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  1. Item: Bottlehead Crack with Speedball Upgrade and Tube Upgrades (Chatham 6080WA, Brimar CV4003) Location: Melbourne, VIC. Will ship ($20AUD Australia wide) Price: $700 ono Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to Crackatwoa Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This headphone valve amp was built by myself in December 2018. I've used it up until November 2019 when I upgraded to a Crackatwoa. An excellent amp for high impedance cans such as Sennheiser HD650/600, Beyerdynamics and ZMFs. This will come with the stock tubes (RCA 6080s and GE input tubes) as well as tube upgrades for both the output and inputs: Chatham 6080WA and Brimar CV4003, all NOS when purchased. This combination of tubes gives a punchy and musical sound with a little bit of sparkle, yet losing none of the rich mids that valve amps are known for. The Chatham 6080WAs are sonic equivalents of Tungsol 6080s, which are ridiculously hard to find and are one of the most popular tubes used on Bottlehead Cracks. The finish is a Scandinavian Oil with a spray painted dark grey metal top plate. (There are some imperfections in the spray painting). I have other tubes that can be sold either together with the amp or separately (not included in the purchase price). All NOS and used briefly for testing. GEC 6080 - +$200 - a much warmer, sweeter tube than the Chatham 6080WA Tungsol 5998 +$200 - enough said... Tungsol 6080 +$100 - punchy, musical Photos:
  2. Item: Shanling MC-30 Music Centre (Valves) Location: Perth, can ship Price: $625 or $650 with Logitech Harmony 650 universal remote Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too much gear Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Shipped - Direct Deposit Extra Info: I am the second owner of this locally delivered 240V unit and I am sure I will regret selling this later. Ask anyone who has ever come across one of these and they will back me up with how they were blown away by this little unit. The build quality is excellent, thick aluminium body and heavy transformers. The design is well thought out with the feet all featuring levelling. The sound it makes is lush and although it seems like it would not create a generous amount of sound at 3W (Class A) I can fill a lounge room with gorgeous sound without even going half way on the dial. This is without even using easy to drive speakers, I had used Quad 11L and Dynaudio Contour 1.32E which are both only about 86dB. It has a pre-out should you want more power, but I tried using a Quad 909 and preferred it direct. The unit actually provided more bass on its own. Feature wise, CD player, FM and AM radio, 3.5mm input and RCA input which should cover everything you could want. The original owner lost the remote but the unit can be operated from the controls on the device itself. Volume adjustment is a bit of a chore like that though so I picked up a Logitech universal unit which I can include for an extra $25 (cost $70). A common issue with many Shanling CD players is the occasion pause during cd playback but this is occurs only very occasionally and lasts about 1 - 2 seconds before resuming. The MC-30 has been otherwise faultless. I have the original double box so can ship at buyers risk if desired but note it is fairly heavy. Great chance to get into valves or Class A amplification without too much outlay. Questions welcome and I will try to answer best I can. Donation on sale to SNA. Please look at all the glowey bits in the pictures! Praise: https://www.stereophile.com/integratedamps/308shan/index.html http://www.charismaaudio.com/products/shanling/mc30.htm Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: Plessis Audio Model A Valve Amp Location: Sandgate, North Brisbane Price: $2200.00 - Prepared to Neg. Item Condition: Excellent (New Cond.) Reason for selling: It was passed on to me by my Dad, and being sitting in a Box for a while. (Have two other Amps) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, / Could also post at Buyers expense Extra Info: Was originally purchased from Len Wallis in Sydney by my farther who used it in his office as a small setup, I inherited it when he passed. Have another Valve Amp (Earle Weston) and a MF, this is just sitting in a box for the last few years seems rather a waste. The current/ original valves have only 135 hours on them. I've just unboxed it and integrated it into my system to test and sounds great. One of the other members (Sir Triode) here did a review of it here back in Feb 2017 (Link below), it goes by the name of a Classic. Whether Plessis rebadged it or Classic did who knows, in any case is sounds excellent. Can operate in both linear mode (40W) or Triode mode (20W) with a switch on the back of the Amp. It has a Bias Adjustment System via 4 dip switches and a dial. Has an Elapsed Time Meter to indicate how long the valves have been in use for. Specifications: See image of Specifcations from Manual. Photos:
  4. Item: Copland CVA306 Preamp Location: NSW 2257 Central Coast - can probably post Price: $1,050 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This seems to be a pretty rare beast. 6-channel valve preamp by well know Danish HiFi company, Copland. I’ve had it for a few years – it’s a great performer, and built like a tank. To be honest, I can find very little about this model on the Net, but it seems it’s still available from at least one US outlet – for US$ 3,995! I’ve used this in straight 2-channel mode, using the Stereo output L&R + the multichannel Sub output. But the intriguing aspect is that it will handle 5.1 surround inputs, and run them to a 5.1 power amp. If you have (say) a Blue-Ray player that will decode and has analogue 5.1 analogue outputs, then this Preamp is way to put some “tube sound” into your system. But at the same time you could use a 2-channel DAC / streamer (as I did) into the stereo inputs. The unit has 6 Sovtek 12AX7LPS valves – all working fine, so far as I can tell. So I guess a good opportunity for some level of tube-rolling. I have no box, so would prefer local pickup, but I could probably repurpose another box and mail it, if required – though it’s surprisingly heavy! I could also leave it Sydney North Shore for pickup. http://www.divertech.com/coplandcva306.html I also found a copy of the manual online - but it's pretty basic. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/752864/Copland-Cva306.html#manual Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. I was searching for a valve preamplifier to match with my McIntosh 240. Recently found this odd looking unit with someone I know . He was using it only very occasionally and was happy to sell it. Anyway I decided to give it a try. Seller said its a Trevor Lees Audio valve preamplifer. Unfortunately he don't have much detail info about this unit. - There are only very few switches on the front panel without any labels ( Separate volume controls for left and right channel & two switches with unknown functionality) - It seems like there are four AUX inputs and one Phono input. - Caps I could see are Sprague, Seimens, Wonder Cap (Ultima series with Danor). - Valves from right to left - Zaerix ECC88, Sylvania 6SL7, Zaerix 6DJ8, Zaerix 6DJ8, Zaerix 6DJ8. - Not sure which make is the volume pot. - It has got a separate power supply unit ( Power supply unit is a bit noisy when switched on ). Anyone else here using the same preamplifier (Will be helpful for me to gather more info on this) ? Pictures I tried connecting it to my McIntosh 240 and it sounds good. I'm sure it has got a lot of space for further improvement. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Item: Audio Research VSi60 Location: Richmond,. VIC 3121 Price: $3,250 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Cashflow issues with my business Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: The amp was bought from Carlton Audio two years ago, has been used sparingly since in my (design) studio. I have no idea how many hours are on the tubes unfortunately, but once it's warmed up it's the sweetest thing ever, as you'll know if you know Audio Research. Comes with all its boxing, manuals and the rest, and I'll throw in a pair of Chord interconnects to go with it for a quick sale. I wouldn't be letting this go if I didn't have to - breaks my damn heart - nor at this price if I didn't need a quick sale. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Item: Audio Valve Baldur 70 Monoblocks Location: Bexley NSW Price: $5500 ono Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: too much power for avantgarde speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Advertise on behalf of a friend in Bexley NSW who doesn’t have SNA account. Bought brand new about 3.5 years ago and rarely used. Still has original boxes. 2 set of tubes. Rca tubes and original set of tubes. Description: Push-pull, class-A, triode monoblock power amplifier. Tube complement: two 2AU7, 12AX7, two 6N6P; four 6AS7G. Maximum power output: 70W into 8 ohm load at 1% distortion (18.5dBW). THD at rated output: 0.3% (50W, 100Hz–10kHz). Power bandwidth: 10Hz–50kHz ±3dB. Damping factor: 20. Input sensitivity: 0dBm (775mV). Dimensions: 12.8" (325mm) W by 11.8" (300mm) H by 15" (385mm) D. Weight: 35.25 lbs (16kg). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Hi everyone, I thought you might be interested in this new valve amp for DIY'ers. The full kit isn't available yet, but not too long off. see www.redrookits.com
  9. Item: Audio Research LS26 line stage hybrid preamplifier Location: Pascoe Vale South, Vic. Price: $3700 ONO Item Condition: Excellent condition, well looked after. Hasn't had a lot of use in the past couple of years. Comes with remote, no original box. Reason for selling: Too much hifi, something has to go to make way for more pro audio gear. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Beautiful preamp in silver. Comes with remote, however the battery compartment cover is missing. Otherwise there are one or two very minor blemishes on the faceplate, see pics. I've just fitted matching NOS Amperex Bugle Boy tubes from the 1960's, which sound far better the the Sovtek installed previously, and will include a second pair of Bugle Boys also. Pictures:
  10. Location: Sydney Hifi Mona Vale Item: Audio Space AS-6i (300B) Tube Integrated Amplifier Price: $3800 Item Condition: Excellent Condition Reason for selling: Trade In Product Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only This product is available for in-store audition and is store pickup only Extra Info: https://sydneyhifimonavale.com.au/products/audio-space-as-6i-300b-tube-integrated-amplifier Outstanding Features Rugged stainless steel chassis High quality EI transformers and components Switching between direct and line input Switching between high and low negative feedback Headphone jack Innovative tube circuitry with choke coil Specifications Output Power: 2 x 21W (Triode – Class A Push-Pull) Output Impedance: 4, 8 ohm Input: Single-ended RCA x 3 Vacuum Tubes: 2 x 6N9P (6SL7 or ECC35) 2 x 6N8P (6SN7 or ECC32) 4 x 300B Dimensions (W x H x D): 400 x 190 x 300 mm Net weight: 22 kg Pictures:
  11. Item: Pioneer SM-Q 300 Valve FM, AM, SW Receiver Location: Seddon, Melbourne Price: $600 Item Condition: Good, considering age Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash - or Pack n Send or similar organised by you, but it weighs 12kg Extra Info: This is a circa 1962 receiver. Quite rare - you seldom see them on ebay or similar. A curiosity with this model is that it has two separate MW receivers which you can run on separate stations - evidently this was to future proof in case stereo AM broadcasts started, using two separate frequencies for left and right. Also has SW. This one was completely serviced by Resurrection Radio back in 1998 (see pic of reciept), and more recently given a thorough going over by Dallas Clarke about 8 years ago after a capacitor decided to moonlight as a smoke grenade, although his receipt is less enlightening as to the work done. A house move resulted in it living in a pillow case on a shelf for the last 7 years, so its really time to let it go. I've had it since around 1994. The only issue I'm aware of is that Dallas Clarke said the push button power switch isn't original and isn't rated at switching lots of amps at 240v, so he bypassed it. Hence it has to be turned on and off at the wall / power board. All lights work, and the tuning valve works too. Link to list of valves used, and schematic, for those interested in such details: https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/pioneer/sm-q300.shtml Pictures:
  12. Item: DNM Design Precision 2 Speaker Cable (2.5m pair) fitted with genuine Audio Note Banana plugs Location: Perth WA, can send to all capital cities. Price: $250- less 20% now $200- + delivery Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer used in my set up due to change of speaker configuration Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal if shipping. Extra Info: Great sounding cable designed to be used with low power amplifiers, as experienced with my 8 W SET 300B amp. The cables are fitted with genuine Audio Note Silver Banana Plugs. A change in speaker configuration a year ago has now made made these obsolete for me so they may as well go to a good home and someone else can enjoy them. For details about the cable - https://www.hificollective.co.uk/components/dnm-design-precision-2-speaker-cable.html - http://www.dnm.co.uk/cablesdetail.html Please feel free to PM if any questions. Pictures:
  13. Item: World Audio Design KLPP1 TUBE/VALVE PHONO PRE AMPLIFIER Location: Goulburn 2580 NSW Price: 250 Item Condition: Excellent fully working Reason for selling: Too many pre amps. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer Extra Info: An extremely well built valve powered pre amp costing around £700 when new with the ability to roll the two valves. Warm rich open valve sound making vinyl come to life. Five line inputs and tape monitor These are rare in good working order. Happy To Post at Buyers Expense Note: Totally unmodified in any way and working to original spec. Actual Photos Below. Pictures:
  14. Item: SOLD elsewhere: Manley Labs - The Purist - Valve Preamplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $1250 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: replaced by an Earle Weston special preamp Payment Method: Pickup - COD with free personal delivery around Melbourne Extra Info: Second model release with the 24K Gold plated facia. Retail $1650 USD in 1994. Designed in the early nineties by David Manley himself. With quite a few interesting features and options. For example, three level system gain setting, 3 sets of outputs, or the balance controls also serve as a form of dynamic tone control via their use of variable negative feedback, which works out as ideal for taking the edge off some modern aggressive mastering. "Manley Laboratories 'The Purist Preamplifier'. Designed by David Manley, the Purist Preamplifier uses the best available parts with the shortest, cleanest, signal path possible. This Preamp has all the vital signal conducting electronics located near the input / output jacks with the controls connected with long shafts. The high-current line circuit employed here is one we have developed and refined over the years in our MANLEY Professional series. Minimalist signal path is accomplished with a few short, wide PC traces and very little wire. The signal wire is six nines pure copper, teflon insulated and well shielded. The signal is direct coupled through the tube stages and is only passed through one capacitor per side -and these are premium MIT foil/film caps . The gain controls are precise conductive plastic pots with the main volume being a custom unit specially imported that has superior electrical and mechanical characteristics. These controls are a large part of why this preamp has such a musical appeal similar to precision passive preamps. While passive preamps are notoriously sensitive to interconnect cables, this preamp will be easier to interface due to its constant low impedance output and high impedance inputs. Finally (but really initially) the power supply is a simple, highly filtered, well engineered design without the reliability problems common in other high voltages supplies." Manley Purist Preamplifier: Vacuum tubes: 2 x 5751, & 2 X 6414 Input Impedance: 100 kOhm Output impedance: 50 Ohms Freq. Response: 10 Hz - 80 KHz S/N ratio: typically 95 dB A WGT 20-20K Power consumption: 33 Watts (275mA @ 120VAC) Gain with FB @MIN: H=16, M=12, L=10dB Gain with FB @MAX: H=25. M=22, L=19dB Noise Floor: typically -70 dB Five line level inputs MUTE switch Balanced XLR & Unbalanced RCA main outs Precision Stepped volume control Record Output Pictures:
  15. Hi everyone! I've been reading this forum for a while and finally decided to register and create my first topic Finally finished my DIY amplifier project. I always wanted to design a tube amplifier but didn't have much time for it. This project took me about 6 months to finish. It has two power amplifiers inside: a solid state one based on STA540 and a class-A single-ended 6SN7+6V6 tube stereo amplifier. You can switch between 2 amplifiers using a knob on the front panel. The reason of having 2 amplifiers is simple: the device is used as a computer audio amplifier. Most of the time I use it to watch videos or playing games. STA540 is a high-quality power amplifier and it will be more than enough for these purposes. But when you want to enjoy some music (e.g jazz) you can simply turn on the tube amp. Such system can significantly extend tube life. I wanted to use a modern circuitry in the tube amp design. The operating point (cathode currents etc) is precisely controlled by the integrated circuits, while the audio signal only goes through the tubes and high-quality capacitors and resistors. I also used a switch mode power supply which is much smaller and more efficient than classic linear ones. In addition to that, it doesn't have this 50 Hz hum, as the operating frequency is higher than 100 kHz. I know that sometimes it can produce a high-frequency noise, so I used a comprehensive filtering of the output voltages. There is a "magic eye" tube (6E5C) on the front panel for indication, but it's just a nice looking gimmick :). I ordered PCBs in China and it took around 10 days for them to get delivered to my place. And finally, a very important thing: the amp appearance! I used brushed aluminium and jarrah wood as the main materials. The CNC routing was done here, in Australia. I gradually sanded the wood (the last sandpaper was 400 grit) and covered it with 4 layers of transparent lacquer to enhance the natural colour and to protect the wood. I also added copper pipes for steampunk appearance :). The labels on the rear panel were laser engraved. Overall, I'm very happy with this amp and I'm glad that I found some time to finish it. Both amps sound great. I prefer to use the tube one to listen jazz or blues while the solid state one is better (IMHO) for more bassy genres.
  16. Item: Melody Valve Pre Amp P1688 & 2 x Melody Valve Power Amps PM845 USED PERFECT CONDITION 9.5/10 Price: $7500 Dimensions Preamp: 44 x 35 x 22 25kg Dimensions Power Amp: 30 x 65 x 26 55kg Location: GOLD COAST Item Condition: AS PER DESCRIPTION ABOVE Reason for selling: UPGRADE Payment Method: PICKUP - CASH, PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER, COD Shipping: AVAILABLE AT BUYERS EXPENSE Extra Info: ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK Pictures: AS ATTACHED
  17. Items: A3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier A3.2 Upsampling 24bit CD Player X-PSU (with 3 x power cables) X10-D Tube Buffer X-24K DAC X-CAN v2 Tube Headphone Amplifier X-PRE Pre-Amplifier X-LPS Phono Pre Amplifier Location: Belrose (Northern beaches, Sydney) Price: $6000 Item Condition: Used / excellent visually and all components working perfectly (except amp remote volume control) Reason for selling: Downsizing to a streaming set-up Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Sadly, it’s time to let go of my much-beloved Musical Fidelity system. It’s time to down-size to a streaming system (Kef LS50W) Comes with remotes and some cables (the amp remote’s volume buttons don’t work; it seems to be a common issue with this model remote) All components are in excellent condition and are in perfect working order. I’m hoping to find a good home for the complete system as shown. Actually, the main reason to sell is despite her liking the awesome sound, my wife hates the look of it all. Will post/courier at buyer’s expense. Pictures:
  18. Item: A pair of CONSONANCE CYBER 845 MONO BLOCKS Location: Ascot Vale, Victoria Price: $1800 (Firm) Item Condition: Excellent - These amps have been lovingly cared for however there are a couple of slight dents/marks on the side edge as shown in the pictures. They look far worse in the pictures than in the flesh and must have happened during our recent move as I had not noticed them until I looked them over for this add. Reason for selling: I am told that these are too big for our lounge room. Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: Over the years I cycled through a few amps, valve and solid state before finally settling on these. During this journey I found that I was very drawn to the Single ended valve sound, however, found their low power limiting. The Consonance 845's where the solution for me with class A, single ended, 28 watts. I currently have Shuguang 845B, National Electronics 5687 and Philips SQE88CC tubes fitted to the amp and will include the additional valves, shown in the pictures, in the sale. Due to the size & weight, (approx 30Kg each), a local pick-up only. Please note that I am happy to audition for serious buyers but I am firm on the price. these are outstanding amplifiers which present great value at this price. If I can't get this price my wife will just have to put up with them in our lounge Pictures:
  19. Item: McChanson MarzE KT88/EL34 Tube Amplifier Location: Melbourne, St Kilda Price: 750 firm Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: too many amps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale is this 16W KT88 tube amplifier, built in Australia by Eric Chan. Single Ended amp, so the power around 8W to 10W for 6L6GC / 300B amps. For KT88 it is around 16 W and a bit less for EL34. There is a switch to use it either UL or Triode mode. The handle to the back is Triode, the handle to the front is UL ( Ultral Linear ) mode. Output is lower for Triode mode. You should try both modes to see which one mode you prefer. I used this amp with my Focal 1007S speakers (sensitivity 89db, 8 ohms). The volume knob was at 8 o'clock only because higher volume is too loud for my room. "This is the last McChanson MarzE amp, which has MarzE output transformers which costs many times more than timE transformer based amp. This is one of the top of the range model Eric produced and Eric (producer of McChanson Tube Amps) cannot produce this specific model because he cannot source this beautiful transformers any longer. The chassis has been upgraded to all silver. They are rock solid and heavy. The coupling capacitors are Russian PIO (Paper In Oil) , the attenuator is an ALPS stepped unit, the rectifier is a Mullard 5AR4, plus other upgraded parts inside. It originally cost $1700 and it comes with extra tubes for tube rolling. Currently installed are a pair of Genalex Gold Lion Russian KT 88's. Spare addition tubes included: 2 x Matched Pair GE USA 6EM7/6EA7 Light Grey Plate Coin Base Vacuum Tubes 129/75% 2 x Matched Pair 6P3S-E Russia. Erick wrote me: Russian 6P3S-E is good, it is standard for my 6L6GC amps. set the bias to 50mV OK, but you can try to increase up to 60mV to see how the sound improves, if any. Documents regarding bias adjustments will be provided. Adjustments can be done easily by non experienced people. The amp enables you to have tubes rolling fun. The amp is compatible in using all other 6L6 family tubes: 6L6 (metal), 6L6G, GA, GB and 5881, KT66, KT77, KT88, also EL34and 6P3S-E. Pictures:
  20. Item: Opera Consonance Cyber 845 S Location: Goulburn NSW 2580 Price: $2,700.00 Item Condition: Perfect, Mint Reason for selling: Too Many Amplifiers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have been using this pair of 845 S to run my Soul Superfly's, I have also used them on my Quad ESL 57's, they handle any source I have thrown at them impeccably. The 845 Valves fitted are PS Vane valves, there are also two brand new PS Vane 845's included for spares. I am the second owner these last 4 years. Due to the weight of these monoblocks, I would prefer collect only please, however I have the original manufacturers boxes, I would post but at additional cost to the buyer. What do they sound like? The industry's highly regarded 6moons Blue Moon award speaks for itself. Specification Cyber845S Power Output: 28 watt, RMS 1kHz Total harmonic distortion: less than 1% (15watt, 1kHz) Frequency response: (-3dB points at 15 watt) 5Hz - 47kHz Input sensitivity: 0.7V Input impedance: 100k ohms Output: 4, 8 ohms. User selectable Signal/Noise: 90db Consumption: 190 watt x 2 Input Interfaces: 1 group (RCA) Vacuum tube: E88CC x 2, 5687 x 2, 5AR4 x 2, 845 x 2 Warm-Up Time: 3 Minutes Dimensions: 390 x 190 x 500mm (HxWxD) Weight: 35kg x 2 (packed) Pictures:
  21. Item: Audio Research VSi60 Integrated Valve Amplifier Location: Melbourne 3127 Price: $3000 Item Condition: 9.5/10 (good as new, no reason for knocking off 0.5!) Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements (gone solid state this time) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash; Paypal to long-established SNA members Extra Info: Beautiful sounding and reasonably powerful integrated valve amp from the hugely respected Audio Research stable. Purchased in Feb 2016 and with no more than 60 hours on the valves (KT-120). In original box with remote and power chord. This is a relist from a year back - too disorganized to relist it back then. I have reused the same pictures - it has not changed condition in that time (lived in box, just removed recently for a last listen before parting with it). I can demo to serious buyers, including at your place if not too far away. Pictures:
  22. Now we have our Forum back and alive (and again my thanks to those whose work has saved it), I thought I'd get the ball rolling and ask: who here is a DIY'r and why? Since I have been an electronics hobbyist from childhood virtually that lead to my life long career in electronics, I have noticed that in New Zealand there's virtually zero interest in building gear be it for hifi audio or anything these days. It's worldwide to some extent but the Internet has opened up incredible platforms for info exchange and there are a few hardcore followers out there still. For NZ though the most I find are the Maker Crowd who from many age groups dabble with either the Rasberry PI or Arduino and are more interested in writing the computer code than picking up a soldering iron.... So just out of interest, is anyone making their own gear?
  23. Thanks for letting me in here. Had no idea this community existed. Been enjoying good quality audio for about 30 years, and designing and building valve amps for the last two (and blogging about it). I have a fairly emperor's-new-clothes philosophy about hi-fi and tend to be quite ruthless about audio homeopathy, that's my fair warning. Things definitely need to acquit themselves by merit rather than marketing, to get my attention. Interesting in chatting and trading ideas, especially with other DIYers
  24. Item: Prima Luna Dialogue Two Integrated Amplifier Location:Darwin NT Price: $2000.00 ono Item Condition:As new Reason for selling:Upgraded to new model PL. Payment Method: Pickup - EFT. or Cash Extra Info:Superb valve amp,38 wpc,can change output valves to KT88 or KT120 to suit your taste. Pictures:
  25. Item: ICON AUDIO STEREO 40 MKIII - SERVICED/NEW TUBES Location: BONDI Price: $1900 Item Condition: USED/SOME VERY MINOR MARKS Reason for selling: CHANGE TO ANOTHER AMP Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Icon Audio Stereo 40 MKIII valve amplifier perfect working order With all original boxes and manuals, multi-meter for adjusting bias(very simple procedure) Regretful sale due to upgrade to another valve amplifier Recently professionally serviced and all new valves installed (Approx $1000 spent) Some very minor marks on chassis (you need to look close to see them) One minor scratch on perspex valve cover approx 30mm long but quite fine (could be buffed out) Remote has very minor dent in bottom left corner Amazing build quality and sound for the money. 40 watt plus in Ultralinear mode (20 in Triode mode) will power most speakers Please google for reviews. Very heavy approx 30kg - I prefer pickup I have lived with and enjoyed this amp for a quite few years and am happy to answer any questions you may have Thanks for looking Pictures:
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