack). Combined postage to anywhere in Australia at cost (or close enough) and is EXTRA (ie. not included in prices). ABSOLUTELY NO LOCAL PICKUPS - don't ask - it's not going to happen. Complain to me loudly if anything goes wrong (although it barely ever does) - and it'll be fixed, in your favour.  Please post in this thread to reserve your item(s).  __________________________________ The Rat Pack – Live At The Sands – 2LP Limited reissue in gatefold - BRAND NEW & SEALED. 2014 rmastered set, originally recorded live at The Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada on September 7, 1963. Includes liner notes by Bill Zehme. Digitally remastered by Lee Herschberg. Pressed in the Netherlands and sounds fantastic. For those whose favourite part of the legendary Sinatra/Count Basie LIVE AT THE SANDS album was Frank's lengthy comedic monologue, THE RAT PACK: LIVE AT THE SANDS will arrive like manna from hipster's heaven. The disc features an entire performance by the storied "rat pack" of the Chairman and his musical pals Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr., but most of the show is given over to shtick and banter. Fittingly, Sinatra gets the most straight-ahead musical time with a brace of sterling ballads whose appearance should delight hardcore fans. Fortunately, the humorous barbs passed around the stage for the bulk of the performance are extremely sharp and funny (if politically incorrect in the extreme). Taken as a comedy album with some stirring musical moments, this disc is a gem for those who revere the Rat Pack, as they are captured at the peak of their powers and popularity, exuding hipness from every pore. LIVE AT THE SANDS is a bona fide cultural artefact documenting one generation's apex of cool. $35 Alan Parsons Project – I Robot – 2LP LEGACY 2013 release 35th Anniversary Edition - BRAND NEW & SEALED. MOV pressing in a gatefold sleeve. Including an 8 page booklet with rare photos & liner notes by Alan Parsons, and 14 bonus tracks on the second disc. Lovely double album package. $45 Led Zeppelin - How The West Was Won (SUPER DELUXE EDITION) – 4LP, 3CD, DVD and Book – 2018 EU pressed Box Set. BRAND NEW & SEALED. 'How The West Was Won' highlights the best performances from Led Zeppelin’s legendary concerts at the Los Angeles Forum and Long Beach Arena on June 25 and 27, 1972. Standouts include a 25-plus minute version of 'Dazed And Confused' and a 21-minute medley based around 'Whole Lotta Love'. The performances also capture the band introducing songs from its then-unreleased album 'Houses Of The Holy', which would be released nine months later. The Super Deluxe Boxed Set contains: Remastered audio on three CDs and four 180-gram vinyl LPs. DVD of the album in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and PCM Stereo, plus photo gallery. High-def download card of all stereo audio content at 96kHz/24 bit. A 52 page book filled with rare and previously unpublished photos of the band at each of the concert locations, plus memorabilia and ephemera. High-quality print of the original album cover, the first 30,000 of which will be individually numbered. Goes for anywhere from $230-$245 online anywhere you care to check. How's half that? $125 (ALL GONE) My latest YouTube videos are centred around spinning the unusual, coloured, MOFI, Half Speeds, Aussie, rare and just plain interesting vinyl of classic rock tracks including Meat Loaf, Pink Floyd, TOOL and the Blade Runner OST - have a look! Here's the newest one : YouTube
  17. Thinking of adding Vinyl to my digital stereo listening. What will be the very best setup to step into Rega or ProJet or Music hall for the first turntable Cart? Budget < 1000$ brand new
  18. Blues / Prog Vinyl LP Record Sale. 1.Otis Spann - Otis Spann (Archive Of Folk Music, Everest Records Archive Of Folk & Jazz Music) LP, R VG+ C VG+ $25 2.Sonny Rhodes - I Don't Want My Blues Colored Bright (LP, Album) Label:Advent (3) Cat#: 2808 R VG+ C VG+ $30 3.Slim Harpo - Tip On In (LP, Album, RE)Label:Excello, ExcelloCat#: LP-8008-SO1, 8008 SO-1 R VG+ C VG+ $35 4.Sleepy John Estes ‎– The Legend Of Sleepy John Estes Label: Delmark Records ‎– DS-603 LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo USA R NM C NM $40 5.Eddie Shaw (2) - Movin' And Groovin' Man (LP)Label:Isabel RecordsCat#: 900.514 R NM C NM $25 6.Fenton Robinson - I Hear Some Blues Downstairs (LP) Label:Alligator Records Cat#: AL 4710 R VG+ C VG+ $25 7.Rory Gallagher - Against The Grain (LP, Album) Label:Chrysalis, Chrysalis Cat#: L 35712, (CHR 1098) C VG+ R VG+ $30 8.Supertramp - Breakfast In America (LP, Album) Label:A&M Records, A&M Records Cat#: L 36715, SP-3708 Australia R VG+ C VG+ $25 9.Supertramp - Crime Of The Century (LP, Album) Label:A&M Records, A&M Records Cat#: L 35426, SP 3647 Australia R VG+ C VG $20 10.King Crimson - Lizard (LP, Album) Label:Philips Cat#: PDS 356 1970 Australia R VG GFC VG $40 11.Emerson, Lake & Palmer Label: Manticore ‎– K 43503 Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue UK 1973 R NM C NM $35 12.Emerson, Lake & Palmer ‎– Tarkus Label: Atlantic ‎– SD 9900 Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, gatefold Australia 1971 R VG+ GFC VG+ $20 13.Deep Purple ‎– Fireball Harvest ‎– SHVL-793 LP, Album, Gatefold Australia 1971 R VG+ C VG $30 14. Boston ‎– Third Stage MCA Records ‎– 6188-1 LP, Album, Gatefold Australia 1986 R VG+ C VG+ $25 15. Bob Seger - Greatest Hits 2 LP Gatefold Capitol 1995 UK 8 30334 1 R 1 VG+ R 2 VG+ GFC VG+ $75 16. Cream - Live Cream Volume II (LP, Album) Australia R NM C VG+ $25 17. Free ‎– Free & Easy, Rough & Ready Island Records ‎– 28 243 ET LP Germany (Compilation) R NM C NM $30 18. Rolling Stones ‎– Black And Blue Rolling Stones Records ‎– ESS-63005 LP, Album, Reissue, Gatefold Japan 1979 With OBI & Innersleeve & Lyric Sheet R NM GFC NM INS NM $45 SOLD 19. Rolling Stones ‎– Sticky Fingers Rolling Stones Records ‎– C*C 59100 LP Australia Original Pressing. (No Zipper) R NM C VG+ Innersleeve VG+ $45 SOLD 20.The Jimi Hendrix Experience -Axis Bold As Love - MONO Classic Records, Inc. ‎– 612 003 180gm LP R VG+ (light marks don't affect play) (Superb sound!) GFC NM INS VG+ $60 Buyer Information: I use Discogs Grading Guidelines to determine the condition of a record. Gradings are Record first and then Cover. (GFC = Gatefold Cover). Payment by Paypal only. All prices are in Australian dollars. No pickups sorry. Delivery is by Australia Post. If you are interested in any of these records please note either SOLD or NIL as a comment in this post. I will then send you a PM to confirm. Please note that these records may be listed on other sites so please wait for a comment from me to confirm your purchase. Records are not considered sold until payment is received. Payment must be concluded within 48 hours or the option to purchase will be passed on to the next buyer in line or put back up for sale. All vinyl listed is from my own record collection and play well with any issues noted in the description. Your total cost including postage to your destination will be sent via private message. I only ship to your registered Paypal address so please make sure this is correct before payment. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  19. Stuck at home? Buy this, set it up and enjoy while you are incaserated. REDUCED to SELL I have tried to get back into vinyl after many years away and its just not working for me, I bought this from a fellow SNA'er and all of the accesory items pictured (acessories are all under 1 year old) I hope someone wants this beatiful turntable. It is a bargain I can demo this in Medowie (Yes I have moved) The Silver Mk2 tone arm is fitted with a Garrott P77i cartridge which has literally only played about a dozen albums once, I dont have any more albums !!! . The Graham Slee Special Edition Gram Amp 2 is also new. What will i get ? Everything Listed Below. . . . . . . 1. Origin Turntable https://www.originlive.com/hi-fi/turntable-record-player/turntable-aurora/aurora-turntable-reviews/aurora-turntable-review-st/ 2. Origin Live Silver 250 Mk II tonearm fitted https://www.originlive.com/hi-fi/tonearm/high-performance-tonearm-silver/silver-tonearm-reviews/silver-mk2-tonearm-review-stereo-times/ 3. NEW Garrott P77i Cartridge http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/garrott-p77i-with-microscanner-ii-stylus/ 4. NEW Origin Live Turntable Mat https://www.originlive.com/hi-fi/turntable-upgrades-modification/turntable-platter-mat-best/ 5. NEW KAB Speed Strobe http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/kab-speedstrobe/ 6. NEW Graham Slee Special Edition Gram Amp 2 https://www.analogueseduction.net/phono-stages-phono-boards/graham-slee-gram-amp-2-se-phono-stage.html 7. NEW Qty 2 spirit Levels 8. NEW Lofgren Cartridge Alignment Tool http://turntablebasics.com/align.html 9. NEW Scales for setting stylus force 10. Turntable instructions. Any other instruction books that came with the numerous items. 11. NEW Record Clamp. 12. Turntable Perspex Cover. 13. Seperate motor and drive belt with standard power supply (can be upgraded) 14. Origin Oil for turntable spindle. 15. Sheer Musical Pleasure A TOTAL BARGAIN I will ship at your expense, items will be exceptionally well packed for their safety.
  20. Further information: Paris - $50 Still sealed first US edition Silver Bullet - $25 First UK edition Vinyl VG Sleeve EX DJ Premier - $35 Vinyl VG+ Sleeve VG Jungle Brothers - $25 Vinyl VG+/EX Sleeve VG+ Del THA fUNKEé hOMOSAPiEN - $40 I wish my brother George was here Vinyl NM Sleeve EX (Corner crease) Del THA fUNKEé hOMOSAPiEN - $40 No need for alarm Vinyl NM Sleeve EX (Corner crease) Prince Paul - $40 Vinyl NM Sleeve EX (Corner crease) Masta Ace - $60 Vinyl NM Sleeve NM Post with Australia Post only in afraid. 1LP = $10 2LP’s = $15 3 or more LP’s = $20 Once all sold a donation will be made here. Thanks Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  21. Hi all, I am interested to hear if anyone has come across a DSP based active speaker that truly does a vinyl analog signal justice. I am not suggesting that I have an amazing set of ears but I can usually pick a lack of warmth and clinical objectivity from DSP filters especially those that are situated in active digital speakers. I really like listening to digital music through a digital speaker but there seems to be loss when trying to experience vinyl. Does anyone else have a similar experience? Can anyone recommend a digital speaker that does vinyl justice? thanks
  22. This review is somewhat of a hybrid review, being the component in question started off as somewhat of a mongrel, as many Linn LP12s are- an original afromasia plinth with the classic fluting, made in 1975. When I first purchased it, I took it to Audio Genesis in Sydney, where they performed budget priced upgrades to a late pre-cirkus bearing and subchassis, along with a new armboard and cable for the Basik arm which graced it. For some years I used a high output excel MC cartridge, and then an AT OC-9, and all was well, as I enjoyed purchasing second hand vinyl in the 1990s at cheap prices. After moving down south to Melbourne, it continued to make good music, with a steady diet of music from the 2000s, and the riches of the as yet sleepy used market. After having kids and spending lots of the past 15 years riding bikes, in the past 3-4 years, I decided that it was time to give the old girl a bit of love. I had purchased a few cartridges over the years, which given it was running through an ME-15 pre with an MC board, were all moving coil. AT PT-33 was a well priced favourite, which was superseded by an AT OC-9/mk3, and the Basik gave way to a Jelco 750D, with it's ability to swap head shells. The first big structural modification that I did to the table was a about 2 years ago, when I bought both a cirkus bearing and kore subchassis. This clearly made a difference to the sound of the deck, and the subchassis was much easier to set up, largely due to the fact the the old subchassis was slightly bent! The turntable retained a lot of the Linn rhythmic sound that keeps you listening, though the bottom end was tighter. I found that at times the detail in the high percussion was good, though it seemed to come and go a little. I also bought a trampolin 2 base, which I thought was an improvement on running it without a base, as I had done. Given I had given myself a little bit of a buzz before with the valhalla and its greater than mains voltage, and my kids were getting tall enough to reach it on the wall shelf, this was more a safety upgrade rather than a sound upgrade, though it definitely improved the looks of the deck. Another amateur structural mod that I did was to fit corner braces to the original plinth, and re-glue the corners, which did seem to tighten up the sound. This brings me to the subject of the current review... 2019 was a year of reduced spending and hard work, and towards the end of it, as a Christmas present, my partner suggested that I should think about getting one of those plinths that I had talked about after I saw them at the Hifi show. I had seen this sign with a few examples in the VAF room, and discussed them with Simon from VAF, who said that he and another bloke, Ben, were starting a business around turntable setup, maintenance and upgrades, and the plinths were part of that. No they weren't yet for sale, as they were needed to show some shops. I put thoughts of immediate purchases out of my mind, and thought about other things. Now that the opportunity came to purchase one, got into contact with Ben, through the website www.hifiguru.com.au . I checked out a few of the models they had on offer on the still pretty rudiimentary website, and really had my heart set on a red gum plinth with a fantastic wavy grain. Ben got back to me via email, and we messaged about what was available, and agreed that I would get the Red gum, along with a new Linn top plate. The cost of the plinth was about $1500, which is a little more than a stock Linn plinth, but much cheaper than importing a Woodsong plinth or Booplinth, which were crazy prices. It may seem a bit silly paying this much for the wood surround of a record player, but I reasoned that when I play a record, I listen, let my thoughts wander, and spend quite a lot of time looking at the turntable itself, so getting one that is just beautiful was not so silly. It took the better part of a month to go from agreeing to purchase to getting the plinth itself, due to christmas and holidays, and during that time, I took advantage of a sale at Tivoli hifi to pick up a lingo 4 at a good price. It just seemed that if I was going to update the plinth, the motor had to be done too. Come the end of January, and it was all coming together. I met Ben to pick up the plinth, and despite his offer to build up the player as part of the purchase, I really wanted to do it myself. The plinth looked even better in the flesh than I remembered, and certainly than in photos. The top plate was well set and the bolts were vertical. It was time to build. I had borrowed a set up jig and some tools, which make the whole shebang much easier. First up was removing the subplatter, bearing and tonearm from the old table, which was no problem at all. Then was the process of fitting the Lingo 4 into the new plinth, along with the aforementioned bits. All went fairly well, with no issues. Soon I had a table which was fully stocked with parts, just needing tuning. If any of you have set up the suspension of an LP12, it is not magic, but it does require a bit of futzing around after you have set the platter to level, at about the height of the plinth edge. After the requisite twisting of the spring grommets, and bouncing of the platter, I had achieved a good bounce with no side to side movement. After that I attached and dressed the tonearm cable, which took a little longer, with a bit more twisting and bouncing for good measure. It was ready for the base to be reinstalled (a tight fit) and to be placed on the wall shelf (essential for any turntable in a house with floorboards, in my opinion). The finished product looks fantastic- a definite step up from the old girl who has travelled so far with me. It sounds fantastic, retaining that rhythmic coherence that LP12's are famous for, but what the Plinth/Lingo 4 add is a little more air in the upper frequencies- cymbals sound a bit more like they should, with less tizz, and a bit more separation of instruments. The biggest change to my ears has been the increased definition of bass guitar, bass drum, and the bottom end in general. It comes across as stronger, but without the kind of amiable boominess that the older versions of the deck have had. I have found that the change has been for the better with all the styles of music that I play, from rock/pop/metal, to jazz and classical. Overall this renovation of my LP12 has been just what I wanted- bringing a bit more audiophile into the musical fun of the original, without losing any of it. For the moment I am just enjoying it, currently listening regularly, with no thoughts of what comes next. Justin
  23. Item: 57 records Price Range: nil. Nothing Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Memories from my youth. Some good. Some bad. Lots ugly. All Ultrasonic cleaned. Lots of classical. Some pop compilations from 70’s / 80’s. Some good ones. Double ups of mine. the photos are an example of what you can expect. prob pickup only. Redland Bay. Near Brissy Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  24. Hey Guys. I'm interested in which records you listen to with the most regularity, especially all you well known members, but encouraging newcomers who may become well known in time Even as I post regularly, I don't post everything I listen to and over time our more often played choices may not be apparent. Feel free to elaborate on your choices to your hearts content, we all have a story when it comes to our favourite records and bands. Some of you know I like to ramble on a bit sometimes. Keeping it exclusively vinyl with different threads for other formats. Maybe two lists each with three albums... 1. Top 3 giving you the most delight at present. 2. Top 3 on highest rotation in collection. I've been buying some new vinyl recently. When I was young all records sounded bloody unreal. We had a nice Pioneer stereo and it rocked. When my brother and I moved into a flat, he had a very nice system too. After joining this forum around 3 years ago, my ears have certainly become a lot more critical and quite a few of my records sound pretty ordinary, compared with others that are commonly accepted as great sounding records i.e. Roxy Music's 'Avalon'. I now have some awesome sounding vinyl, but I'm looking for better versions of some of my favourite albums. The prime example is Black Sabbath's 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'. I have had two, second hand, Aust. pressings that were in fair condition, and currently the Earmark reissue which is just woeful. One of my top three albums and I don't listen to vinyl - shame on me! I'm on the hunt for the Rhino Records reissue. Right now I listen to great sounding records. My top 3 spinners right now are - 1. Muse 'Origin of Symmetry' The only Muse album I have on vinyl, picked up at JB HiFi soon after release. I have most of their CD's and a couple of DVD's, saw them at Riverstage in Brisbane around 2009(?) Great sounding record and Muse in strong form. 2. The Angels 'Two Minute Warning' I've only had this about two weeks but it's been getting a workout. The sound is as I remember from an old friend's copy - excellent. The band I have seen the most in my life. This album was released as I was finishing year 12 and beginning to go to licenced gigs. Live music and Aussie pub rock were in fine form. I've always been happy with the CD, but recently added to my essential vinyl supply. 3. Alkaloid 'Liquid Anatomy' Progressive, Technical Death Metal from Germany. You'll see from my next top 3 list that Metal is normally my thing. My first gig was Maiden's 'The Beast on the Road'. I listen to many styles of music but I always return to Metal. Very impressed with the all round quality of this release. My Top 3 records ever in rotation are... 1. KISS 'Dynasty' The first record I ever bought myself. I have a lovely U.S. promo copy that sounds awesome. My original Aussie copy was played to death. It's No.1 on the list because it was the first. I've never really liked 'I was Made for Lovin' You' & 'Sure Know Something', but the rest of the album rocks. For me it is the sound of New York from that time, I have strong, positive emotional connections to the record itself and the music. 2. Black Sabbath 'Mob Rules' When I first got back into records around three years ago, this was the first album I replaced, with a second NM Aussie pressing. I was in year 8 when this was released, it copped a flogging on our stereo and I especially liked it through the headphones. Another record that transports me back every time it spins. It's always a toss up between this and 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath', and as I don't currently listen to that on vinyl it can't be listed. 3. Led Zeppelin 'IV' I have had three Aussie pressings and the Jimmy Page remaster. Have always loved this classic record and it transports me to a magical, medieval world. There are no rules - Enjoy -
  25. * Item full name and model etc. ...see below for individual details * Location ... Melbourne * Item condition description ... varies as detailed in text below (Standard SNA/Goldmine gradings) * Price and price conditions ...as specified below * Reason for selling ... latest finds * Payment/delivery Methods: NO PICKUPS SORRY - mail only. Bank transfers, or PayPal (Friends & Family only, no notes) are both welcome. STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW: Once all sold (or near to), a donation to SNA of 5% of items total will follow. Any titles here get brand new inner and/or outer quality Blake sleeves as needed before shipping. I try and ship 3-4 days a week. THE SMALL PRINT: I fully guarantee everything I offer - if you don't like any item for whatever reason, return it at my expense for a full refund, no questions asked (verified 30 day+ active Forum members only thanks).. Original contents are stored inside the cover. I try to ship all records themselves outside the cover, so any postal damage is minimised. I use mostly s/hand pre-made cardboard mailers for all orders, and these virtually guarantee safe arrival of your record (they are also MUCH faster to pack). Combined postage to anywhere in Australia at cost (or close enough) and is EXTRA (ie. not included in prices). ABSOLUTELY NO LOCAL PICKUPS - don't ask - it's not going to happen. Complain to me loudly if anything goes wrong (although it barely ever does) - and it'll be fixed, in your favour.  Please post in this thread to reserve your item(s).  __________________________________ FREE POSTAGE for any order over $50 Delivery guaranteed before Xmas. 10/12 DISCOUNTS in PLACE - FIRST & FINAL Janet Jackson - Control: The Remixes - 2019 US repress on 2LP black vinyl (602577867422) VG+/VG+. Cover is great but for some edgewear, and split along bottom edge of 3-4cms. OIS all good, and two slightly marked discs that play great. $25 $22 Janet Jackson - Velvet Rope - 2LP in gatefold (602577666698) VG++/VG+. Awesome cover with only lightest wear to corner edges, else two great OIS, and two only whispy marked vinyl. $30 $25 Spoon - Girls Can Tell - US 2008 press (673855019512) NM/VG++. Lovely cover without wear, disc has only lightest of marks visible. $20 $18 Peter Gabriel – So – 2016 double disc set gatefold (0884108004340) VG+/VG+. The album has been Half-Speed Remastered and cut to lacquers at 45RPM, across 2 x heavyweight LPs, to deliver maximum dynamic range in the sound. The vinyl was cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering, mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis and overseen by Peter’s main sound engineer Richard Chappell. Gatefold sleeves utilise imagery from the original LP inner bags and all images are newly re-scanned. The album is a Limited Edition and individually Numbered (#9109) on back cover. Cover is great but for a little rubbing wear on front, no hype sticker. Disc 1 has some marks, but plays through them all beautifully. Disc 2 unmarked. $45 $40 Peter Gabriel – So – 2016 European repress (0884108004548) - 2016 Half Speed Mastered -(884108004548) VG++/VG++. Cover has little wear, and no hype sticker. 33 1/3 half speed mastered lacquer cut by Matt Colton @ Alchemy Mastering.With colour inner. Vinyl is near perfect - a few very light wisps can be found. Really nice all round. $38 $35 Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814 - US 2019 repress gatefold first time on double vinyl (602577650413) SEALED VG+/NM. Black vinyl double, never before on twin wax. With everything - just one long thin slash to the front cover left spine, through the shrink, the only letdown. $20 Genesis – Nursery Cryme – 1971 German pressed ‘320’ mastering in gatefold (6369 916) VG+/VG+. Awesome original cover with only light edgewear to be found, little nick out of top right front corner. Original german store price sticker in place top right front. Gatefold inside is very clean. Back has nothing to mention. Plain white paper inner. Wax is marked aournd the deadwax and rim only - music sections are all beautiful. $20 Genesis – Trespass – German 70’s reissue press ‘320’ mastering Laminated Gatefold, Large Mad Hatter Labels (6369 905) VG+/VG+. Cover is fantastic back and front, only tiniest edge wrinkles but 99% of the laminate is as it was created. Price sticker top right front. Inside gatefold is browning and spotting now, else clean and straight. Plain white paper OIS and suspect it's original. The wax is glossy, deep black and has just edge markings to be seen. $20 Renee Geyer - Moving Along - AUS 1977 OG press (VPL10140) VG+/VG++. Features 'Heading In The Right Direction' and 'Stares And Whispers'. Cover is great but for tiny wear on back (a spot and a hint of ringwear). The wax is absolutely beautiful - lustrous black and no wear. $30 Rolling Stones - Very Best Of - 2LP AUS Decca/Telmak (TMAK 017) VG+/VG+. Cover is great but for one edge bend top left front, little ringwear shadow on the back, else very nice. Records are great, Disc 1 has a few more whisps and wear then Disc 2. Both play well. $25 Jimi Hendrix - Smash Hits - Stereo AUS 70's repress (613004) VG++/VG++. Amazing cover with virtualy no wear, and a black glossy record. These are usually completely trashed, so this is a great pickup. $40 Madeline Peyroux - Secular Hymns - 2016 B&N Exclusive Ltd Time gatefold release (Impulse! – 5701703) NM/NM SEALED. Perfect factory shrink copy with hype sticker on top right front. $50 The Police - Synchronicity - Japanese w/OBI (A&M AMP-28075) VG++/VG++. Cover is faultless, OBI shmick and record unmarked and perfect. $40
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