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Found 5 results

  1. hehe looks like we are well and truly stressing the cable standards with uhd release.... its not often you have a reviewer declare that something sucks...well its official hdmi sucks .... its been caught with its pants on fire ...everyone will remember hdmi org officially declaring there are only two standards..... standard speed and high speed high speed was supposed to do it all...well guess what either the standard is not very well policed or they have been well and truly caught out ! as it happens its a real mine field people are finding ...cables that were high speed...people aren't finding are working...cables declared to pass 4k and 18 GBPS are being found to not work....even the ones declared as "active" with a chip to over come length issues have been found wanting.... and in some cases not even working.... and then even worse hdmi org comes up with a certification process...well guess what active cables have to be an exception to the rule as they cant be tested ? and while short distances were never found to be an issue in the past ...guess what now you will find a short length run direct player to source wont work...but one run via an avr will.... wha.... ??? good article here from dave vaughn of sound and vision magazine...I am quite sure his frustration led to doing the article !!! http://www.soundandvision.com/content/uhd-blu-ray-vs-hdmi-let-battle-begin#RgE98g7HeZ7UFU2b.97 at one stage it was rather scary when people were finding only a particular monster cable would work...but now thats been found to not work in all situations and only an audio quest costing mega bucks to be tried and tested.... so what now .... spend twice as much on a cable than the only uhd player on the market ? seems kind of bizarre doesnt it ? hehe my suggestion...dont do a thing ! unless absolutely have to...dont buy a cable just incase...only buy one if you actually find what you have is a no go ! as chances are this is going to be a very quickly evolving place as hdmi cable makers come to grips with the situation.... <<<<<<<<THREAD UPDATE>>>>>>>> have updated the original post, latest testing ... round 2 from David Vaughn - Courtesy of Sound and Vision magazine, http://www.soundandvision.com/content/uhd-blu-ray-vs-hdmi-–-pt-2-which-cables-can-actually-pass-hdmi-20#goOHOeY1Pjeqy3KP.97 good to see some cheap options there ! that do indeed pass in the long cable category, and also the ones that dont !
  2. Item: Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Location: Yarra Ranges (Melb Outer East) Price: $300 $280 incl shipping Item Condition: Excellent Condition, bought May this year Reason for selling: Upgraditis Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal welcome if shipped Extra Info: Great little player, I've had no issues with this player, it also includes a full size remote that I bought separately and has no marks or scratches. Pictures:
  3. Item: Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Location: Yarra Ranges (Melb Outer East) Price: $300 incl shipping Item Condition: Excellent Condition, bought May this year Reason for selling: Upgraditis Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal welcome if shipped Extra Info: Great little player, I've had no issues with this player, it also includes a full size remote that I bought separately. Pictures:
  4. Item: Samsung UBD-K8500 UHD Bluray multi region player Locati4on: SE Melb Price: $400 Item Condition: Very good condition Reason for selling: upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (at buyers cost) , COD Only Extra Info: Bought this in May this year on release locally and cost $715 including the multi region mod kit that was installed by Gatti Eb (Blu-ray Mod) so all still under warranty for both player and mod and comes with all original receipts etc. Plays the new UHD blu-rays, blu-rays and DVDs. Have had no issues with player and has worked seamlessly for me. Along with the original remote it also comes with a secondary full sized remote to partner that I purchased separately. For full disclosure I did have this in the rack with an apple TV on top which has left some light surface blemishes the havent gone through the paint or anything and not visible usually and certainly not something would see with the player in the rack but have done best I can with photos in the right light so can see them. For melbourne buyer more than happy if want to pay cash and pick up and fully check the player out before buying. Happy to demo the player on all material so can see the player works seamlessly across all discs and all regions. for interstate buyers with the original packing am happy to ship anywhere in australia at buyers cost. Please note this multi region player can be bought from gatti web modded with the region code fitted at $650 plus shipping http://www.gattiweb.com/bluraymod.html and given the $220 it cost me to fit the mod to my unit hopefully can see value of what you are buying. At this present time there is no other multi region uhd blu-ray player you can buy. Even the Oppo once available the multi region mod is $250+ and the with the player at $950 you will be well over the $1k mark for a multi region player so hopefully can see this is going at quite a saving here. And as can probably see in the oppo thread its not without its issues... sand with the mod kit of the oppo costing what it is ... not sure should even be selling this player ... so buy it before I change my mind Pictures: couple of shots trying to show the surface blemishes, have exaggerated it here as much as possible with light so can see,
  5. looks like Oppo have taken to social media to tease on the upcoming release.... https://twitter.com/OPPODIGITAL OPPO Digital ‏@OPPODIGITAL Jun 3 "Oh, look. It's the display on our upcoming 4K player, lighting up for the first time." see you again.... 1/19 ? not sure if this means - see you again on jan 19 2017 ? same thing on their Facebook page as well. in previous communications to anyone thats asked they have said availability late this year early next year. so I do think CEDIA perhaps for concept if they are aiming to launch for CES next year. for us in australia thats perhaps a month or two later we might get it. other responses from them has said there will be a 103 style replacement 1st followed later for a 105 level replacement. oled display ? perhaps this player isn't just a direct replacement using their current 101ci player as basis ps am glad got my sammy uhd player to keep me going in the mean time... can now sit back and wait... I'm scared what the oppo might cost being their 1st gen player...but fingers crossed not too much more than their current players and the 101ci starts t $599 the 103 at $799 samsung and particularly the panasonic look out ....
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